Difference Between Grams and Kilograms

Everything around us has a weight and consumes some space in the world. To measure weight there has to be some kind of unit so that we can understand how much is the weight of that particular object.

Grams and kilograms are units for measuring weights but both are not the same because light-weighted objects are measured in grams whereas heavy-weighted objects are measured in kilograms.

However, a thousand grams is equal to one kilogram. Gram is the smaller measuring version of kilograms because a thousand grams will contribute to one kilogram.

But, we do not measure in that way because if you are weighing the weight of a person you measure in kilograms and not in grams because that would be kind of inappropriate and would be difficult to understand.

Grams vs Kilograms

The main difference between grams and kilograms is that gram is used to measure the weight or mass if light-weighted objects whereas kilograms, on the other hand, are used to measure heavy-weighted objects.

Grams vs Kilograms

There is not much difference but some dissimilarities make the huge difference between the two.

And also it would be difficult to understand the weight of heavy-weighted objects in grams because the number would be huge if the weight is more of that particular object.

Comparison Table Between Grams and Kilograms

Parameters of ComparisonGramsKilograms
DefinitionGrams is a metric system that is used to refer to mass.Kg, on the other hand, is the base unit of mass in the international SI unit.
Used to measureGram unit is used to measure the mass or the weight of light-weighted objects.Kg, on the other hand, is used to measure heavy-weighted objects.
RelatedA thousand grams will contribute to one kilogram.A thousand grams lead to one kilogram thus they are related.
UsesGrams are used especially in shops to measure small quantity of grains, or other such kinds of stuff.Kilograms are used to measure heavy-weighted objects like the weight or mass of a person.

What are Grams?

Gram is nothing but is referred to as the metric system that is used to refer to mass. The unit goes way back in the history of mankind and is believed to have been since the 17th century. 

Grams are used especially by the shopkeepers selling cooking materials like grains, or some cooking powders like coriander power that is available loose.

It becomes easier for the shopkeeper and as well as for the customer to how much they want.

Say suppose I go to the shop to purchase coriander powder then I have to say to the shopkeeper for it along with how much I want it like ‘Please give me 50 grams of coriander powder’.

This way the shopkeeper understands how much I need and that way he will offer me that quantity of product.

The weight also decides how much the cost is going to be because if you purchase say 500 grams of coriander powder then I am sure the shopkeeper will not accept the price of 50 grams of coriander powder.

So, it is helpful for people to understand how much the price is going to be by deciding the weight.

Grams and kilograms might not be similar in some areas but I will say that they are linked with each other because grams is the smaller unit of the kilogram and a thousand grams contribute to a kilogram.

Kilograms, on the other hand, are also used by most shopkeepers who are selling things in a large quantity.

What are Kilograms?

Kilogram, on the other hand, is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units. The Kilogram is used to measure the mass of heavy objects like the weight of a person.

I am sure you will not say the weight of a person in grams because that would not be suitable.

Kilograms are also used by several shopkeepers if customers are buying at a large.

If you want 2 kilograms of rice then you ask the shopkeeper for it in kilograms itself and not in grams but when the shopkeeper measures two kilos of rice then the weighing machine shows it in grams first and then it shows in kilos since grams comes before kilos.

However, this way it becomes easier for both the party here, and less time is consumed. Kilograms are commonly abbreviated as kg whereas grams are abbreviated as g.

The only similarities between grams and kilograms are that both are units of mass and both are used for measuring non-liquid items.

However, it is not that one is used more than the other because both are used widely all over the world and both are very easy to understand the weight or the mass of an object.

Main Differences Between Grams and Kilograms

  1. Both grams and kilograms are used for measuring non-liquid items and both are the units of calculating mass.
  2. Grams are much smaller units to calculate mass whereas kilograms are a much bigger units.
  3. Grams is used to calculate or measure light-weighted items or products.
  4. Kilogram is used to calculate heavy-weighted items.
  5. One thousand grams contribute to one kilogram.
Difference Between Grams and Kilograms


Well, it has become easier for people after the intr  oduction of these units of measuring or calculating mass.

As mentioned earlier how grams are used and how kilograms are used by the shopkeepers and also by the customers to not have any communication gap between the two parties.

It is also important to know that how these two differ from each other because if you do not understand then it will be difficult to understand because there are many products in the market that is valued according to their weight for example gold.


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