Difference Between Toyota Urban Cruiser and Ford Ecosport

Toyota and Ford are two of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, and some even attest to Ford as being the oldest.


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The Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Ford Ecosport are SUVs launched by these companies, and have both become a hit in the SUV market.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Urban Cruiser has a lower starting price and better fuel efficiency than Ford EcoSport.
  2. Ford EcoSport offers more powerful engine options and a sportier design than Toyota Urban Cruiser.
  3. Toyota Urban Cruiser provides a smoother ride; Ford EcoSport delivers better off-road capabilities.

Toyota Urban Cruiser vs Ford Ecosport

The difference between Toyota Urban Cruiser and Ford Ecosport is that the Ford Ecosport is more powerful and can generate more torque than the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The Toyota Urban Cruiser was launched in February 2020, whereas the Ford Ecosport was launched in June 2013. Only the Ford Ecosport has tilted and telescopic steering.

Toyota Urban Cruiser vs Ford Ecosport

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The Toyota Urban Cruiser is a relatively new vehicle launched by Toyota in the SUV segment. It has a five seater capacity. It also features keyless central locking with a petrol engine and good driving gymnastics.

It has a spacious and well-built interior, and Toyota is also reasonably trusted in its after-sales service.

Ford launched Ford Ecosport in June 2013 and has become Ford’s most popular car and is credited with starting the SUV trend.

It is a 5-seater vehicle with a cabin laden with features with excellent ergonomics. It also has perfect looks with a digital display on the dashboard.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota Urban CruiserFord Ecosport
EngineIt has a 1496 cc, 3 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC engine.It has a boot space of 328 litres.
PowerIts maximum power is 103 bhp @ 6000 rpm.Its maximum power is 121 bhp @ 6500 rpm.
TorqueIt can generate a maximum torque of 138 Nm @ 4400 rpm.It can generate a maximum torque of 149 Nm @ 4500 rpm.
Boot space It has a boot space of 352 litres.It has a boot space of 352 liters.
DimensionsIts dimensions are 3995 x 1790 x 1640 mm. Its dimensions are 3998 x 1765 x 1647 mm.

What is Toyota Urban Cruiser?

The Toyota Urban Cruiser is the latest SUV to be launched by Toyota that is laden with features and advanced technology that makes the ride enjoyable.

It is a 5-seater vehicle which runs on petrol. It is equipped with a K15 B-type engine with a mileage of 17.03 kilometres per litre.

The vehicle complies with the latest pollution emission norms (BS6) and has some safety features, such as dual airbags, Overspeed warnings, a child seat anchor point, and brake light flashing.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser has a global NCAP rating of 4. The NCAP rating signifies good crash test benchmarks.

The interior has a dual-tone fabric finish, and the front seats have 6-way adjustability. Toyota provides a three years warranty on the Urban Cruiser or a warranty of up to 100000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

The vehicle’s driving dynamics are excellent,, and the ambient lighting and automatic climate control air conditioning make rides within it extremely pleasant.

The vehicle has all power windows and a rear mirror defogger as well.

Toyota is pretty well-known in terms of its after-sales service therefore, consumers looking to buy SUVs are attracted to the brand name of the Toyota Urban Cruiser as well.

What is Ford Ecosport?

The Ford Ecosport is Ford’s most popular vehicle in Asian countries. It was launched in 2013.

It comes equipped with a 1.5L Ti-VCT (Petrol) engine that gives a mileage of 15 kilometres per litre and can generate large magnitudes of torque, ranging up to 149 Nm @ 4500 rpm.

It has an Independent McPherson front suspension and a Semi-independent (Twist Beam type) rear suspension. The tires are fitted with ventilated disc breaks for advanced safety.

It hasn’t been tested for the NCAP crash test rating but is equipped with various telematic features such as Find My Car, Geo-Fence, and Find My Car.

It also has a digital display within the dashboard and Bluetooth and aux streaming support. It has power-assisted steering (electric) for ease of use.

The vehicle has fabulous looks compared to the other cars in the SUV segment. It also has dual airbags for safety.

The Ford Ecosport is a reliable option for consumers looking for excellent brand recognition and a vehicle that has settled into the market and can easily be repaired if needed.

It has remote central locking and striking looks to complement the high functionality interior but comes with average mileage.

Main Differences Between Toyota Urban Cruiser and Ford Ecosport

  1. The Ford Ecosport is heavier than the Toyota Urban Cruiser, coming at around 1188 kgs compared to the Toyota Urban Cruiser’s 1115 kgs.
  2. The Ford Ecosport is an 8 year older model with much more upgrades and improvements than the relatively young Toyota Urban Cruiser.
  3. The Toyota Urban Ecosport has an NCAP crash test rating of 4 whereas the Ford Ecosport hasn’t been tested for the same.
  4. The Toyota Urban Cruiser has child sear anchor points for the safe installation of child seats, whereas this feature is absent in the Ford Ecosport.
  5. The Ford Ecosport has an integrated (in-dashboard) music system, whereas this feature is absent in the Toyota Urban Cruiser.
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