Difference Between Chinese Faces and Japanese Faces

Asia is the largest and most populated continent on Earth. It has so many people, with different nationalities and cultures. Each nation is so different from the other when it comes to physical or behavioural characteristics.


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It is not something new for a South Asian person to be confused with some other nationality because of the way he or she looks. 

People from Korea, Japan and China are often confused with each other because they have similar physical characteristics. Their features are different from the features of people from other countries.

It is considered very stereotypical of one to consider all South Asians as one. Though it is common to confuse a Chinese face with a Japanese, there exist a lot of differences between these two faces. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Chinese and Japanese faces may share some similarities due to their East Asian heritage, but they can also exhibit distinct features.
  2. Chinese faces may have rounder features, flatter facial profiles, and more prominent cheekbones than Japanese faces.
  3. Japanese faces have more elongated or oval-shaped features, higher nose bridges, and less prominent cheekbones.

Chinese Faces vs Japanese Faces

The difference between Chinese faces and Japanese faces is that the Japanese faces have a pale complexion on their face, because of the climatic conditions. On the other hand, the Chinese faces have a mixed complexion on their face because of the various different tribes existing there. 

Chinese faces vs Japanese faces

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonChinese FacesJapanese Faces
Complexion The complexion of the Chinese faces is mostly whitish or reddish. The complexion of the Japanese faces is mostly Pale.
EyesThe eyes of the Chinese faces  have an area focused above and under their eyes The eyes of the Japanese faces are shaped like an almond protruding hood.
The angle of the eyesThe eyes of the Chinese faces are angled downwards. The eyes of the Japanese faces are angled upwards. 
Size of the eyesThe eyes of Chinese faces are small or medium in size. The eyes of Japanese faces are slightly big in size. 
ShapeThe shape of the Chinese faces is round, almost like a perfect circle. The shape of the Japanese faces is long and wide mostly. 
Prominent FeatureThe Chinese faces are small, hence  do not have a prominent featureThe prominent feature of Japanese faces is their big eyes. 
Facial ExpressionThe distinct facial expression on a Chinese face is a smile. The distinct facial expression on a Japanese face is a frown.
WomenThe faces of Chinese women are usually seen with red lipstick and a smoky look. The faces of Japanese women have a very neutral look. 

What are Chinese Faces?

China is one of the most populated countries in the world. There live so many people in it, who have similar physical characteristics. These characteristics are quite similar to the people of Japan and Korea as well.

However, there exist certain specific features or characteristics that help distinguish a Chinese face from the rest.

The Chinese faces have a whitish or reddish complexion. Most of the faces have a mixed complexion. The reason behind this is that there are various tribes existing in China, from the Han dynasty.

There have been intermarriages for a long time, which has resulted in a mixed complexion on the Chinese faces. 

Most of the Chinese faces have a very definite shape. It is almost perfectly rounded. They have small eyes, which are angled downwards. The facial expression of a Chinese face is as if they are constantly smiling.

It is often difficult to distinguish the various different emotions on a Chinese face because it always looks like they have a smile on their face.


What are Japanese Faces?

Japan is a very popular country in the southern part of Asia. The people of Japan are often confused with the people of China or Korea because they have identical features.

However, the Japanese faces have quite unique features, that help to identify them.

Since Japan has cold weather throughout the year, the complexion of the Japanese faces is often pale. The faces do not have a uniform shape. But most of the Japanese faces are long and wide.

The faces rend to have a large forehead. The eyes too are big in size and are angled upwards. The big eyes act as a prominent feature on the Japanese faces since it is quite easy to notice them.


Main Difference Between Chinese Faces and Japanese Faces

  1. Mostly pale in appearance.
  2. The faces of the Chinese have their eyes angled downwards, whereas the faces of the Japanese have their eyes angled upwards.  
  3. The eyes on the Chinese faces are small or sometimes medium in size, whereas on the other the eyes on the Japanese faces are big in size.
  4. The Chinese faces are round in shape, whereas the Japanese faces are wide and have a taller appearance.
  5. The Chinese faces are small and lack any kind of prominent feature, whereas, on the other hand, the Japanese faces have big eyes as their prominent feature.
  6. The Chinese faces express most of their emotions with a smile on their face, whereas the Japanese express most of their emotions with a frown on their face. 
  7. The Chinese faces of the women are usually spotted with red lipstick and a smoky look, whereas on the other hand, the Japanese faces of the women have a subtle look on them. It is hard to figure out if they have any makeup on them or not.
Difference Between Chinese Faces and Japanese Faces
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