Difference Between PSP 2000 and PSP 3000

PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 are the most popular gaming devices introduced by Sony that are known for their extraordinary endurance.


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Several latest features of the gaming world raise their demand in the market every day. The larger question that arises is what is the real difference between the two and which one to actually opt for according to the needs.

PSP 3000 is the latest version in the series that came sometime after the launch of PSP 2000. There is no major line of differences between the two but still, there are some facts to ponder about.

PSP 2000 vs PSP 3000

The difference between PSP2000 and PSP3000 is that PSP2000 is the older version of the portable play station devices whereas PSP3000 is the latest version of the same.

PSP 2000 vs PSP 3000 1

PSP3000 being the latest in the market comes with several technological advancements. Some of these features include the enlarged size of the screen, better visual quality, and sound quality.  


Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonPSP2000PSP3000
DefinitionPlay station portable 2000 is the gaming device that came sometime back in the market.Play station portable 3000 is the gaming device that is the latest addition to the market.
Microphone (sound quality)PSP2000 has fair sound quality but doesn’t come with the latest technology of the inbuilt microphone.PSP3000 being the revised edition comes sufficed with all the latest technology. It has an inbuilt microphone.
ScreenThe screen of PSP2000 is considered of the intermediate or the normal level.The screen of PSP3000 comes with an upgraded version and has a much better picture quality.
Color Contrast ratioThe color and the contrast ratio of PSP2000 are not very adequate which makes the picture dull.The color and the contrast ratio are 5 times better that add in the real world effect to the pictures.
BatteryPSP is considered better with this feature because it comes with one rechargeable battery in the set.PSP3000 doesn’t contain this feature. It doesn’t come with an additional rechargeable battery.


What is PSP 2000?

PSP 2000 is the play station portable introduced by Sony back in 2007. This device comes with many interesting features that made it a big hit in the markets.

Some of the features that allured the users are the additional rechargeable battery, screen size, the width of the device, good sound quality, and many more.

The device has some of the technological advancements that were never seen before in the gaming world. Some of these include the memory capacity, ability to connect to TV, charging through USB. These make the device a wholesome product which is the value for money.

The RAM of the device comes with a capacity of 64 MB and it has a display format of 130,560 Pixels. Another feature that fascinates the customers about this device is the built-in speakers and stereos.

This enhances the sound quality of the device and makes it efficient to use.

The small size and the lightweight make this device cost-effective in innumerable ways.

psp 2000

What is PSP 3000?

PSP3000 is the play station portable manufactured by the same company Sony but is the latest and the upgraded version of PSP3000.

This device was launched recently in the markets and suddenly became a great product. In the gaming world, this is the most loved device in a number of ways. It comes in with the latest technological advancements and developments.

PSP3000 is the device that has a much better picture quality than any other gaming device. It has a wider screen that has great color and contrast ratio.

This improves the picture quality in several ways. The screen provides an enhanced view by adding real-life effects.

This upgraded version of the play station is much compatible because it consists of in-built microphones. These can be used for multiple purposes.

The play station comes with a sleek look and round edges that increase comfort while holding the device.

psp 3000

Main Differences Between PSP 2000 and PSP 3000

  1. PSP2000 is the version of Play station portable launched by Sony some time back in 2007 whereas PSP3000 is the latest version of the gaming device.
  2. The picture quality in the context of the LCD screen and contrast ratio is far better in PSP3000 as compared to PSP2000. PSP 3000 has the screen that doesn’t reflect light as the older versions of the device.
  3. PSP2000 comes with one additional rechargeable battery with the entire set whereas PSP3000 doesn’t have that feature.
  4. The sound quality of PSP3000 is considered better than PSP2000 (even though it comes with stereo and inbuilt speakers). PSP3000 consists of in-built microphones that make it efficient to use.
  5. The upgraded gaming device PSP3000 comes with the round edges that enhance the comfort while holding the device whereas PSP2000 doesn’t have this feature.
Difference Between PSP 2000 and PSP 3000


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