Gold vs Diamond Facial Kit: Difference and Comparison

Most people prefer a facial kit as a part of their skincare routine. There are certainly a lot of kits available. Generally, there are four to five steps associated with these available kits.

They include bleaching, scrubbing, cleansing, massage, and crème-based finishing toners. And then, there are two famous kits that include the ever-known gold and diamond facial kit.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gold facial kits provide anti-ageing benefits and increase skin elasticity, while diamond facial kits exfoliate and brighten the skin.
  2. Gold facial kits are better suited for mature skin, whereas diamond facial kits are suitable for various skin types.
  3. Diamond facial kits are more expensive than gold ones due to the use of diamond dust in the formula.

Gold Facial Kit vs Diamond Facial Kit

Gold facial kits contain 24-karat gold dust or gold leaf, which is believed to have anti-aging benefits and to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Diamond facial kits contain diamond dust, which is believed to have exfoliating and brightening properties.

Gold Facial Kit vs Diamond Facial Kit

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Gold Facial Kit is commonly used by people who want tan removal. The radiance and glow are quite more in the gold facial kit when compared to that of the diamond facial kit.

People with oily or combination skin prefer gold facial kits. It is more suitable for those with oily skin types.

Diamond Facial Kit is for those who are preparing for a special occasion such as a wedding or important ceremonies. It gives a glow to the skin that is ideal for a party or special occasion.

It also seems to suit most skin types. The massage crème used in the diamond facial kit seems to be ideal for those looking for skin brightening and glow.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGold Facial KitDiamond Facial Kit
ResultsIt provides skin glow and gold radiance.It provides a brightening effect and seems to suit most skin types.
CostsThe costs vary with companies, but an average cost of a kit seems to be more expensive.The costs do vary with brands, but the common brands are less expensive.
Skin typesIt suits almost all skin types but not to those who are allergic to gold residue and gel.It can cause allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to fine dust massage cream in the kit.
PreferenceMost people prefer gold facial as it is more on the affordable end.A diamond facial kit is preferred when the person is about to go for a special occasion.
Brands availableVLCC, Lotus, khadi Naturals, etc.VLCC, Aroma Magic, Astaberry, Nutriglow, etc.

What is Gold Facial Kit?

Gold facial kits are preferred by most people as it is easily available in cosmetic stores and departmental stores.

A golden facial kit is very useful to those who are looking for an affordable range of facials for a special occasion like a party. It provides radiance to the skin.

Gold facial kit is something that might fit most skin types who have an oily or combination skin type. But it is always recommended to do a patch test to avoid any possible allergies.

People with allergies to gold gel or microparticles are advised not to use the facial kit. Since it might trigger an allergic reaction. Gold facials are most preferred due to the cost value associated with them.

It contains a five to six-step guide to doing the facial. This initially begins with a cleansing step and most commonly ends with a finishing cream.

This facial is said to increase the elastic effect of the face and features. The skin may look fresher and glowing at the end of treatment.

It is also said to maintain a youthful skin type with the maintenance of collagen. It can also treat the inflammation in the skin. It is also said to boost the skin tone by balancing the aging in the skin.

gold facial kit

What is Diamond Facial Kit?

Diamond facial kit is relatively expensive when compared to that gold facial kit. It is available in quite a lot of brands across the globe. In India, few producers include Lotus, VLCC, Biotique, NutriGlow, Aroma Magic, etc.

This helps in maintaining the skin glow, radiance, and elasticity. These treatments help in nourishing the skin and, on the other hand, improve sebum secretion. It also helps in releasing the pores and clogs in the skin.

Usually, this facial kit would last for half an hour to 50 minutes in length with elaborate skincare steps. When compared to gold facial, diamond facial is recommended for those having a sensitive skin type.

The diamond peel also helps in exfoliating the dead cells in the face and thereby provides smooth and radiant-looking skin. The massage gels are provided in most brands’ kits for a circulating massage.

This facial kit also provides cellular regeneration as there is a peel associated with the elaborate procedure. The dead cells are removed. Eventually, the time involved for this facial is a little more but provides a time glow in the skin.

It is also said to increase the metabolic functions in the skin. This procedure is also a little tedious but provides regenerated skin.

Main Differences Between Gold Facial Kit and Diamond Facial Kit

  1. The price of both the kits does vary. Gold facial kit seems to be quite inexpensive when compared to that diamond facial kit.
  2. Gold facial kit contains gold gel or microparticles, whereas diamond facial kit does not contain any gold gel or particles.
  3. Most people seem to prefer a gold facial kit when compared to a diamond one since it is less expensive.
  4. The results do vary with both the facial kits. The gold facial kit gives a glow, whereas diamond produces a glow with brightening.
  5. The costs associated with both the facial kits do vary with brands. On a general note, the cost of a diamond facial kit stands high.
Difference Between Gold and Diamond Facial Kit



Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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