Sephora Play Box vs IPSY: Difference and Comparison

Beauty subscription boxes were not quite a niche concept before. However, over the years, it gained major popularity, and now it is essential for many. Sephora and IPSY are two such successful retailers exceed in this particular business.

They are not only affordable but are a great choice for beauty lovers. It lets us discover various new launches and let us decide what’s best for our skin. Both of them are very popular and two of the most branded companies.

Let’s dive in to discover some more interesting features.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sephora Play Box features samples from high-end beauty brands in Sephora stores, while Ipsy offers a mix of popular and emerging beauty brands.
  2. Sephora Play Box subscribers receive five deluxe samples and a bonus beauty item, while Ipsy subscribers get five personalized beauty products in a stylish makeup bag.
  3. Ipsy focuses on personalization through a beauty quiz and user feedback, while Sephora Play Box emphasizes brand recognition and curation by Sephora experts.

Sephora Play Box vs IPSY

Sephora playbox is a beauty subscription box that contains 6 products in a sample size at an affordable rate of $10 per month. It ships all over the US. Ipsy is a beauty subscription box that contains 5 makeup products at a rate of $12 per month. It ships all over Canada and the USA.

Sephora Play Box vs IPSY

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Sephora Play Box was launched in the year 2015 and ships widely throughout the US. The item varies from month to month; hence customers remain curious and excited.

It hardly disappoints people since the products are selected according to the user’s preferences. The box is received every month with new or shuffled products which are of guaranteed high quality.

It ships products throughout the United States, gaining trust and popularity every day.

IPSY is yet another beauty subscription box, and the brand was co-founded by Michelle Phan and Marcelo Camberos. They were well-known beauty bloggers on youtube. It is yet another beauty subscription box that comes in $12 per month.

It is more of a glam bag than a box. The subscription is available widely in Canada and the US. Every month it makes sure to deliver the product to the doorstep without any inconvenience.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora Play BoxIPSY
SubscriptionThe Sephora Play subscription box costs $10 per monthThe IPSY subscription box costs $12 per month
Type of productsThe box contains high-quality and very well-known beauty products.The box contains a variety of products from various brands in different months.
 Choice Box, the sample sizes are quite small as compared to IPSY.IPSY box contains a full-sized version of the products.
Launching yearSephora Play box was first launched in the year 2015.IPSY box was first launched in the year 2011.
ProductsThe monthly subscription box contains five products, that are selected according to the preferences.The monthly subscription box contains six products that are selected according to the preferences. Also, customers get an opportunity to choose one of the products every month.

What is Sephora Play Box?

Sephora launched the play box for the first time in the year 2015. it is priced at $10. The box comprises an attractive range of samples containing skincare and other essentials.

It lets us try a variety of beauty products every month. The box subscription makes it affordable otherwise, it is costly to get individual products. In this way, we get to explore a great range.

A great thing about the subscription is that it sends personalised products to match our preferences. It contains six samples in total, ranging from skincare, haircare, fragrances, cosmetics, and other beauty products.

Sephora stocks high-end brands. Besides its private label, it contains products from hundreds of other brands. Although the monthly subscription is pretty affordable, they always prioritize quality.

It makes sure to serve us with top-quality products. Most of the brands are well-known and easily available in the market if we further buy them.

Despite so many upcoming subscription boxes, only a few can compete with Sephora. This is mainly because of the affordable price range in which it comes. It thus makes the monthly subscription box handy and friendly too.

What is IPSY?

IPSY launched the beauty box for the first time in the year 2011. It has a great way to start interacting with their customers with the help of a quiz.

This, in turn, helps to get familiar with their preferences, including skin type, hair colour, beauty preferences, and multiple other details.

It comes in a handy, cute bag every month, containing four to five beauty products. It includes makeup, skincare, perfume, skincare, and a few other categories. The products for each bag are selected according to the customer’s preference.

One of the great advantages of this box is that every month the customer is allowed to select one product of their choice. This is such a treat for beauty lovers.

Also, each month a perfume is fixed. However, they shuffle the brand or fragrance every month, thus making the customers yet more excited.

Other than that, it helps you keep up with the newest launches. It not only restricts itself to popular brands but also opens the door for new products for you to discover as well as explore. This must be another great advantage of it.

Main Differences Between Sephora Play Box and IPSY

  1. The most visible difference between Sephora Play Box and IPSY is the price. Sephora Play comes at $10 per month, which is believed to be pretty much affordable. In contrast, IPSY comes at $12 per month, which is comparatively higher.
  2. The Sephora Play Box was first launched in 2015. The IPSY play box was first launched in 2011.
  3. Sephora Play Box contains five products according to the preference of the user. IPSY contains six products in its glam bag, out of which one can be chosen by the user every month. Also, one of the fixed products in IPSY is perfume, with different brands each month. They come in small samples.
  4. The PlayBox by Sephora is widely shipped in the US, whereas ISSY is available throughout Canada as well as the US.
  5. Sephora Play Box focuses on the quality of the products. They pick product samples from the most popular brands which are famous worldwide. They never compromise on quality, which is one reason why it is such a trusted brand. However, the IPSY box serves as a great way to explore new launches. It fills the box with exciting new brands which beauty lovers would love to discover.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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