Difference Between Soundtrack and Cast Recording

Music is the most indispensable part of a movie or any other art form that incorporates audio in it. Soundtrack and Cast recording are the other forms that are utilised in a movie and a TV show.


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Soundtrack vs Cast Recording

The difference between Soundtrack and Cast Recording is that the songs performed in a cast recording are the recording of the songs that are performed live and Soundtrack is the music in a movie that synchronises with a scene.

Soundtrack vs Cast Recording

Soundtracks are audios that are recorded during pre-production or post-production. There are various types of soundtracks that are created for movies, books, podcasts and so much more.

Cast Recording are the recordings of music that are performed live before an audience. The word “Cast Recording” can be split into two Cast and Recording.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSoundtrackCast Recording
What is it?Music that synchronises with a movie scene, television, book audio, introduction music for podcasts, and any motion picture is a soundtrack.Music that is recorded and performed live before an audience is Cast Recording.
First recordsIn the movie Snow White and Seven DwarfsThe Band Wagon
First released in the yearReleased in 1937Released in 1931
Billboard No.1 tracksThe Sound Of MusicHamilton: An American Musical
Most famous tracksThe bodyguardMan of La Mancha

What is a Soundtrack?

The soundtrack is the audio that plays in the movies, various dramas, all the games, podcasts and in all forms of media. It incorporates video visuals.

The soundtrack is also recorded post-production of a movie,tv-series or other forms of media. In 1929 the term “soundtrack” came into existence.

The soundtracks that are recorded on the CD are called OST which means Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack is different from the dubbing track.

There are different types of Soundtrack as well. A movie and television soundtrack is the songs and bgm of a film. A video game soundtrack is the sound effects that you hear in the game that keeps you engaged.


What is Cast recording?

Cast recording is the music performance on a live show or the music that is usually pre-recorded in a studio. It is also the recording of the songs as they were performed on the show and releasing it with some adjustments and glossiness.

These recordings are done by the cast of the original show they belong to. These Cast recordings are predominantly recorded in the studio rather than a live performance.

The cast recordings were first-ever done by the British. The cast recording comprises the recordings of live performances, musicals and broadway shows.

Labels such as ABC were famous during the 1960s. Disney records were also very popular for the movies Tarzan, Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Hercules and so much more.

cast recording

Main Differences Between Soundtrack and Cast Recording

  1. The first Soundtrack was released in the year 1937 in a Disney movie. The first Cast Recording was released in the year 1931.
  2. There are various types of soundtracks for movies, games, events, theme parks and more.
  3. Soundtracks are generally established in a movie, gaming and other media forms. Cast recording is generally established as songs.
Difference Between Soundtrack and Cast Recording


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