PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 vs PSP Go: Difference and Comparison

In the world of modern gaming, PlayStation is like that one tool that almost every game lover seeks to have. It is a very popular and systematic gaming device that can be found with almost half of the game-loving people.

However, like any other product, there are multiple ranges of this particular product as well, and it is crucial to differentiate between some of them to eventually find the most suitable one for one’s needs. 

Key Takeaways

  1. PSP 3000 uses UMDs for game storage, while PSP Go relies on digital and internal downloads.
  2. PSP Go is more compact and lighter than the PSP 3000, making it more portable.
  3. PSP 3000 has a larger game library due to compatibility with UMDs, whereas PSP Go can only access games available for download on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 vs PSP Go 

PSP 3000 is a portable gaming console with a larger screen, UMD disc drive, and longer battery life. It allows users to play games from physical discs and from digital downloads. The PSP Go is a smaller and lighter gaming console that has no disc drive and relies entirely on digital downloads

PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 vs PSP Go

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PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 comes with a very solid body and a comparatively large screen as compared to its newer version; however, there are multiple reasons due to which people still prefer this classical and older version of PlayStation, and regardless of so many new inventions, this one remains to be the most classic one. 

But on the other hand, PSP Go is basically an updated and new version of and comprises of certain unique and recently introduced new technological changes that have proved to be very popular among the users.

With a comparatively smaller screen and an easy-to-handle body, this product has emerged as a big success in the market. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison PlayStation Portable PSP 3000  PSP Go 
Definition  It is a classic gaming console by Sony. It is an updated version of the previous product. 
Additional technology  This product has a UMD slot. This product has no UMD slot. 
Screen size The screen is relatively big. The screen is comparatively small. 
Body  The body of this product is comparatively heavier. The body is very sleek in design. 
Availability of Bluetooth No such feature  Bluetooth has been made available in this particular product 
Size  It is a very big product in size. Comparatively a small product in size 
Memory available  No such feature is available 16GB additional memory is available 

What is PlayStation Portable PSP 3000? 

The PlayStation portable PSP 3000 itself was an update launched by Sony in the world of gaming consoles, and it was updated in the place of another gaming console named PSP 2000.

The biggest USP of this product used to be its sleek design as compared to its predecessors, and the company marketed it to a very large extent which resulted in the huge popularity of the product.  

This product basically relied on UMD slots which were used to store many types of games that were played using the product itself, and this particular technology has now been repealed in the new devices, but still, it happens to be relevant for so many people as it is very easy to use the technique as compared to other techniques.  

Another major technique that was launched with the launch of this particular product was the introduction of an anti-reflective screen in the console, and it was marketed by saying that now people can use this device outdoors as well without worrying much about the reflection of the screen. 

playstation portable psp 3000 scaled

What is PSP Go? 

The official name for PSP Go was PSP- N1000 and is simply an updated and newer version of all the previous PlayStation devices.

In the year 2009, the particular project was launched in North America and Europe at the very first instance, but eventually, it was launched in Japan as well as the company intended to increase its market cap.  

There were certain revolutionary changes brought forth by this particular device, for example, the sleek design body and the even smaller screen that made it even handy for people to use.

However, one major alteration that was incorporated into this device was that UMD slots were replaced with memory cards, and an additional 16GB of memory was provided in this particular product.  

Due to this particular incorporation, the users now need to insert a memory card of 16GB into their product in order to store and play games.

Another major and very significant technology introduced in this device was the technology of Bluetooth, and this device became the very first gaming console by Sony that had Bluetooth is built in it. 

sony psp go

Main Differences Between PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 and PSP Go 

  1. PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 is basically an older and UN updated version of PSP Go. 
  2. PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 contains a UMD slot, while on the other hand, PSP Go does not contain any such slot in it. 
  3. PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 does not contain any features supporting Bluetooth, while on the other hand, PSP Go supports Bluetooth. 
  4. PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 has a very heavy body, while on the other hand, PSP Go has a very sleek design when it comes to the body. 
  5. PlayStation Portable PSP 3000 is a very big product in size, while on the other hand, PSP Go is comparatively a small product. 



Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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