Difference Between Sephora Play and Allure Box

Makeup is usually applied by a broad set of people on a regular basis. It serves several functions. However, cosmetics may be costly at times.


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Signing up for monthly subscription boxes is a fantastic way to save money on cosmetics all year long. Sephora Play and the Allure Beauty Box are two of the most popular beauty subscription boxes on the market. 

Sephora Play vs Allure Box 

The difference between Sephora Play and Allure Box is that Sephora is a less expensive option and only consists of sample sizes of the products that are included, whereas Allure Box is the slightly more expensive option and consists of full-sized and sample-sized products, both. 

Sephora Play vs Allure Box

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Sephora Play is a less expensive monthly beauty subscription box that includes 5-6 samples of makeup, beauty, skincare, haircare, and a scented/perfume sample.

All of the samples in the Sephora Play box are from luxury brands that can be purchased in Sephora. All of the goods in your Sephora Play box are always in sample size. 

On the other hand, Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends out both full-sized and sample-sized goods, with each box guaranteeing a value of more than $50.

It includes 5-6 samples of cosmetics, beauty, skincare, haircare, and nail care.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Sephora Play Allure Box 
Price Less expensive More expensive 
Extra Product A scented perfume is provided along with the makeup samples. Nail care products are provided with makeup samples. 
Size of Products All of the items in the Sephora Play box are always in sample size. Allure sends both full-sized and sample-sized items. 
Minimum Value of Products They guarantee that every box will contain items worth more. They guarantee that every box will contain items worth less in comparison. 
Number of Products Usually less Usually more 

What is Sephora Play? 

Sephora‚Äės PLAY! is a monthly beauty and cosmetics subscription service that provides you with a combination of six samples,

including products catering to cosmetics, haircare, skincare, perfumes, and other beauty goods each month, as well as a PLAY! BOOK with beauty tips and tricks. 

All of the goods in your Sephora Play box are always in sample size. There is no information about Sephora providing a minimum value in every package. 

Sephora Play Box is considerably affordable with free delivery. (Ships solely to the United States.) It is one of the greatest low-cost subscription boxes, and buyers are constantly pleased with the value they receive.

Each month, Sephora Play Box promises great quality samples for you to try out. Each box contains samples of cosmetics, haircare, skincare, and scents similar to those found at a Sephora store.

Here are some of the brands that have recently appeared in the box:

Makeup Forever, Supergoop, Tatcha, Urban Decay, Tarte, Amika, Dr. Jart, Clinique, Laneige, Moroccan Oil, and a slew of other brands are available. 

You’ll also receive a bonus gift: a resealable, reusable plastic travel bag (the design changes monthly!)

A book of recommendations and information on your new cosmetics, access to unique online material such as beauty films, and a Play! Card‚ÄĒa pass redeemable for in-store activities

and 50 Beauty Insider points in-store or online‚ÄĒare all included in addition to the 5 monthly beauty samples.¬†

What is Allure Box? 

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box that includes 5-6 samples of cosmetics, beauty, skincare, haircare, and nail care.

Allure sends out both full-sized and sample-sized goods, with each box guaranteeing a value of more than its face value.

The Allure Beauty box is usually transported in a separate container, so when you open that container, you will find this renowned red box within.

The Allure Beauty box itself is a robust, strong cardboard box that is completely reusable. Every Allure Beauty box includes a tiny booklet/magazine as part of the subscription. 

Each month, you’ll receive 6+ Allure-approved cosmetics and skincare options delivered to your door. Only expert-approved goods hand-selected by Allure editors are included, as are 6 or more items (at least 3 FULL-SIZE).

New members also get an extra gift in the box.

For just a little bit every month, Allure Beauty Box delivers 5 luxury items. Each month’s box is curated by the Allure Beauty Box team, which mix and match the luxury and independent brands.

Every Allure Beauty Box includes a tiny magazine with instructions on how to use each product as well as an occasional extra goodie. Each package contains goods that have been tried and tested to ensure your complete pleasure.  

Every month, Allure Beauty Boxes ship by the third week. You will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your box arrives, allowing you to follow your Allure Beauty Box every step of the way. 

Main Differences Between Sephora Play and Allure Box 

  1. The price of Sephora Play is less expensive than the price Allure box. 
  2. In Sephora Play, you get a scented product as an extra product along with the makeup sample. In Allure Box, you get nail care products as extra products with makeup samples. 
  3. Sephora Play box consists of only sample sizes of products. On the other hand, Allure Box contains a mix of both sample sizes and full sizes of products. 
  4. The minimum value of products in Sephora play is more, and the minimum value of products in Allure Box is lesser in comparison. 
  5. Sephora Play box tends to contain a lesser number of products when compared to the Allure box that contains more. 
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