Difference Between Sealed and Ported Box (With Table)

The presence of rich bass from a car audio system is to adds a subwoofer to the sound frame. A subwoofer will enormously broaden your sound framework’s bass reaction created by your current speakers and further develops your music listening experience, regardless of the sort of music you are playing.

Sealed vs Ported Box

The difference between Sealed and Ported boxes is that Sealed subwoofers provide gentler and more predictable bass attenuation than port subwoofers. Due to the port, the working principle of the port subwoofer is not as good as the fixed subwoofer. A ported subwoofer contains a woofer and at least one port that allows air to escape from the container.

The Sealed box is an impenetrable corner where the subwoofer is placed. The fixed box is most suitable for music that requires compact and precise bass. The expected level response is a deep bass extension, as well as strong power care. Since a fixed fenced-in area will require more force than a ported box, use an enhancer with adequate wattage for ideal execution.

Ported boxes can convey more bass than fixed boxes, however, they should be a lot bigger than fixed nooks to achieve that. To support low bass reaction ported boxes will use a vent (called a port). Some people prefer the sound of rock, heavy metal, or any hard music ported box.

Comparison Table Between Sealed and Ported Box

Parameters of ComparisonSealedPorted Box
Sound QualityThe sound of the sealed subwoofer is more compact and clearer and is often selected for basic music tuning in the audiophile frame.Ported speakers can play louder and lower, and the larger cabinet volume has a lot to do with this.
CabinetThe sealed speaker cabinet has a completely closed cabinet (no opening), which only allows the speaker to emit sound.The ported speaker cabinet has an opening (or multiple openings) in the speaker cabinet and is equipped with a cylinder to balance the strain between the inside and outside of the speaker.
BassSealed speakers have more compact and expressive bass and require more amplifier power. The Bass playback is fresh and accurate.Ported speakers will deliver stronger, regular, and more efficient basses.
SizeSealed speakers are smaller.Ported speakers are larger than sealed speakers.
SuitableThey are not suitable for large rooms but are suitable for small rooms.The ported subwoofer is most suitable for use in larger rooms, which can be loaded with noisy bass.

What is Sealed Box?

The sealed speaker has a completely enclosed box (no opening) and only allows the speaker to emit sound. The back energy from the pneumatic stress is caught inside the crate and dispersed as warmth, filling in as a safeguard that balances the driver’s to and fro movement. The general size of the sealed speaker cabinet is more moderate, so more capacity is needed to move the woofer and handle low frequencies.

Sealed enclosure otherwise called acoustic suspension enclosure which is the well-known speaker box. The air doesn’t get away since the enclosures are sealed. The forward wave moves outwards the room whereas the backward wave moves into the container. Now when the driver gets in, the inner force gets changed continuously since there is no way for the air to get away. During this time the tension gets expanded and once when the driver gets out it gets discarded.

There is a difference in pressure been created between the crate’s air and the fresh air because of the two developments. air in the crate and the fresh air. The air will reliably move to try and out pressure levels, so the driver is ceaselessly being pushed toward its ideal state.

What is Ported Box ?

Ported speakers with holes have an opening (or multiple openings) on the speaker box, and a cylinder is installed inside to adjust the tension between the inside and outside of the speaker. As the drivers move to and fro, gaseous tension is ameliorated and piped through the port opening, permitting wireless transmissions to travel uninhibitedly and at this point don’t go about as a safeguard.

The larger size and greater airflow opportunities allow lower frequencies to be produced without a lot of amplifiers power, resulting in a deep and rumbling bass. The sound returning from the cone and the sound from the front of the port rail fully expand the bass production in this way. In this way, you can run the subwoofer with or without small speakers and still get extraordinary results. As well, this port goes about as a line organ.

It cooperates with the woofer to produce more bass, and at the same time provides more development opportunities for the cone without using any processor or equalizer. One more incredible advantage of this port is that it assists with delaying the life expectancy of your sub by giving a satisfying wind current that gives a cool climate.

Main Differences Between Sealed and Ported Box

  1. The sound quality of a sealed box is of high quality but has a lighter bass whereas the ported box produces heartpounding sound though it has less force input. 
  2. Gentler bass roll-off is supported in Sealed boxes whereas Ported boxes has faster roll-off bass which inturn helps in getting low bass frequency with the colossal woofer.
  3. The sealed offers a 3D square-like plan that mixes all the more effectively into listening rooms with less visual effect and floor space required while the Ported subwoofers permit them to play marginally more profound and stronger, more than that, gives them a greater impression and presence in the room.
  4. Sealed Speakers are not suitable for theatrical layouts whereas ported speakers are best suited for theatrical setup.
  5. The sealed speaker has a completely enclosed cabinet (no opening), which only allows the speaker to transmit sound whereas ported cabinet has an opening (or multiple openings) in the speaker cabinet and is equipped with a cylinder to balance the tension between the inside and outside of the speaker.


One of the famous things is that there are incredible transplants and fixed submarines, and terrible transplants and fixed submarines. Yet, suppose we are purchasing a subwoofer from an amazing brand, one that is known for creating top-notch items, by the day’s end, everything boils down to the size of the room one will play their subwoofer in. In the end, both types can convey perfect bass and improve the overall sound characteristics of the speaker. All we need is to ensure the given subwoofer is well-equipped for meeting every one of your prerequisites since, in such a case that the necessities and the subwoofer’s capacity to perform aren’t adjusted, then one won’t ever be happy with the buy.


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