Honda Accord vs Ford Taurus: Difference and Comparison

Automobiles play a vital part in our day-to-day life. Due to automobiles, roads and highways were and are constantly being constructed.

The automobile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Sedans are the most common choice among customers.

Among many brands, Honda Accord and Ford Taurus are the most popular.

Key Takeaways

  1. Honda Accord is a popular midsize sedan known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and excellent resale value.
  2. Ford Taurus is a full-size sedan offering a spacious interior, smooth ride, and powerful engine options.
  3. Choosing between the two vehicles depends on personal preferences, budget, and desired features.

Honda Accord vs Ford Taurus

The Honda Accord comes in different body styles such as a sedan, coupe, and hybrid version, equipped with features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a suite of advanced safety features. The Ford Taurus is a full-size car that was first introduced in 1985, known for its spacious interior.

Honda According vs Ford Taurus

The Honda Accord is a car that has a very powerful sedan. It is very fuel-efficient.

Honda Accord has smartphone integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Honda Accord has a very comfortable interior and sitting space with a sporty exterior too at a reasonable price.

Honda Accord does not have a rear seat recline feature.

While the Ford Taurus is the first and one of the old car or automobile models of the Ford company. It has its wheelbase extended with a height of 3.9 inches long.

It has a roofline which is formal rear. It has a full-sized exterior but a very narrow interior.

The sitting space is not as comfortable as Honda Accord.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda AccordFord Taurus
Launched (year) In the year 1976 In the year 1985
Fuel tank 14.8 gallons19 gallons
Drivetrain FWD (Front-Wheel-Drive) AWD (All-Wheel-Drive)
Height57 inches60 inches

What is Honda Accord?

Honda Accord is a Japanese automobile company, and it got launched in the year 1976. It was derived from the Japanese word Honda Akōdo, and it is also known as Honda Inspire in Japan and China.

It is well known for its four-door sedan or saddle variant. It has been one of the most successful or number cars in the United States of America since the year 1989.

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The Honda Accord nameplate has been used or installed by various vehicles around the globe, including station wagons, coupes, notchbacks, sports cars and even a Honda Cross Tour transverse.

Honda Accord also has its various generations throughout the decades. Since the year 1976, it has so far been 10 generations.

It was launched in the following order: the 1st generation was launched in the year 1976, 2nd generation was launched in the year 1981, and it was refreshed

as a new model again in the year 1983, the 3rd general was launched in 1985, the 4th generation came in the year 1989, followed by the 5th generation was launched in the year 1993.

The 6th generation was launched in the year 1998, followed by which the 7th generation came into the market in 2002. The 8th, 9th and 10th generations were launched in the years 2007, 2012 and 2017, respectively.

Honda Accord has been used in various motorsport string/series racing through the years, such as the British Touring Car Championship, the Japanese Touring Car Championship, the North American Touring Car Championship, etc.

Honda Accord has a mid-sized sedan or carriage. The car is very spacious and gives very good mileage.

The sporty look of the car attracts a lot of customers.

honda accord

What is Ford Taurus?

Ford is an American company that has been manufacturing various automobile models since the year 1986. It has many features available, including a great mile muncher,

a large trunk in the segment and an All-wheel-drive system. It has very old-fashioned interiors, which are no longer preferred in the market.

Its All-around visibility is also very poor. It has a front strut suspension with an anti-roll bar and a multi-link rear suspension with an anti-roll bar.

The dimensions of this car include a length of 203 inches, a width of 80 inches and a height of 61 inches. The Ford Taurus also has various generations.

It has been seven generations since 1985 when the Ford company was launched in the United States of America. The first generation was launched in 1986 and was popular back then in the market until 1991.

The second generation was launched in the year 1992 and was in the market till 1995.

Then the third generation was launched immediately in the year 1996 and was doing great in the market till 1999. The Fourth generation was launched in the year 2000 and was the first Ford Taurus model of the 21st century, and it was in the market till 2007.

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The Fifth generation was launched in the year 2008 for a brief time till 2009. The Sixth generation was then launched in the market in 2010 and was in the market for nearly a decade till 2019.

The Seventh generation was launched between the sixth generation and was still in the market, i.e., in 2016 and is still performing well. Ford Taurus had to face a lot of difficulties.

After the fourth generation was launched, it wasn’t doing great in the market. Rather the predecessor models were doing great. Due to this, Ford Taurus had a discontinuation phase.

It was again discontinued in North America in the year 2018 for a short period.

ford taurus

Main Differences Between Honda Accord and Ford Taurus

  1. Honda Accord has a fuel tank volume of 14.8 gal, whereas the Ford Taurus has a fuel tank volume of 19 gal.
  2. Honda Accord has an FWD drivetrain, whereas the Ford Taurus has an AWD drivetrain.
  3. Honda Accord has a Torque of 192 lb-ft at the rate of 1,500 RPM, whereas Ford Taurus has a Torque of 254 lb-ft at the rate of 4,000 RPM.
  4. Honda Accord has 4 cylinders, whereas Ford Taurus has 6 cylinders.
  5. Honda Accord has a displacement of 1500cc, whereas Ford Taurus has a displacement of 3500cc.
Difference Between Honda Accord and Ford Taurus

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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