Difference Between Nintendo Wii U and Switch

Nintendo Wii U and switch are the video consoles designed by Nintendo, A multinational firm that produces and markets electronics. The video game company has its roots in Japan.

Nintendo Wii U vs Switch

The main difference between Wii U and Switch is that the Switch is the successor of Wii U and is efficient in many ways. The difference between Switch and Wii U is that Switch has over 1219 more video games than Wii has.

Nintendo Wii U vs Switch

Nintendo Wii U is an eight-generation home video consoled launched in the year of 2012. It is also known as the project cafe and the production was terminated due to the reported complaints, low sales, lack of good marketing.

The revision and enhancement of Wii U lead to the birth of Switch which came into the market in 2017. Refined, enhanced yet retained concepts of Wii U made it a powerful and user-friendly console. Nintendo Switch system software is the operating system used in the development and working of the console.

Comparison Table Between Nintendo Wii U and Switch

Parameter Of ComparisonNintendo Wii UNintendo Switch
LifespanIt was launched in the year of 2012 but the production was discontinued in 2017.It is the successor of Wii U and was launched in 2017 and still actively present in the market.
USB ports, internal storage CPU speedIt has 2 USB ports. The CPU speed is 1* 0.729 GHz and internal storage of 0.5 GB.It has one USB port. The CPU speed is 4 * 2 GHz and has higher internal storage of 32 GB.
Accessibility It is region restricted and the game cannot be accessed across continents. It is not region-free.It has the privilege of access and enables players from different continents to play. It is region-free.
DimensionsIt has a width of 17.2 cm, a height of 4.6 cm, and a length of 26.9 cm. It lacks an optical disc drive.
It has a width of 173 mm, a height of  102 mm, and a length of 14 mm. It consists of an optical disc drive.
Battery LifeWii U’s major complaint from the users was the very short battery life. Though expensive the short battery life was not an ideal feature and it is one of the main reasons it was not a successful video console model.With its Lithium-ion battery power of 3.7 W, it has higher battery life.

What is Nintendo Wii U?

It is the eighth generation video game console also known as the project cafe. It is the first model of the console designed and produced by Nintendo to support HD.

The processor speed and storage are much lesser than that of a Switch. The input controllers Wii U gamepad are some of the peripherals.

It was launched in the year 2012 and later due to customer discomforts and complaints about its short battery life, high price the sales were very low and they discontinued the production of Wii U in 2017. The difference between the console and a tablet wasn’t big enough. It wasn’t region-free.

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What is Nintendo Switch?

It is the revised and modified version of the Nintendo Wii U and has rectified the defects of Wii U.It is a hybrid console and it can be used in multiple ways according to the need and comfortability of the user.

It is portable and region-free. It possesses a joystick which is wireless and 3 port USB.

Motion sensing technique enables the handheld style of the console. This eight-generation console operates on Nintendo Switch system software.

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Main Differences Between Nintendo Wii U and Switch

  1.  Wii U was introduced in the year of 2012 and the model became extinct ever since 2017 due to the demerits. The switch was introduced in 2017 and survives the competition even today.
  2. Wii U has a very small internal storage space of 0.5 GB. The Two USB port device has a CPU with 1 * 0.729 GHz processor speed. The switch has a very high internal storage space of 32 GB.
  3. Wii U failed to address the region restriction. It cannot be played by users on different continents. The Switch however fixed this by being region-free. It is a portable device.
  4. Wii U was expensive yet the battery life was very short. The Switch with its Lithium-ion battery and a power of 3.7 has better battery life.
  5. The Wii U has a dimension of the width of 17.2 cm, a height of 4.6 cm, and a length of 26.9 cm. On the other hand, Switch is much lighter in weight and easily portable with a dimension of the width of 173 mm, a height of  102 mm, and a length of 14 mm.


As the Wii U faced struggle, criticism and led the users to face a few discomforts, the product was terminated and an improved, enhanced, and revised version. It does not neglect the basic model, principles, and operations of the Wii U was launched in 2017 that overcome and fixed all the discrepancies.

As the predecessor faced technical glitches, this version was supported by many publishers and developers that improved the quality greatly. It is constructed of standard electronic components.


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