Difference Between Slouchy Jeans and Mom Jeans

Jeans are one of the most fashionable but casual bottoms. They’re also comfy, adaptable, and dynamic.


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Jeans may be paired with a variety of casual and dressy tops. Jeans now come in a wide range of designs and lengths.

All of this makes them easy to mix and match with other pieces of apparel and include into ensembles. Mom jeans and Slouchy Jeans are two distinct kinds of jeans that are often ignored in favor of more popular designs such as skinny jeans.

Slouchy Jeans vs Mom Jeans

The difference between slouchy jeans and mom jeans is that mom jeans are designed for women. They have an elastic waist because their hip area is small and wide. Slouchy Jeans, on the other hand, are slung low on the hips. Likewise, both types of jeans have a relaxed look and a pleasant feel.

Slouchy Jeans vs Mom Jeans

The slouchy jeans are comparable to those worn by a mother. Her trouser legs are equally wide at the knees and small at the ankles. The difference is that the tight-fitting tailoring emphasizes the waist and hips more.

If you want to go all out, complete the outfit with a belt. Crop tops or shirts that can be tucked into the waistband of the pants work well together.

Mom jeans have a lot of space in them, especially in the thighs and back. Mom jeans are usually baggy throughout, as well as on the top part. Mom jeans are designed with women in mind.

The mom jeans feature a higher rise and a smaller waist. Mom jeans feature an elasticized waist and are designed for women.

Mom jeans often have shorter legs than boyfriend jeans. Mom jeans cannot be styled by folding them at the ankles.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSlouchy Jeans Mom Jeans
StructureNoticeably loose around legs.Noticeably baggy around the thighs and back.
LegsNarrow legsTapered legs
Waist cutSmallerWider
ShapeSlung low on the hipsBaggy around the hips
Ankle folding styleAnkle folding style can be done.Ankle folding style can not be done.

What are Slouchy Jeans?

The Slouchy jeans, which are relaxed, loosely fitting, and hung low on your hips, are quickly replacing classic skinny jeans as the go-to choice.

The barrel-shaped fit ensures your comfort while ensuring that you look stylish effortlessly. Denim is not only a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, but it also comes in useful and saves the day when we have nothing to wear.

For the autumn season, now is the time to invest in the new fashion-endorsed denim style. You may dress these jeans up or down depending on the style for a range of informal or business events.

Her trouser legs are similarly broad at the knees and small at the ankles.

The difference is that the tight-fitting tailoring emphasizes the waist and hips more. If you want to go all out, complete the outfit with a belt.

Casual jeans have a low-rise design and are available in a variety of clean and faded finishes. They’re usually cropped or rolled to a shorter length.

It’s worth noting that “flattering” isn’t always an appropriate descriptor of this look—size double zeroes may pull it off, but the rest of us are definitely screwed.

slouchy jeans

What are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are usually slack at the top and throughout. Mom jeans are designed specifically for women.

Amongst the features of mom jeans are their high and narrow waists. Mom jeans are considered to be the least popular of all the jeans’ types due to their distinctive cut.

Since the late 2010s and into the 2020s, high-waisted, ankle-length “mom jeans” have re-emerged in popularity among younger women, ranging from tween and adolescent-aged girls to college-aged women and older women.

A tee-shirt or sweatshirt worn beneath a pair of jeans and finished with a belt is a popular fashion choice among women.

Mom’s jeans were very popular among young women in the 1980s, and you might see them worn in the city by young women in their early twenties. Mom jeans feature an elasticized waist since they are designed for women.

It is not trendy to fold the ankles of mom jeans. This style of mom jeans usually has a high waist that exceeds the belly button, making the hips look longer, larger, and flatter.

Jeans usually have a uniform light blue hue, do not wash or fade, and will not wear out.

mom jeans

Main Differences Between Slouchy Jeans and Mom Jeans

  1. Slouchy jeans are noticeably loose on the legs. On the other hand, Mom jeans are noticeably baggy all over and especially on the thighs and back. On the other hand
  2. Slouchy jeans have narrow legs, whereas Mom jeans have tapered legs.
  3. The waist cut of the mom jeans is small and higher as well. On the other hand, the waist cut in the case of slouchy jeans is smaller.
  4. Slouchy jeans are slung low on the hips, whereas mom jeans are baggy around the hips.
  5. Mom jeans can not be styled by folding at the ankles. On the other hand, as the length of the slouchy jeans is long, they can be styled at the ankles by folding some amount of cloth.
Difference Between Slouchy Jeans and Mom Jeans


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