Difference Between Mass and Volume

Every object is in a different shape and different structure and different characters and properties. Likewise, it needs different units to measure the object. If an object undergoes various tests and researches the first of all is to know about its characters towards nature and against nature. The second is how much space is needed in this world or how much space is covered by this particular object. For all that the two essential things are mass and volume.

Mass Vs Volume

The main difference between mass and volume is, mass is amount of matter of an object is made of volume is space of an object occupied up. The weight in the product of mass and the mass and volume are straightly related. The measurement process done to know the things by outside for that mass and volume is the characters. Light has no mass and no volume which is an intersecting fact.

Mass Vs Volume

The mass is dependent on volume and is just an object’s accelerated force and gives the weight of the body without gravity. Since it needs to calculate the single things in physics just compare it to other related things to get the perfect opinion on mass. The word mass is called matter.

The volume is nothing amount of space covered by an object. Simply shows the total amount of space covered by the particular object. You can easily differentiate things by remembering formulas and the difference table helps you compare easily and understand easily.

Comparison Table Between Mass and Volume

Parameters on ComparisonMassVolume
DefinitionMass shows the
amount of
matter in a body
of an object
Volume shows
the amount of space
covered by a body of
ValuePhysical valueGeometric value
SolidThe quantity of matter inside
a solid is called its mass.
The space of an object covered
is called
its volume
LiquidThe liquid of mass is the
weight of the container
the volume of container shows
volume of liquid substance that
is in inside of it
StateMass is a fixed property
of a body of an object
The volume of a
substance change as
state of the substance
SI unitKilogramCubic meter

What is Mass?

Every substance is made from matter(atoms or molecules). Mass is nothing but how much matter is in substance. Changing the shape of an object won’t change the mass but removing a part from the object will certainly reflect in a change in mass. Mass is a physical quantity and is calculated for its physical value, it shows the amount of matter in the body of an object. Mass is calculated in kilograms which is the Si unit of Mass. It is a dimensionless scalar quantity and changes according to density and volume of an object or the matter inside the object gets increased the mass also gets increased. An interesting fact is empty vacuums have no mass but the mass is energy.


The mass get increase when the object is in motion.. but the person who measured the mass will move along with the object can not observe the changes. By the equation, F=Ma force is directly proportional to mass results in if external force or additional force applied results in an increase in mass. In simple the higher the mass of a body of an object the smaller the change produced by an external force. If the object rearrange itself it don’t affect the mass.

What is Volume?

Every substance occupies (takes up) some space. volume is nothing but it tells how much space is occupied by a substance. Changing the shape of an object is reflected in the amount of space occupied by the particular object. Volume is the geometric quantity it is calculated for its geometric value and it shows the amount of space occupied by the body of an object.
Since it is measured by the geometric value it takes the 3 dimensions of an object and substitutes in the formula of finding volume.


Since it is measured by the geometric value it takes the 3 dimensions of an object and substitutes in the formula of finding volume.
The volume is measured by unit called cubic meter. The temperature and pressure will greatly affect the change in volume of a substance mainly in gas substances. It is because the volume is directly proportional to temperature.

Main Differences Between Mass and Volume

  1. The mass is the physical value of an object and volume is the geometric value of an object.
  2. The mass is measured by a unit called kilogram and the volume is measured by unit called cubic meter.
  3. The mass gives the matter of an object while volumes show the space covered by an object.
  4. The mass is a fixed property or persistent but volume change according to substance.
  5. The empty vaccum has no mass but it have volume where it covered some space.
  6. The Mass need two values to measure but Volume needs three dimensions to calculate.


The volume and mass are simply directly proportional to each other which means if the volume of an object increases that mass of an object also increases. Measurement needs the quantity to measure but without knowing the difference between unit and scale measurement is impossible. Likewise knowing the difference between the thing is important to know that which quantity needs which type of measurement the difference between mass and volume helps to know the object weight the volume is completely different from the mass you need to focus on the formula to remember the things as it is and also help to memorize the definition changing is not constant but constantly changing happens. Focus on different values and get the answer by comparison. But knowing the difference you can easily Remember the formula to get the answer soon and make your calculation a fast as you can.


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