Difference Between Sephora and Victoria’s Secret (With Table)

Sephora and Victoria’s Secret are driving the way in winning the warm gestures of youthful shoppers, as indicated by another review breaking down the prominence of brands. Specialists tracked down a critical factor in the brands’ prosperity was their computerized presence. By and large, 33% of shopping was led on the web, 35% for ladies, and 42% for men. Buyers referred to effectiveness, speed, and accommodation as the fundamental components in choosing their number one site for shopping.

Sephora vs Victoria’s Secret

The difference between Sephora and Victoria’s Secret is that the star product line of Sephora is its makeup products while Victoria’s Secret is known for its innerwear for women.

Sephora is a French worldwide retailer of beauty and personal care items. Highlighting almost 3,000 brands, alongside its own private mark, Sephora Collection, Sephora offers excellent items including beauty care products, skincare, body, scent, nail tone, magnificence instruments, body creams, and hair care. The organization was established in Limoges in 1970 and is at present situated in Paris. Sephora is claimed by extravagance combination LVMH starting in 1997.

Victoria’s Secret is American clothing, lingerie, and beauty retailer known for high permeability showcasing and marking, beginning with a famous inventory and followed by a yearly style show with supermodels named Angels. As the biggest retailer of underwear in the United States, the brand has battled since 2016 because of moving shopper inclinations and progressing discussion encompassing corporate initiative’s strategic approaches.

Comparison Table Between Sephora and Victoria’s Secret

Parameters of ComparisonSephoraVictoria’s Secret
Brand CategorySephora is a beauty and personal care brand.Victoria’s Secret is clothing, lingerie, and beauty brand.
Target MarketSephora’s target Market is young millennials who are unimaginably technically knowledgeable, not explicitly faithful to any one brand, and continually keeping watch for the following excellence thing that is extremely popular.Victoria’s Secret target Market is upper-middle and high-income groups of women with a strong sense of self-love.
Growth RateSephora’s average growth rate for the past years has been 22%.Victoria’s Secret growth rate for the past years has been 18%.
Sales RevenueSephora’s global net sales in the past year was 5.9 billion U.S. dollars. Victoria’s Secret’s global net sales in the past year was 5.4 billion U.S. dollars.
Core ValueSephora’s basic beliefs of revelation, fun and valiant experimentation reignite the sparkle for excellence sweethearts and draw in inquisitive newbies.Victoria’s Secret’s core value includes “the client rules, enthusiasm drives achievement, consideration makes us more grounded, it makes a difference how we play the game.”

What is Sephora?

Sephora is a French-based worldwide retailer of beauty and personal care products. The organization was established in Limoges in 1970 and is right now situated in Paris Sephora is claimed by extravagance aggregate LVMH starting in 1997. The name Sephora comes from the Greek word of Zipporah, meaning the spouse of Moses.

Sephora was first dispatched in Paris in August 1970. It was obtained by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1993, who blended the buy with his own fragrance chain under the Sephora brand. Mandonnaud is credited for planning and executing Sephora’s “helped self-administration” deals insight, which isolated itself from standard retail models for beauty care products by empowering clients to test items in retail stores prior to buying.

Sephora dispatched its online store in the U.S. in 1999 and in Canada in 2003. The Canadian regulatory focus was opened in February 2007 by Marie-Christine, a past Sephora U.S. furthermore, Sephora France representative. Marie-Christine Marchives got back to France in July 2010 to turn into the head supervisor of Sephora France. She was supplanted in Canada by Klaus Ryum-Larsen. Sephora right now works more than 2,300 stores in 33 nations around the world, producing more than an expected $4 billion in income starting in 2013. As of September 2013, the Sephora at Champs Élysées in Paris, France, draws in more than 6,000,000 individuals every year.

What is Victoria’s Secret?

Since the last part of the 1990s, Victoria’s Secret has been one of the most amazing known and most discussed brands in the nation – progressively, not in manners that it may expect. It has played an amazing part in characterizing what attractive is in the present day using its suggestive unmentionables and runway shows. In its prime, these empowered the organization to accomplish blockbuster deals and arrive at worldwide status. 

Regardless of whether you were searching for something to wear to bed or something to wear to the seashore, Victoria’s Secret has everything. Victoria’s Secret is continually coming out with new items. They have no less than ten distinct assortments of bras – each presented at various occasions. This is brilliant because it causes the store to appear to be new every time the purchaser strolls in. With regards to excellence, they are continually coming out with new scents, cosmetics lines, creams, and hair items. Each spring they likewise come out with another index of swimsuits for the forthcoming summer. 

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has turned into an American custom. It is an absolute necessity watch show for young ladies from one side of the planet to the other. 66% of the survey crowd are indeed ladies, so it is nothing unexpected that the models are picked dependent on their enticement for ladies, not men. The show is planned with models that seem beguiling, rational, and appealing to the normal female crowd.

Main Differences Between Sephora and Victoria’s Secret

  1. Sephora is mainly a beauty bread where as Victoria’s Secret is mainly a lingerie brand.
  2. Sephora targets young millennials while Victoria’s Secret targets women from 24-40 years of age.
  3. Sephora had a growth percentage of 22% while Victoria’s Secret had a growth percentage of 18%.
  4. Sephora’s sales revenue is of 5.9 billion dollars while Victoria’s Secret has a sales revenue of 5.4 billoin dollars.
  5. Sephora is a French retail where as Victoria’s Secret is an American retail line.


Extravagance brands are not known for permitting buyers to direct patterns and brand drives. They’ve had long-standing arrangements of scattering their publication perspective through conventional channels and utilizing optimistic symbolism to provoke nonsensical interest. 

Sephora would not like to give its clients that unapproachable impression. All things considered, it has embraced a system of legitimate and open two-way discussion. The significance and responsibility behind Sephora’s slogan, “We should magnificence together,” penetrates across its advertising and takes care of large in client dedication.

Victoria’s Secret has shown steady development in its quarterly deals for more than two years now. almost 100% of its 3000 functional stores are cash positive and the forte retailers’ stocks have developed by more than 20% over the most recent year. Victoria’s Secret’s homegrown deals add to practically 70% of L Brands’ incomes.


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