Difference Between Wii and Wii Motion Plus

Nintendo is a Japan-based multinational video game company that is famous for its video games and video game consoles. The company develops, manufactures, and sells various home entertainment products.


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Among its home console hardware, Wii and its Wii Motion Plus are very demanding. Well, there are some basic differences between Wii and Wii Motion Plus.

Wii vs Wii Motion Plus

The difference between Wii and Wii Motion Plus is that Wii refers to a gaming console developed by the famous company Nintendo whereas Wii Motion Plus is the accessory that can be attached with the Wii remote. Wii Motion Plus is considered to be the primary game controller for the Wii.

Wii vs Wii Motion Pl

The Nintendo Wii was launched in November of 2006 and took a very different approach to the market of video gaming, especially compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Instead of the traditional controller, Wii utilized motion control which was very new to the gaming world.

The design of the Wii is very basic- a simple white box with a stand.

Wii Motion Plus refers to the expansion device for the Wii remote that helps the Wii remote to capture complex motion with more accuracy. According to the company, the sensor in the device supplements the Sensor Bar capabilities and accelerometer of the Wii Remote for enabling actions to be rendered identically on the display in real-time.

Both Wii and its successor device Wii U supports Wii Motion Plus. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWiiWii Motion Plus
What it is Wii refers to the 7th generation video gaming console developed by Nintendo.     Wii Motion Plus is the accessory or expansion device for the Wii remote.
TypeStandalone device.     Not a standalone device.
LaunchNovember, 2006     July, 2008
AccuracyAccuracy is low compared to the Wii remotes which have Wii Motion Plus connected with it.     Wii Motion Plus adds up accuracy to the Wii remote.
Successor deviceWii U     Don’t have a successor device.
Current statusDiscontinued device     Continued device

What is Wii?

The Nintendo Wii was one of the most popular video game consoles in the world. Nintendo Wii brought motion controls to the masses just like DS made touchscreen available to the mainstream.

It was no doubt a revolutionary console in the industry. The Wii began development as early as 2001 and was finally released in 2006 November by the company.

Wii remotes are wireless controllers with both traditional and sensing controls that can be used as a pointed device for gesture recognition or towards a television screen, this was the console’s primary controller. It was the company’s first console to support direct internet connectivity allowing for both the digital distribution of games and media apps and online gaming through the Wii shop channel. 

Wii is considered to be the first gaming console that includes motion sensors as a standard. The gaming console was able to detect the movement of the user around the console.

Nintendo included a Wii Sports game with each of the sold machines to capitalize on that motion-sensing capability. This game included boxing, golf, baseball, bowling, and tennis.

The company released its sequel in 2009 which was known as Wii Sports Resort. It was a collection of twelve more sports games.

The company released Wii Fit in 2009 which is now a very famous workout game. It came with a ‘balance board’ which is a low platform for measuring a player’s position and weight.

There are many games for the Wii. The company has utilized its back catalog for continuing many of its popular franchises, including the Mario series.

What is Wii Motion Plus?

In 2008 Nintendo announced its Wii Motion Plus in the E3 press conference and finally in July 2008 Wii Motion Plus was released. It is an expansion device which combined with the sensor bar and accelerometer and can be attached to the end of the Wii remote.

Wii Motion Plus allows for comprehensive tracking of the Player’s orientation and arm position.

Wii Motion Plus enhances the ability of motion-sensing of the Wii remote. It is considered to be one of the most successful and efficient Wii remote accessories.

It can detect even the slightest twist or movement of the wrist for giving the player an excellent gaming experience. 

Only the games that have been developed to use Wii Motion Plus’s functionalities can be played using this device. It can be attached to the Wii remotes while playing other games that do not support motion plus without creating any problem, but it won’t enhance the gaming experience. 

The first video game to use Wii Motion Plus was Wii Sports Resort. It came packaged with this video game.

Other games that came with Wii Motion Plus were FlingSmash, Red Steel 2, Wii Play, The Legend of Zelda, The Conduit 2, Rage of The Gladiator, Zangeki no Reginleiv, Woods PGA Tour, and Crazy Mini Golf 2. 

Main Differences Between Wii and Wii Motion Plus

  1. Wii refers to the 7th generation video gaming console developed by Nintendo, Wii Motion Plus, on the other hand, is the accessory or expansion device for the Wii remote.
  2. Wii was developed earlier than Wii Motion Plus. Wii was introduced by the company in November 2006, whereas Wii Motion Plus was first launched in July 2008.
  3. Wii is a standalone device, but Wii Motion Plus was not, it always needs a Wii remote as it is an expansion or add-on device.
  4. Wii has a successor device known as Wii U, whereas there is no successor device of Wii Motion Plus.
  5. Nintendo discontinued producing Wii after launching its successor device, Wii U, on the contrary, Wii Motion Plus is an ongoing product of Nintendo.


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