Difference Between Chinese and Taiwanese

Not all people are the same and this is very much true because each one of you is unique. Similarly, you will find people having different looks, sizes, colours, caste, religion, country, and other kinds of stuff.


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Similarly, Chinese and Taiwanese are not the same kinds of people because Chinese people live in China or they are originated from China and that is why they are known or called Chinese people. Taiwanese people are from Taiwan and therefore they are known or called Taiwanese.

Chinese people and Taiwanese are almost similar people in terms of ethnicity and have some more similarities in their culture, language, politics, and also in their lifestyle. The Chinese and Taiwanese people are known to be in conflict since 1949.

Chinese vs Taiwanese

The difference between Chinese and Taiwanese is that Chinese people are from China and Taiwanese people are from Taiwan. Both are different countries thus they differ from each other in several parameters though some characteristics of them could be common or almost similar to each other.

Chinese vs Taiwanese

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChineseTaiwanese
Origin CountryChinese people are from China or they are originally residents of China.Taiwanese people are from Taiwan or they are the residents of Taiwan.
AmbitiousChinese are believed to be much more ambitious than the Taiwanese.Taiwanese are not that ambitious as compared to Chinese.
Human-RelationsChinese people are not good in keeping human-relations.Taiwanese are good in keeping human-relations.
Women FreedomChinese women do not have much freedom as compared to Taiwanese women.Taiwanese women are respected and have much freedom when compared with Chinese women.
Enjoyment of Political FreedomChinese people do not enjoy their political freedom.The Taiwanese, on the other hand, enjoys their political freedom.

What is Chinese?

People living in China are called Chinese people and they are almost similar to Taiwanese people only differs in some parameters. China is one of the countries where the population is large even larger than a country like India.

China is known for their business because you see most of the products are made in China and they are one of the leading manufacturers of some of the technologies. China is not good at keeping good human-relations and is always into conflict.

This is the reason why Taiwanese people are better in human-relations than the Chinese. Chinese people are always into seeking the most advantage out of a situation unlike, Taiwanese people who have a loving kind of nature.

Chinese people are more ambitious than Taiwanese but Chinese people do not have much respect for each other of their own kind. They also do not consider women to be treated equally as men which is not the case of Taiwan.

Both Chinese and Taiwanese people speak the same language that is Chinese mandarin but there will be a difference in their accent. It is said that since 1949, Chinese and Taiwanese are in a conflict of some kind.

Chinese also do not have a good history with the Indians too because there were many times in history when war has happened between the two. Chinese being the leader in the business world does not have a good economy at least not better than Taiwan because China has much more poverty than Taiwan.


What is Taiwanese?

Taiwanese people are from Taiwan and thus they are called Taiwanese. Taiwanese people and Chinese people are different in many ways because they are two separate countries.

Taiwanese people are renowned people and did not do well like China in terms of business but overall Taiwanese people are good people. Keeping aside some similarities between Chinese and Taiwanese they have major differences in politics, economics, and ideological functions.

Taiwan being a small country has an economy much better than China because the Chinese are over-populated and therefore they have more rate of poverty than Taiwan. Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China and China, on the other hand, is known as the People’s Republic of China.


Main Differences Between Chinese and Taiwanese

  1. Chinese are people living in China or they are originally from China.
  2. Taiwanese are people living in Taiwan or they are originally from Taiwan.
  3. Both Chinese and Taiwanese people speak the same language but the only thing that varies is their accent.
  4. The economy of Taiwan is much better than China.
  5. China’s population is about 139.77 crores and the population of Taiwan is about 3 crores.
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