PSP Original vs PSP Slim: Difference and Comparison

When the first PSP (later dubbed PSP Phat) was released, it was a touch hefty, but not so much that it made playing on it difficult.

Many people were surprised when the PSP 2000, also known as the PSP slim, was unveiled. It was an extremely tiny and light tablet with slightly more hardware than the Phat version.

Key Takeaways

  1. PSP Slim is lighter and thinner than the PSP Original.
  2. PSP Slim has improved battery life and faster loading times than the original model.
  3. PSP Slim includes additional features like TV output and a more ergonomic design.

PSP Original vs PSP Slim

The PSP Original and PSP Slim are two versions of Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The PSP Slim is lighter and thinner than the original, and also includes additional features such as video output capabilities.

PSP Original vs PSP Slim

On December 12, in the year 2004 Sony declared that the Original version of PSP i.e. PSP original which is the basic model and will be familiar in Japan for 24,800 yen (about $226 USD).

Almost 200,000 pieces were sold during the first day of marketing, showing that the introduction was indeed a success. You can obtain a bundle pack with color options for roughly $200.

The Ps Portable has a standard “bar” design; the original PSP is just PSP phat mode 1000.

In 2007, Sony released the PSP slim, a PlayStation portable. This device has a number of amazing features that have helped it become a market hit.

Users were drawn attracted by the extra charging battery, display size, device-width, good sound quality, and a range of other features. Some of the device’s technological advancements have never been seen before in the gaming industry.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPSP originalPSP slim
Another namePSP phatPSP-2000
FragilityPSP original is more strong as compared to PSP Slim.PSP Slim is fragile when compared to the original version.
VersionThe first and original versionPSP Slim was the next version which came after PSP Original.
weightPSP original is heavy in weight.PSP slim is light in the weight
FeaturesNo. of features are less as compared to PSP SlimNo. of features are more as compared to PSP original

What is PSP Original?

The PSP (original) basic model will be recognized in Japan on the date of December 12, 2004, for the amount of 24,800 yen (about $226 USD).

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On the first day of sales, almost 200,000 pieces were sold, indicating that the launch was a success. For around $200, you may get a bundle pack with color choices.

The PlayStation Portable features a typical “bar” design; the PSP original is essentially PSP phat mode 1000. The Phat model is roughly 6.7 X 2.9 by 0.9 inches (170 by 74 by 23 mm) and weighs 9.9 oz (280 g).

With a 480 x 272-pixel screen resolution and 24-bit color, the platform’s 4.3-inch Lcd display dominated the device’s front, outperforming the Nintendo DS.

Across the front of the machine are four PlayStation front buttons, a navigational pad, an analog “nub,” and a slew of other buttons.

Just on top of the panel, there are two available shoulder controls i.e One would be a USB 2.0 mini-B port, and another is a wirelessly LAN with switch and power cable input, with a wireless LAN switch and power cable input on the base.

A read-only Universal Media Disc (UMD) disc is housed on the PSP’s back for making available all the movies and games, where a reader can be considered compatible with Memory Stick Professional associated with the brand of sony.

Duo flashcards are on the left.

Other characteristics have included a constructed stereo loudspeaker and a headphone connector, as well as an IrDA-compatible infrared interface and a two-pin docking connection (which was discontinued in PSP-2000 and later).

For Internet connection, free online multiplayer gaming through PlayStation Network, and data transmission, IEEE 802.11b and Wi-Fi are used.

playstation portable

What is PSP Slim?

Sony introduced the PSP slim, a Play Station portable, in 2007. This device has a lot of cool functions that have made it a major success in the market. A lot of audiences were attracted to it due to its new features.

The additional chargeable battery, display size, device-width, good sound quality, and a variety of other features all drew users in and got a lot of attention from the public and gaming fans.

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Some of the technological improvements on the device have never been seen before in the gaming world. Memory capacity, the ability to connect to a television, and USB charging are just a few of them.

As a result, the device is a well-rounded product that offers good value for money and is new to the world gaming experience. The device’s RAM size is 64 MB, and it has a display resolution of 130,560 pixels.

The built-in loudspeakers and stereo systems are other features that attract users to this device. This improves the device’s audio quality and makes it a lot easier to operate.

The device’s compact size and light weight make it cost-effective in a variety of ways. The product was loved and appreciated by the audience and most specifically the targeted gaming audience.

psp slim

Main Differences Between PSP Original and PSP Slim

  1. PSP original is also known with the other name as PSP phat whereas PSP Slim is known with the name as PSP 2000.
  2. When compared on the basis of the fragility then PSP slim is fragile and PSP original is more strengthened.
  3. The versions for both are different. PSP original is the first version launched whereas PSP Slim is the other version launched after the PSP original version is launched.
  4. When compared on the basis of the weight then PSP slim is less heavy and PSP original is more heavy in weight.
  5. Number of features both provide also varies. PSP Slim provides more and advance number of features as compared to PSP original.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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6 thoughts on “PSP Original vs PSP Slim: Difference and Comparison”

  1. PSP Original and PSP Slim have come a long way, it’s interesting to see how customer preferences in gaming devices changed over time. Impressive technological advancements for both versions

  2. PSP Original proves that there is no need for many features in a gaming device for it to be a success, impressive

  3. The release of the PSP slim marked a significant leap in design and functionality. Impressive to see the advancements made from the original version. However, the PSP Original also has its charm and it has remarkable historical importance

  4. The release of the PSP Slim with its additional features was a win for Sony, maintaining its appeal to gamers of all types. But it’s good to appreciate where it all started with the PSP Original.


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