Difference Between Mom Jeans and High-Waisted Jeans

At first, we might be confused since a lot of us think mom jeans and high-waisted jeans are the same. The interesting fact is that any mom jeans can be high-waisted but any high-waisted jeans can not be high-waisted.

Denim is an all-time fashion but its fit trend keeps on changing. It is not very hard to distinguish them if we are not overlooking any points.

There are indeed several categories and sub-categories in which jeans can be classified. Their fit is the basic criteria. Let’s get into some interesting discussion and find out everything about Mom and high-waisted jeans.

Mom Jeans vs High-Waisted Jeans

The main difference between Mom Jeans and High-waisted Jeans is that High-waisted jeans were never off the market whereas mom jeans were out of fashion until the early 2020s. There is an increased sale in the denim factory for the recent introduction of Mom Jeans yet once again. Any Mom Jeans can be high-waisted however any high-waisted jeans can not be Mom Jeans.

Mom Jeans vs High Waisted Jeans

Mom Jeans are generally high-waisted. The main feature is being comfortable. Women love this fit since they find it very easy to wear with any body size and shape.

They are a loose fit with a lot of excess space around the legs that provides extra comfort. The wider legs and relaxed cut are such a gift. Even people with body image issues feel very free to go for it. It is overall a very body-friendly attire.

High-waisted jeans are the ones that have their grip above the navel. They comprised different types such as loose fit, skin-fit, or flared. They are not necessarily relaxed cut.

Due to their wide variety, they are never off the market and are popular among all age groups. From comfort to style, it satisfies it all. People these days can not quite imagine their cupboards without high-waisted jeans.

Comparison Table Between Mom Jeans and High-Waisted Jeans

Parameters of ComparisonMom JeansHigh-Waisted Jeans
TypeMom Jeans are a type of fit. A fit describes the shape and cutting of the denim.High-waisted is a type of bottom waist
CategoryAll Mom Jeans are high-waisted. They are loose and comfortable.High-waisted Jeans are not Mom Jeans. They can be loose, skin-fit, or flared.
FashionIt was a popular American style two decades back. Then it was out of fashion. Again in the early 2020s, it made a major comeback and hit the denim industries with unbelievable sales.It was never really out of style. Even though low waist jeans were a trend for many years, people always love a well fit High-waisted Jeans.
AgeEarly in the late 1980s or early 1990s, it was a fashion popular among the middle-aged peopleIt was used by all age groups and was never outdated since it has a number of categories.
StyleMom Jeans are for comfort wear and some cozy looks. It goes well with a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers.High-waisted Jeans have a lot of types and can be matched with several accessories. It can be matched with high heels or boots or even a pair of sneakers, depending on the type.

What is Mom Jeans?

Mom Jeans became fashionably famous for the first time in the late 1990s and early 1980s. They were mostly high-waisted in fit and were a great choice for middle-aged women.

It was an outdated fashion until the again early 2020s. It came back with an amazing hit and became the coolest trend among teens and young adults. It regained its popularity after ages but this time among women of all ages.

It is a comfortable outfit and to enhance the look, it is usually worn by a belt. To match the comfort level, mom jeans are generally paired with some cool oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts. To look cooler, they are tucked in.

The jeans are fit around the waist but are disproportionately large for legs. This creates a cool look, with longer legs and comfortable fittings. Not to mention, a pair of sneakers might be absolutely perfect to complete the look.

What is High-Waisted Jeans?

High-waisted jeans have been in great demand throughout and are never out of style. It comprises a variety of types, styles, and fashion. From the early 1990s till today, it has continued to be popular in one form or the other.

They come in a loose fit, skin fit, or even flared. This is the reason it never goes out of trend. It satisfies it all for any and every occasion or even just the usual wear. Any jeans with their grip above the navel area fall under the high-waisted category.

Recently the high waisted loose fit is in great demand in the market. People are choosing it over everything for their extreme comfort level. Before that until this decade, skin fits were a popular choice around teenage people and young adults.

They are known to lift the confidence of people with a stunning fit. Depending on the type, a high waisted of jeans can rok with a pair of sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt or it might be a crop top with some matt boots.

Main Differences Between Mom Jeans and High-Waisted Jeans

  1. One of the major differences between Mom Jeans and High-waisted Jeans is that Mom Jeans had been out fashioned for several years whereas High-waisted Jeans was never out fashioned. the Mom Jeans returned to the industry with a major hit and recently customers are going crazy about it.
  2. Coming to the time period, mom fits were such a fashion in the late 1980s and late 1990s. It was a very famous fit and a popular American style for women. However, high-waisted jeans were famous worldwide.
  3. Earlier, the Mom Jeans were popular among middle-aged people for their loose fit which could go with any body size or shape. Now it is popular among teens and young adults for the cool look. In the case of high-waisted jeans, it was popular among every age group because of their variety.
  4. Mom-fit jeans are a loose fit that is generally matched with a belt. It provides an extreme comfort level with a relaxing fit. High-waisted jeans can be of loose fit, skin fit, or flared as well. It can be suitable for a variety of occasions and goes with a variety of accessories.
  5. Mom Jeans is a type of fit which is loose and comfortable and undefined in shape. The high waist defines the type of jeans waist. They are the ones that are above the naval area. The fit might be skinny or loose.
Difference Between Mom Jeans and High Waisted Jeans


First things first, we all got to accept jeans are never out of style. With time, it has become our day-to-day street style or occasions.

They have gain such popularity that sometimes we tend not to care about the style because all we dream of is the perfect fit. Sometimes, all we care about is comfort while other times, it’s the trend.

Mom Jeans recently had been relaunched in the market. People these days tend to prioritize comfort and this made it a great hit in the denim industry.

Oversized t-shirts and a pair of high-waisted belted mom-fit jeans is such a trend these days along with a pair of sneakers.

Although, high-waisted jeans were always popular. People loved to tuck in their shirts with perfect skin-fit high-waisted jeans. A pair of boots never failed to boost their confidence level.

Well, basically it’s all about trend and that’s where the hype is. Also, who does not love evolution and some major changes in style that boost up your mood? It is all about an awesome fit that we can not stop obsessing over.


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