Leap Motion vs Magic Leap: Difference and Comparison

Many technologies are coming into the computer world. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, many new startups and companies are developing new ideas.

Image processing and projecting virtual images are in use now. These things were founded by two companies called Leap Motion and Magic Leap, which use artificial intelligence techniques. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Leap Motion is a hand-tracking technology that allows users to control computers and devices using hand gestures.
  2. Magic Leap is an augmented reality headset that allows users to interact with digital objects in the real world.
  3. Leap Motion focuses more on hand tracking and input, while Magic Leap focuses more on augmented reality and immersive experiences.

Leap Motion vs Magic Leap

Leap Motion is a hand-tracking device that allows users to interact with their computer or virtual reality (VR) environment through natural hand and finger movements. Magic Leap is a mixed-reality platform that enables users to interact with virtual objects in the real world. It consists of a pair of glasses equipped with cameras and sensors.

Leap Motion vs Magic Leap

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Leap Motion is the software that processes images on your computer. It has a small device that tracks the movements of your fingers and hands in real time. It uses experiences on the desktop.

It is attached to VR headsets called Oculus and Vive. This will allow you to create VR applications where it will track hand motions. Leap motion can be used for human-space interaction as well.

Magic Leap uses a propriety technology that makes the blend between the real and virtual almost undetectable. It is used for projecting virtual images in the real world.

It uses augmented reality, which projects 3D objects on top of the real world. In 2020, it decided to shut down its consumer division. Not only this, but it also laid off about 100 employees from work.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLeap MotionMagic Leap
FounderMichael BuckwaldRony Abovitz
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, United StatesPlantation, Florida, United States
AdvantagesIt can detect the slightest movement of your hands.Powerful gaming quality graphics, assembly, and repair
DisadvantagesIt cannot see through the fingers.The display has a small field view which will not cover everything in the room.
DefinitionIt has a head-worn display for projecting virtual images in the real world.It has a head-worn display that is used for projecting virtual images in the real world.

What is Leap Motion?

It was an American company that marketed and manufactured sensor devices that supported finger motions and hands as input. The best part is it requires no contact or touching.

They also released new software in 2016 for hand tracking in virtual reality. This company is located in San Francisco, California, United States. Leap Motion can track hands up to 200 frames per second.

It uses infrared cameras. This will be converted into the input.

For this, they use lots of developed apps. They also use some music-making apps. The reason why it has failed is that it has not addressed the human needs that are for amplifying human capabilities.

It does not give us the ability to feel and manipulate our hands. The downside of leap motion is that it lacks precision.

Haptics company Ultra Haptics has bought Leap Motion. It uses gesture recognition which is a machine learning-based control interface.

The setup is placed on the controller in front of the keyboard. If it is not in use, it will be placed between the keyboard and monitor. Leap Motion can also be used along with the mouse.

It can be calibrated with some simple steps using the troubleshooting tab. It would help if you used a dry cloth for clean leap motion.

leap motion

What is Magic Leap?

It is an American startup company. It was founded in 2010. It has magic leap 1, a wearable computer for enterprise productivity. It contains a heads-up display that is equipped with sophisticated sensors.

It captures the content and contour of your workspace. This helps the application to integrate into your environment intelligently. Google also invested in Magic Leap.

They raised billions of dollars after many successful companies invested in their startup.

Magic Leap uses software called AVR Education. It has a free app with free access as part of the headset bundle. It is a fantastic company for you to learn and as well as to grow.

The best thing about working in a startup company is working closely with people, sharing your ideas and concepts, learning from others, and understanding your mistakes.

It gives a beautiful opportunity to learn everything from the start.

But the downside is they have limited positional or financial growth. If you expect something in economic gain, then the magic leap is not a company for you.

Magic Leap has cameras that are used for tracking movement and map space. It has self-contained sensors and cameras. So, you need not have a separate room for sensors. Magic Leap weighs 316 grams.

Using a USB cable along with a light pack charger, you can charge Magic Leap.

magic leap

Main Differences Between Leap Motion and Magic Leap

  1. The founder of Leap Motion company is Michael Buckwald. On the other hand, the founder of the Magic Leap company is Rony Abovitz.
  2. Leap Motion company’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California, United States. On the other hand, Magic Leap company’s headquarters is in Plantation, Florida, United States.
  3. The advantage of Leap Motion company is it helps to detect the slightest movement of your hands. On the other hand, the advantage of Magic Leap company is it has powerful gaming ability, assembly, and repair.
  4. The downside of Leap Motion is you cannot see through the fingers. On the other hand, the downside of Magic Leap is the display has a small view that cannot cover everything in the room.
  5. Leap Motion is a single device that helps detect objects digitally with hand motions. On the other hand, Magic Leap is for projecting virtual images in the real world with the help of a head-worn display. 
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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