Difference Between 8n Ford Tractor and 9n Ford Tractor

Henry Ford felt that his mass manufacturing skills might be applied to tractor manufacture to satisfy the demands of feeding the people utilizing tiny light tractors.


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8N Ford Tractor vs 9N Ford Tractor

The difference between the 8N Ford tractor and the 9N Ford tractor is the time of launch, the 8N Ford and 9N tractors are tough machines that are still popular options. Although you may not realize it, the 9N Ford tractor is the elder model, having been created in 1939 and the 8N following 8 years later in 1947.

8N Ford Tractor vs 9N Ford Tractor

The 8N Ford tractor was a popular Ford N-Series tractor type. The Ford Motor Company introduced this agricultural tractor in 1947.

The 9N Ford tractor is a Ford N series 2WD utility tractor. From 1936 until 1942, the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, produced this tractor.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison 8N Ford Tractor 9N Ford tractor
The Model year19471939
BrakesBrakes Both brakes are applied on the correct facetA clutch and a left brake are settled on the left facet of the vehicle
Speed transmission4- speed transmission3- speed transmission
ThrottleThe Throttle is located towards the base of the steering wheelThe Throttle is located at the steering column’s middle
Louvred doorFor air ventilation, there is a louvred doorAir ventilation is not provided by louvred doors
Serial numberThe letters “8N” start the serial number on the left side of the engineThe letters “9N” start the serial number on the left side of the engine

What is 8N Ford Tractor?

The 8N Ford tractor was a popular Ford N-Series tractor type. The Ford Motor Company introduced this agricultural tractor in 1947.

It also has a maximum drawbar of 23.16 horsepower in second gear, a 3.75-inch stroke, and a constant mesh gearbox, among other features.

8N Ford Tractor is a famous agricultural tractor that was introduced in 1947 by the Ford Motor Company. Because of its excellent characteristics, this vintage tractor is still in high demand.

8n ford tractor

What is 9N Ford Tractor?

The Ford engine was utilized in the 9N Ford utility tractor. It’s a four-cylinder, natural aspirated, 2.0 L, 1,961 cm2, (120.0 cu/in) side-valve engine with an 81.0 mm (3.19 in) cylinder bore and a 95.0 mm (3.74 in) piston stroke.

The 9N Ford tractor is equipped with manual steering, differential machine shoe brakes, an open operator station, and a 38.0 litres petrol tank (10 US gal; 8.4 Imp. gal).

During the Second World War, 9N was employed by the US Navy for aeroplane towing and was dubbed the “Moto Tug” During that time.

9n ford tractor

Main Differences Between 8N Ford tractor and the 9N Ford tractor 

  1. In 8N Ford tractor, for air ventilation there is a louvered door whereas in 9N Ford tractor there is no louvered door.
  2. 8N Ford tractor Left Side Serial Number Stars with “8N” while 9N Ford tractor Left Site Serial Number starts with “9N”.


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