PSP Street vs PSP 2000: Difference and Comparison

The Sony PSP was a videogame and multimodal leisure console that could be carried around with you. In Japan, it was launched in 2004.

During its ten-year run, it went through multiple generations. Subsequent models slimmed down and lightened the device, enhanced the display, and incorporated a microphone.

The PSP Street and PSP 2000 are two of their most popular models.

Key Takeaways

  1. The PSP Street needs built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, making it less suitable for online gaming and browsing than the PSP 2000.
  2. PSP 2000 features a slimmer design and a lighter weight, making it more portable than the PSP Street.
  3. The PSP 2000 has a better screen with higher contrast and faster response times than the PSP Street, providing a superior gaming experience.

PSP Street vs PSP 2000

The PSP 2000 is an upgraded version of the original with a slimmer design, better screen, and faster load times. The PSP Street is a budget version of the PSP with a smaller screen and reduced features. The PSP Street also has a mono speaker, while the PSP 2000 has stereo speakers.

PSP Street vs PSP 2000

PSP Street is a Play Station Portable that has been updated. This model was marketed in PAL territories and was revealed at the Game developers conference 2011 alongside the PlayStation Vita.

It has a matte charcoal black exterior case with a glossy d-pad and controls, similar to the PSP 3000.

PSP 2000 was the redesigned version of Sony’s Play station. It debuted in 2007, sleeker and lightweight than its predecessor. Its characteristics are even more astounding than the previous model, which was significantly thicker.

With a sleek, curved mechanical design approach, it is also the finest looking. The button layout is identical to much like its older siblings.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPSP StreetPSP 2000
PseudonymPSP E1000PSP slim and lite
Year of introductionOctober 26, 2011August 30, 2007
TypePortable video game consoleHandheld, revision
Memory64 megabytes64 MB Main Memory, with 4 MB embedded DRAM
SoundMono speakerBuilt-in stereo speakers, headset connector
Power3.6 V DC non-removable batteryLithium-ion battery, AC adaptor
Weight223 grams189 grams
Battery power925 mAh1200 mAh

What is PSP Street?

PSP Street, Sony’s final generation of the iconic PlayStation Portable handheld, was released over 7 years after its establishment in Japan. 

Sony’s Media Go software is used in the PSP E-1000, allowing gamers to surf the internet. From their PCs, they may access the PlayStation Store.

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The PSP Street also has a Memory Card PRO Duo slot, allowing players to acquire the whole library of PSP games. 

The unit should have a bit better battery life now that Wi-Fi and stereo audio have been removed, extending the game duration. It comprises a rubber top that depresses to expose a set of touch-sensitive buttons beneath: a little antiquated in this age of touch, although robust nevertheless.

The location of the activation buttons, card slot, and other such components have been moved about as well. The pushbutton has been relocated to the back of the device, near the headphone socket, whereas the storage card slot and brightness light have been relocated to the top of the unit, adjacent to the USB connection.

The PSU input of the Street is bizarrely disconnected from the charging light, as it was in previous PSP models.

Its UMD drive and batteries are positioned in the back. In fact, unlike the preceding PSP models, the new UMD drive door stretches fully across the back of the unit, rendering it more susceptible to being accidentally smashed.

The new handheld’s first observations are fascinating. The construction quality is good, albeit the modern matte surface looks a little cheap in person, and the unit lacks the ‘high-end’ polish seen on previous PSP models.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to appreciate about the new device, and it performs admirably in the most important areas. Despite the more restricted download choices, all of the essential functionalities are available and accurate: you can stream music or movies simply from the memory card, and PSN items aren’t beyond restrictions.

What is PSP 2000?

Since it first came out, Sony’s PSP-2000 version was the most advanced portable game system available, and owing to a redesign, it is lighter and smaller in size, prompting Sony to promote it as the “PSP Slim & Lite” in several regions.

The button layout is similar to the PlayStation 3, with the exception that the PSP only had one shoulder button per side and a solitary analog nub rather than the PS3‘s two sticks.

Since the PSP’s screen is wider and has a better resolution than other handsets, enjoying games and watching videos is a visual treat. Through the built-in speakers, the stereo audio isn’t particularly loud, but with earphones on, you could catch every soundtrack and ratchet up the music 

According to Sony, games, and movies are accessible on Sony’s UMD format and were of DVD resolution. A Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo Memory Stick slot is also available.

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The PSP could exhibit saved pictures and other jpeg images. Each software update additional assistance for more audio, visuals, and video formats, broadening the range of options.

A lithium-ion battery pack provides it with an adequate runtime. The AC adaptor enables you to play while also charging the battery.

Connectivity with Skype is new to the PSP-2000; the original couldn’t use Skype owing to memory constraints. It also offers a larger color palette for themes and may be connected to a progressive scanning television via the linked settings option.

The Internet Browser on the PSP-2000 is slightly faster than on the original because the memory has been upgraded from 32MB to 64MB. Notwithstanding this, the browser is still susceptible to malfunctioning and slowing, and is unsuitable with a large number of websites.

psp 2000

Main Differences Between PSP Street and PSP 2000

  1. The PSP Street is also recognized as the PSP E1000, while the PSP 2000 is recognized as the PSP slim and lite.
  2. PSP Street debuted on October 26, 2011, but PSP 2000 has been in existence since August 30, 2007.
  3. The PSP is a portable game console, whereas the PSP 2000 is an updated handheld variant.
  4. Unlike the PSP 2000, which has 64 megabytes of memory and 4 MB of integrated DRAM, the PSP street has 64 megabytes of memory.
  5. The PSP Street has mono speakers, whereas the PSP 2000 includes stereo speakers and a headset jack.
  6. The PSP Street has a non-removable 3.6 V DC battery, but the PSP 2000 includes a lithium-ion battery and an AC converter.
  7. The PSP 2000 weighs 189 g and the PSP street weighs 223 g.
  8. Unlike the PSP 2000, the PSP Street is unable to make Skype calls.
  9. The PSP Street has a 925 mAh battery, whereas the PSP 2000 has a 1200 mAh battery.

Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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