Sephora Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Difference and Comparison

Sephora is a French brand that began in 1997. It is known for making and selling a wide range of make-up (cosmetics, nails, body lotions, body serums, and perfumes) and personal care goods.

It offers two budget-friendly and enticing discounts for its shoppers named Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So, every customer can purchase branded products on a budget. Both the offers last for three days each after the Thanksgiving day of the USA. Moreover, both the colloquial are traditionally derived in the USA to benefit shoppers to avail branded products.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sephora’s Black Friday sale occurs in-store and online, featuring significant discounts on various beauty products, while Cyber Monday deals are exclusively available online.
  2. Cyber Monday sales extend for a week, providing more time to shop than the shorter Black Friday event.
  3. Sephora’s Black Friday sale attracts larger crowds, leading to limited stock availability, while Cyber Monday offers a more relaxed shopping experience.

Sephora Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

The difference between Sephora Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that Sephora Black Friday is a Friday shopping event hosted by Sephora. On the other hand, Cyber Monday is a shopping offer offered after Monday. Moreover, the black Friday offer is to purchase luxurious and huge products. Cyber Monday, however, is for purchasing small technological equipment and gadgets.

Sephora Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

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Sephora Black Friday is a discount deal presented by Sephora that starts on Friday till Sunday (for three days). This sale occurs once a year in November to aid the shoppers in purchasing their favorite stuff.

Traditionally, the Black Friday term is associated with the shopping days after Thanksgiving day in America.

Sephora Cyber Monday is also a discount offer for purchasing small products from Sephora. Traditionally, this term was announced by the businesswomen Ellen Davis to promote online shopping among Americans.

This sale offer starts from the fifth Monday in November after American thanksgiving day (after the three-day Black Friday sale).

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora Black FridaySephora Cyber Monday
Type of Shopping OfferSephora Black Friday is a shopping offer to purchase at physical stores.Sephora Cyber Monday is an online shopping offer.
Item Available Under the Black Friday sale, one can purchase expensive items at a bargain.Small household or tech appliances are included under the Cyber Monday offer.
TimingsThis sale offer starts in the early morning on Friday till late at night for three consecutive days.It starts on Monday at midnight for three days.
ManagementTo accommodate crowds in the Sephora store on Black Friday, extra management is essential.Only online management is required to handle customers.
StartsSephora Black Friday starts on Friday during the Thanksgiving holiday week.Sephora Cyber Monday commences on Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday week.

What is Sephora Black Friday?

In 2005, the phrase “Black Friday” was first used in the context of shopping. It is linked to discounted in-store shopping starting on Friday in November’s fourth week.

Furthermore, in the past, shoppers opposed the name, Black Friday since the term black is associated with evil.

Shoppers demanded to convert Black Friday into Big Friday. However, it did not happen. Over the last several years, Sephora adopted this concept of Black Friday to attract customers.

Black Friday is a sale offer that Sephora provides once a year on Friday which appears after Thanksgiving day.

Shoppers in several countries can take advantage of this special deal in nearby Sephora physical stores from Friday till Sunday. The management of Sephora unveils the offers on the luxurious products before starting the deal.

Shoppers can add their pricey and favorite products to their bucket list to buy from Sephora’s stores beforehand.

Furthermore, this is a remarkably convenient and inexpensive option for customers because they can physically visit the stores to compare products and buy just after they are satisfied.

Several skilled salespeople are also available inside the stores to assist consumers by verbally imparting the necessary information about the latest items and their benefits at a reduced price.

black friday

What is Sephora Cyber Monday?

An American female businesswoman coined the term “Cyber Monday” in the United States to encourage Americans to shop online.

Many emerging e-commerce sites started giving heavy discounts on products after American Thanksgiving day on Monday on online products.

Cyber Monday is somewhat similar to Black Friday in terms of shopping. However, this concept became more popular because shopping websites offered a sale on daily utility products to shoppers.

Like many brands, Saphora too included Cyber Monday as an offer deal for the shoppers to purchase the products online after including Black Friday. Due to technological advancements, online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years.

So, Sephora Cyber Monday became very successful than Black Friday. Shoppers can purchase electronic items such as hairdryers, trimmers, many others at a discounted price under this sale in November at Monday midnight.

Sephora Cyber Monday is beneficial for both Sephora and shoppers because many people shop a wide range of Sephora products without going to stores. Deals of Cyber Monday are also unveiled beforehand.

Once the offer days arrive, customers can add desired discounted products to their cart and immediately begin purchasing online using different methods (cash on delivery, credit card payment, online payment application).

cyber monday 1

Main Differences Between Sephora Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. Sephora Black Friday allows shoppers to shop at a bargain in stores. However, Cyber Monday includes online shopping deals at Sephora.
  2. Sephora Black Friday starts on the fourth Friday of November. On the other hand, the Cyber Monday deal starts on the fifth Monday of November.
  3. Sephora Black Friday discount offer is on the expensive and big items. On the contrary, the Cyber Monday discount offer covers utility items.
  4. Sephora Black Friday deal’s popularity is less than the Cyber Monday deal due to the trend of online shopping.
  5. In comparison to the Sephora Cyber Monday sale, a larger management team is necessary while the Sephora Black Friday sale is happening.
Difference Between Sephora Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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