Difference Between Magic Bullets and Nutri Bullets

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Blenders are very important for daily use for any kind of smoothies, soups, juices, and many more. Many people get confused about which type of Blenders to use Magic bullets or Nutri bullets. Although they are of the same company, they are different in many ways.

Key Takeaways

  1. Magic Bullet and Nutri Bullet are personal blending devices designed to create smoothies and shakes.
  2. Magic Bullet is a lower-priced model with fewer features, while Nutri Bullet is a higher-end model with a more powerful motor and accessories.
  3. Nutri Bullet is marketed as a health and wellness product, while Magic Bullet is marketed as a general kitchen appliance.

Magic Bullets vs Nutri Bullets

The difference between Magic bullets and Nutri bullets is their respective motor speeds. The magic bullets runs at 250 Watts whereas the Nutri bullets offer a high and powerful motor that runs at 600 Watts. Apart from their motor speeds they also differ in capacity and base weightage. While Magic bullets have low power but more affordable and handy, but on other hand, there are Nutri bullets with more motor speed giving them an edge but are expensive and heavy.

Magic Bullets vs Nutri Bullets

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Magic bullets are one of the blenders in the market which is used for making smoothies, juices, etc. These bullets come with a less power speed of 250 Watts.

It is generally used for blending soft ingredients and will not be suitable for blending hard ingredients such as ice. If there is a need for a simple blender for making healthy drinks and smoothies, it is best for that. Also, it comes at an affordable price.

Nutri bullet is also a powerful and tougher blender in the market which comes with a motor speed of 600 Watts. It is suitable for grinding, milling, and other features. It can grind coffee, grains, spices, and many more. It has a higher capacity and has the capability to handle bigger loads.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMagic BulletsNutri Bullets
PowerIt has a motor power of 250 Watt and is only suited for soft things.It has a powerful motor power of 600 Watt and enough to crush ice.
SizeIt has a height of 4¾” diameter x 12” height.It has a height of 5.375″ diameter x 15″ height.
Base weightIts base weight is approx 2.3 pounds.It comes with a base weight of 4 pounds.
CapacityIt has a capacity of up to 18 oz.It comes with a capacity of up to 24 oz.
SpeedIt offers a speed of 20,000 RPM.It has a speed of 21,500 RPM.

What is Magic Bullets?

An Easily operable blender is an entry-level blender and has a motor speed of 250 watts. It is affordable and suitable for those who want simple smoothie recipes to make. It has a base weight of 2.3 pounds and a capacity of 18 oz.

There are different items in the box of magic bullets such as the base of the motor, 2 cups, 1 blade, one lid, 2 lids (sealable), and a recipe book. This blender is more like a personal blender which is quite handy and who usually use simple ingredients like fruits, veggies, etc.

Also, it’s super easy to use and its compact size of 4.75” diameter X 12″ height makes it easily pack in small cabinets. The small size makes it easy to cleans and also lightweight. However, it is not as versatile and due to less power, only soft ingredients can be used.

What is Nutri Bullets?

A powerful and tough blender that has a motor speed of 600 Watt, Nutri bullets has more capacity and are more versatile. It is also known as the “Original Nutrient Extractor” due to its high motor speed which works with cyclonic action and its extractor blades are the cherry on top.

It has the capability of crushing hard ingredients also such as frozen fruits, ice, etc, and can make much more recipes as compared to magic bullets. It has a capacity of up to 24 oz and can weigh up to 4 pounds.

With its given capacity, that makes it suitable for making big batches of smoothies, soups, juices, etc. It is also easy to use but slightly expensive due to its features. It is a much more fast and easy solution to make nutrient-packed healthy drinks.

It does not make much noise while blending and also comes with a variety of designs having different powers.

Main Differences Between Magic Bullets and Nutri Bullets

  1. The main differences between Magic bullets and Nutri bullets lies in the motor speed. The magic bullet offers a low motor speed of 250 Watts whereas, the Nutri bullets come with a powerful motor speed of 600 Watts.
  2. The magic bullet weights of 2.3 pounds and capacity upto 18 oz whereas the Nutri bullet has a base weight of 4 pounds and capacity upto 24 oz.
  3. The Magic bullets is for the people who uses simple soft ingredients which uses less motor power and easily blend them whereas Nurti bullets are for those who uses tougher ingredients like frozen fruits, ice etc which needs more capacity dn power.
  4. Magic bullets are of less capacity and not as versaltile whereas Nutri bullets are versatile and more capacity.
  5. Becuase of the less motor speed, Magic bullets are affordable puchases whereas Nutri bullets are slightly expensive given their high capacity and motor powers.
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