Difference Between Nintendo DS and DS Lite

The Nintendo DS model weighs around 275g, while the new and improved DS Lite was created as a lighter descendant of this revolutionary gaming console.


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The DS Lite version features a sleeker, more compact body weighing approximately 218g. This model embodies significant design improvements over its precursor.

Moreover, the design changes have also equipped the DS Lite model with a brighter screen than the Nintendo DS console.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Nintendo DS Lite is lighter, smaller, and more compact than the original Nintendo DS.
  2. The Nintendo DS Lite has a brighter screen and better battery life compared to the original Nintendo DS.
  3. The Nintendo DS Lite has a different button layout and a built-in microphone compared to the original Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS vs DS Lite

Nintendo DS was launched in 2005 that is designed as a heavy model weighing up to 275 grams. The screen size is a 3-inch LCD, lasting up to 10 hours. The Nintendo DS lite was launched in 2006 that comes in a sleek and slim design weighing up to 218 grams. It has a battery life of up to 19 hours for uninterrupted gaming.

Nintendo DS vs DS Lite

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite
DesignNintendo DS features a heavy and bulkier build.The DS Lite model sports a sleeker, lighter, and much more compact design.
The durability of Battery LifeThe Nintendo DS version offers a compromised battery life of only 10 hours.The Nintendo DS Lite model offers superior battery backup that lasts up to 19 hours.
WeightThis model weighs approximately 275g.The DS Lite model is lighter at approximately 218g.
Release DateThe Nintendo DS model was released in 2005.The Nintendo DS Lite model was released in 2006.
Battery StrengthThis model has equipped with an 850 mAh battery.This model has equipped with a powerful 1000 mAh battery.
Brightness AdjustmentThe screen brightness cannot be adjusted.The Nintendo DS Lite model allows users to adjust the screen’s brightness according to their preferences.
Changes in Key PlacementsThe start and select keys are larger, and the mic is placed at the bottom of the console.Start and select keys have been made smaller, and the mic has been shifted to the hinge of the console.

What is Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS range was inaugurated with the original DS model in 2005.

This revolutionary gaming console has a 3-inch LCD screen and a powerful 850 mAh rechargeable battery.

This model was designed to be compatible with the Game Boy Advanced software and the then-novel Nintendo DS software.

The DS console is placed among the heavier and bulkier gaming consoles. It weighs approximately 275g and lacks much of the design sophistication we see in the newer models.

The battery backup offered by the console is also quite poor.

With 10 hours of uninterrupted gaming, this model falls short by a significant limit compared to its successor’s battery life.

Moreover, the 4-hour recharging time is slightly longer than the other models in this range. The console has an AC adapter connection point, a DS card slot, a Game Boy Advanced slot, and a stereo connection point.

Overall, this model helped initiate a line of advanced consoles that Nintendo subsequently launched.

nintendo ds

What is Nintendo DS Lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite model was the successor of the original DS variant.

The formidable gaming brand launched and marketed it in 2006 as a new and improved DS model. This Lite version features a sleeker, slender design that appeals to gamers.

The Nintendo DS Lite version was also created to be compatible with the Game Boy Advanced and the Nintendo DS software.

The Lite model remains true to its vocabulary and is lighter than its predecessor. At around 218g, this console is easier to use and control.

Moreover, the advancements in the design elements are also mirrored in the extended battery life of the DS Lite version.

1000 mAh battery of the Lite model offers an augmented battery life durability extending to almost 19 hours.

This is a drastic improvement over the poor battery performance of its predecessor. Moreover, the recharging time duration is also reduced to 3 hours.

nintendo ds lite

Main Differences Between Nintendo DS and DS Lite

  1. The main difference between the Nintendo DS and DS Lite console is the peculiar design components.
  2. The DS Lite version is much lighter and more compact than the DS model. The sleeker design of the DS Lite model sets it apart from its predecessor.
  3. The DS model weighs much more than the DS Lite variant. The former weighs around 275g, while the latter weighs approximately 218g.
  4. The Nintendo DS Lite model has a more durable battery life than the Nintendo DS model.
  5. The rechargeable battery of the improved model lasts for almost 19 hours compared to the 10 hours of battery life offered by the DS model.
  6. The Nintendo DS model was released in 2005, while the new and improved DS Lite model was released by Nintendo in 2006.
  7. The DS Lite model has a much more powerful battery than the DS model. The DS Lite model features a 1000 mAh battery, while the DS model has an 850 mAh battery.
  8. The DS Lite version also features a much brighter screen than its precursor. The gamer can adjust the brightness of a DS Lite console. However, this feature is absent from the Nintendo DS interface.
  9. Several design components have been altered in the DS Lite model, which makes it easier to use. The start and select keys have been reduced, and the mic has been moved to the hinge from the bottom of the device.
Difference Between Nintendo DS and DS Lite
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