Japanese Eyes vs Chinese Eyes: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Japanese eyes tend to have a rounded shape, while Chinese eyes are described as more slanted.
  2. Epicanthic folds, the skin covering the inner eye corner, are more common in Japanese than Chinese eyes.
  3. On average, Japanese eyes appear larger while Chinese eyes appear narrower.

What are Japanese Eyes?

Japanese eyes refer to the physical characteristics of the eyes associated with the Japanese population. One of the most distinctive features of Japanese eyes is the presence of an eyelid fold, commonly known as a “double eyelid”. This means a crease or fold in the upper eyelid that creates a visible separation between the lid and the rest of the eye area.

Another feature associated with Japanese eyes is the presence of an epicanthic fold. This is a skin fold of the upper eyelid that partially covers the inner corner of the eye, giving the appearance of a narrower eye-opening. A horizontally elongated shape characterizes Japanese eyes. The eye’s width is more significant concerning its height compared to other ethnic groups. Additionally, the outer corner of the eye may have a slight upward slant, although this can vary among individuals.

Japan is renowned for its cosmetics industry and its approach to eye makeup. Japanese women focus on enhancing the natural beauty of their eyes. Popular makeup style includes techniques to make eyes appear larger, such as using eyelash extensions or applying eyeliner and eye shadow in a specific way to create the illusion of wider, more defined eyes.

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What are Chinese Eyes?

Chinese eyes, like those of individuals from other ethnic backgrounds, vary in appearance and can have diverse characteristics. Many Chinese individuals have an epicanthic fold, a fold of skin covering the inner corner of the eye, partially or entirely. 

Chinese eyes are described as an almond shape, with a slightly upturned cover. Chinese eyes can have either a mono lid or a double eyelid. Chinese individuals can have a range of eye colours, including brown, black and variation of these colours. Some individuals may have lighter eye colours, such as shades of brown, hazel, or even blue or green.

In Chinese culture, the eyes are regarded as a significant feature of beauty and expression. Traditional Chinese literature, art, and poetry romanticize the beauty of eyes and use them as symbols of emotions, inner thoughts and character. Chinese art, such as traditional Chinese paintings, portrays eyes with great detail and precision. 

Difference Between Japanese Eyes and Chinese Eyes

  1. Japanese individuals may have a relatively wider and more rounded eye shape, while Chinese individuals may have slightly narrower or more almond-shaped eyes.
  2. Japanese individuals have more upward or rounded inner corners of the eye, while Chinese individuals may exhibit a straighter or angled inner corner.
  3. Japanese individuals tend to have a double eyelid with a visible crease. In contrast, a single eyelid without a prominent crease is associated with a more significant percentage of the Chinese population.
  4. Japanese eyes are described as having slightly higher and broader eyelids than Chinese eyes.
  5. Japanese individuals may have longer and denser eyelashes, while Chinese individuals may have relatively shorter eyelashes.
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Comparison Between Japanese Eyes and Chinese Eyes

Parameter of ComparisonJapanese EyesChinese Eyes
Eye shape Wider and rounder Slightly narrower or almond-shaped 
Inner corner shapeUpward or rounded inner corner Straighter or angled inner corner 
Eyelid crease Double eyelid with a visible crease Single eyelid without a prominent crease 
Eyelid height and width Slightly higher and widerLess high and wider 
Eyelashes Longer and denser Relatively shorter
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Last Updated : 30 August, 2023

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