Difference Between Mom Jeans and Skinny Jeans

Jeans are a lady’s best friend. It may be worn daily, and it could be paired with any dress. It is the ideal option for all situations.


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There are plenty of different sorts of jeans here on the marketplace, Mom Jeans and Skinny being amongst them. Every lady adores these two, and they are a must-have in every women’s wardrobe since they are so easy to match.

Mom Jeans vs Skinny Jeans

The difference between Mom Jeans and Skinny Jeans is that Mom Jeans seems more comfortable to people when compared to the latter one. Whereas Skinny Jeans is assumed to be more trendy and stylish, giving the users a more aesthetic look as per their needs.

Mom Jeans vs Skinny Jeans

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Mom jeans are a fantastic option for those who want to wear boots. Ladies can combine mom jeans alongside leopard heels in the wintertime.

They could also choose any footwear that matches the jean’s short height. If their legs are short, heels are a good choice.

Skinny jeans have long been the focus of debate among fashionistas around the world. The biggest issue is that they are inconvenient to use.

When used for an extended period, they are said to produce excruciating leg pains. Some even believe that wearing tight pants can induce muscle soreness.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMom JeansSkinny Jeans
DefinitionOriginated in the American domain, Mom Jeans have been a constant attraction for women since the 1970s because of their design and Comfortability.Skinny Jeans originated much earlier, i.e. in the 1950s but not many people prefer them these days.
Comfort FactorThey must be loose well around the abdomen area to allow users to wolf down an entire pizza without undoing the button. It shouldn’t be a hassle to use these all day.Since these jeans are somewhat tighter, so not everyone can carry them all day long and perform their daily routine work.
Style FactorWhen it comes down to dressing up as a 70s woman, Mom Jeans are always a superior option to go with baggy t-shirts or crop t-shirts.Whereas, Skinny Jeans give a more sleek outfit representation to the people who wear it.
PopularityMom Jeans have always been a go-to option for many ladies out there. It is easier to carry these jeans and one can style them quite easily.Skinny Jeans have been in and out of the picture, lately. There are not many people who prefer skinny jeans to wear them regularly.
OriginationMom jeans are a colloquial name for female’s high-waisted pants that were popular within the late 1980s and early 1990s in America.Mughlai Churidars, which were narrow in the region underneath the knee, gave birth to skinny jeans.

What is Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans have been there for years and are among the most wrongfully condemned jean styles. They gained popularity in the 1970s, whenever stay-at-home parents began to wear them on excursions and all around the household. 

As one can see, the moniker “mom jeans” was given to this design due to the obvious mothers and wives of the era. These jeans are basic as well as demure in appearance, intended to be smooth and convenient to move along in. 

They don’t emphasize the hips or thighs. Instead, they focus on being functional.

Mom jeans usually include a stretchy waistline to make them effective to don as well as provide a pleasant and healthier fit.

Younger women began to embrace mom jeans roughly a decade afterwards, and one can now see them wearing this fashion around outside. Mom jeans acquired their moniker from the fact that they were primarily worn by mothers who wanted a comfy outfit to go through their workday.

What is Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans can be defined in a variety of ways. They can refer to exceptionally tight-fitting jeans with a tapering leg, which is typically constructed of denim.

They’re often known as the coveted pair of pants that ladies wish they might fit with if they simply lost a few inches.

The very first concept is the most widely used. Before it was even donned in the 1950s, the slim style was not associated with jeans.

The trousers were known as pencil trousers because they had been contoured to suit the leg also had a very small trimmed leg base that gripped the ankles.

Skinny jeans have been in and out of popularity ever since the 1950s, based on the changing fashion trends. Punk musicians typically distinguished themselves out from the Disco trend with narrower jeans, in opposition to the bell-bottoms sported by most in the 1970s.

Throughout the 1980s, even New Wavers, as well as Heavy Metal performers, could don body-hugging jeans.

Main Differences Between Mom jeans and Skinny Jeans

  1. Mom Jeans, which emerged in the United States, have become a continual draw for females since the 1970s due to their ease and elegance. Skinny jeans were invented much sooner, in the 1950s, but they are no longer popular.
  2. To allow consumers to eat a full pizza without loosening the button, Mom Jeans must really be flexible around the belly area. Using one of these all day would not be a problem. Because Skinny jeans are a little snug, not everybody can wear them all day and go about their business.
  3. Mom Jeans are usually a better choice when it comes to getting dressed up like a 70s woman, especially when paired with baggy t-shirts or crop t-shirts. Skinny Jeans, on the other hand, give the wearer a more sleek clothing depiction.
  4. For many women, mom jeans have long been a go-to alternative. These jeans are more convenient to wear, and they can be styled in a variety of ways. Skinny jeans have been in and out of fashion in recent months. There aren’t too many individuals that wish to wear slim jeans on a regular basis.
  5. Mom jeans are a nickname for high-waisted pants worn by women in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the United States. Skinny jeans have been born from Mughlai Churidars, and these were narrow in the area beneath the knee.
Difference Between Mom Jeans and Skinny Jeans
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