Difference Between Nintendo Wii and PSP

Console gaming is a popular genre of video games that is widely enjoyed all over the world. Console gaming offers a portable gaming experience that can be enjoyed anywhere, in an indoor environment as well as in an outdoor setting.


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Both Nintendo and Sony are two of the leading names in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nintendo Wii is a home gaming console, while PSP is a portable gaming device.
  2. Wii emphasizes motion control and family-friendly games, while PSP offers a variety of gaming genres.
  3. PSP has a built-in screen for on-the-go gaming, whereas Wii connects to a TV or monitor.

Nintendo Wii vs PSP

The Wii, released in 2006, is a home console with a motion-sensing controller to provide a unique gaming experience. The PSP was a handheld console released by Sony in 2004. It was designed for a more traditional gaming experience on the go, focusing on high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay.

Nintendo Wii vs PSP

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Nintendo Wii is a gaming console manufactured by Nintendo. It was designed to give the players a better gaming experience than regular gaming consoles, with the motion control and gesture capture system that was developed in the Wii.

The motion control allowed players to use hand actions for controlling the games instead of the usual joystick control.

PSP stands for Play Station Portable. It was a portable gaming console designed by Sony.

The console was designed with portability as the main aspect, and thus, the console provides a gaming experience that can be enjoyed anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

The console features a display screen and eliminates the need for an external connection.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Nintendo WiiPSP
Definition It is a gaming console designed for an interactive gaming experience  PSP stands for Play Station Portable 
Manufacturer Nintendo Wii is manufactured by Nintendo PSP is manufactured by Sony
FeaturesIt featured a motion control and gesture system It consists of its display screen for portability 
Design Complexity Nintendo Wii has a more complex design with separate console and controller units  PSP consists of a single unit, housing both the operating system and the controller units 
Game media Nintendo Wii uses the standard 120mm CD for booting the game PSP uses the 80mm disc designed by Sony exclusively for this device

What is Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo Wii is a gaming console designed and marketed by Nintendo. It is a seventh-generation gaming console and was designed to compete against the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3.

A gaming console requires an external connection to a television set or a monitor to play the games. The device can play all the games designed by Nintendo and other games compatible with this console.

It uses the same 120mm disc for booting the games. The major aspect of the console was the revolutionary motion control system, which uses a motion controller and gesture capture system to track user movements.

The controller was designed to be held in one hand, with the loop on the controller to be worn around the wrist. The controller tracks the movements made by the user and sends the feedback to the console unit wirelessly.

The gesture system used different gestures for different commands instead of the typical buttons used in all the other gaming consoles. Thus this system provided a more interactive gaming experience by incorporating physical movements for commands.

After the release of the console, Nintendo Wii was the sales leader among all the other gaming consoles, and the motions sensing system was a huge hit in the gaming community.

What is PSP?

PSP stands for Play Station Portable. It is a gaming console designed and manufactured by Sony.

It is a seventh-generation gaming console and was made to compete with other handheld gaming consoles of the time, such as the Nintendo DS.

The console was designed to be completely handheld to provide a completely portable gaming experience. Thus the console features a rectangular display screen surrounded by buttons on all four sides. 

There is no need for an external display unit for playing games on this device. The arrow buttons are placed to the left of the screen, while the action buttons are placed to the right of the screen.

Two extra buttons are placed on the top face of the device.

The device is the same size as a regular smartphone and thus fits perfectly in any pocket. The device can be carried around anywhere, giving a completely portable gaming experience.

The device uses an 80mm disc for booting up the games. The discs are exclusively made for PSP, and only the games compatible with this device can be played on it. 

PSP featured industry-leading graphics at its release, making it incredibly popular as a handheld gaming console.

Main Differences Between Nintendo Wii and PSP

  1. Nintendo Wii is an interactive gaming console, whereas PSP is a handheld gaming console.
  2. Nintendo manufactures Nintendo Wii, while PSP is designed and manufactured by Sony.
  3. The main features of the Nintendo Wii are motion control and a gesture system. The main features of the PSP are its portability with an inbuilt screen.
  4. Nintendo Wii has separate units for the console and the controller. PSP houses both the console and the controller in the same unit.
  5. Nintendo Wii uses 120MM CDs for booting up games, while PSP uses 80MM discs designed exclusively for the console.
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