Difference Between Facial and Bleach

Skin is one of the most important parts of your body that plays a significant role when it comes to overall looks, beauty, and other such things.

Both facial and bleaching are two treatments for the beautification of your skin and they are done by almost everyone.

However, you will be shocked to know that they are not quite similar at all. Both are treatments for skin and both have their way of treating, procedures, effects, and side effects.

To simplify the difference facial means beautification of the facial skin by using a mask, keeping it for a few minutes, and then washing it off.

Bleaching, on the other hand, includes a long process where chemicals are used on your skin that help you lighten your skin tone.

Most people do not opt for the bleaching option because it might suit their skin and might cause side effects. Well, if your skin can handle several bleaching agents then there is no harm in doing it.

Facial vs Bleach

The difference between facial and bleach is that bleaching is done with chemical agents to lighten your skin tone whereas facial, on the other hand, is just a beauty treatment for your face.

Bleaching can also be done in the hair or in the facial hair too as it will make your facial hair look similar to the complexion of your face skin.

Facial vs Bleach

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFacialBleach
DefinitionA Facial is a treatment for the face. The process of a facial includes cleaning the face and also to improve your overall complexion.Bleaching, on the other hand, is a chemical agent that helps lighten the tone of your skin. The process is called as bleaching.
Procedure Duration30 minutes to one hour30 minutes maximum.
BenefitsYour facial skin is cleansed by removing the extra oil and is quite relaxing to the facial skin.The bleaching process helps your facial hair to lighten and improves the tone of your skin. People who have dark skin will get the best result after they use bleach.
ObjectiveFacial is done mainly to clean your facial skin.Bleaching is done to get a fair skin tone.
Skin HealthFacial treatments are considered to be more healthy for the skinBleaching is not healthy for most skin types. It can be dangerous also.

What is Facial?

The term ‘Facial’ does not need an introduction because most people already know what a facial is. A facial is a treatment for the face skin.

A Facial is done to cleanse the skin and get a relaxing feeling on your face for better blood flow and movement.

A Facial can be done by all skin types because there are few chemical agents included in the process of a facial treatment.

The facial treatment must be done by a professional practitioner so that you get the best results out of it.

It is the duty of the practitioner to guide you about the facial steps and what facial treatment will be the best for you without any kind of side effects on your skin.

Facial treatment helps your skin to improve and also remove impurities such as dirt, blackheads, dead skin cells, oiliness, and pimples too.

The steps of a facial include cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, massage, toning, mask applying, and moisturizing. These steps should be included in a facial treatment as each step has its own benefits for the skin.

Facial treatment usually has this kind of long procedure and this is the reason why it takes a long time for the entire process to complete.


What is Bleach?

Bleaching, on the other hand, is another treatment for the skin with the purpose of lightening the skin tone.

Darker skin people tend to use bleach as there are chemical agents present in it that will give the expected results within half an hour.

Bleaching can be done in the hair and teeth also and there are people who have done these too.

Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and bleaching powder are used in the bleaching treatment/procedure.

However, the bleaching process also includes some natural ingredients like lemon, honey, potato extract, and rose water. Bleaching is mostly done by people so that they get a brighter and lighter tone that they want.

However, the bleaching treatment helps you eliminate scars, dark skin, age spots. The steps included in the bleaching process are cleansing, bleaching, and wiping off the bleach.

The bleaching process is much shorter than a facial treatment and is much cheap than a facial treatment.

Proper precautions must be taken after the use of bleach as there are side effects that can cause your skin to cause allergies.

So, it is necessary for people to have a piece of proper knowledge about bleach and bleaching before they proceed with the treatment.


Main Differences Between Facial and Bleaching

  1. Facial treatment is only done on the face whereas bleaching treatment can be done in the face, facial hair, and teeth.
  2. The duration of a facial treatment is much longer as the procedure is much longer than bleaching.
  3. Facial treatment requires highly skilled people or a practitioner whereas for bleaching treatment not that much skill is required.
  4.  Facial is associated with skin care goals whereas bleaching, on the other hand, includes beautification by lightening the skin tone.
  5. High precautions must be taken while bleaching procedure as it can cause an irritation to the skin.
Difference Between Facial and Bleach


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