Difference Between Black Friday and Good Friday

Black Friday announces the start of the Christmas shopping season and Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of humanity.

Good Friday is a term used to honor the good that Jesus Christ did by his noble sacrifice and how he saved humanity from the burden of his sins whereas Black Friday is a day where people celebrate the onset of Christmas and buy gifts for their loved ones.

Black Friday vs Good Friday

The main difference between Black Friday and Good Friday is that Good Friday is a religious holiday symbolizing the day Jesus Christ was crucified and Black Friday is a sales event where stores offer massive discounts at the onset of the Christmas season.

Black Friday vs Good Friday

Black Friday refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving day and it is the day that begins the shopping season for Christmas. There are various types of sales and promotional events and it has been reported to be the busiest day for shopping.

Good Friday is a Christian holiday dedicated to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is observed to honor the death of Jesus Christ who, in the Christian religion, gave his life for the sins of humanity. It is on the Friday before Easter.

Comparison Table Between Black Friday and Good Friday

Parameters of ComparisonBlack FridayGood Friday
Meaning It is a shopping event with deals and discounts to promote shopping.It is a religious holiday to commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
EtymologyCalled Black Friday because retailers used Black ink to show profits of the shopping season.It is called Good Friday because it represents the Good Jesus did in making his own sacrifice.
DateIt is on the Friday after Thanksgiving day.It is on the Friday before Thanksgiving day.
HistoryThe term was first used in 1951 after workers called in sick after Thanksgiving.The term has always existed in the Christian religion.
Holiday StatusIt is a holiday in 22 states of the United States of America.It is a holiday in 12 states of the United States of America.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday refers to the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day in the US. This day ends the thanksgiving season and marks the start of the Christmas season.

Black Friday is very widely known as a day when retailers-both online and offline offer great discounts and deals on their products to encourage more shopping. Since 2005, it has been the busiest day for shopping in the United States.

Some sales that begin on this Friday continue until Monday and that Monday is called Cyber Monday and because of its name a lot of technical products launch and go on sale that day.

Black Fridays name cannot be pinpointed to a specific date, it is a term that has evolved and adapted to common use since it was first officially used in 1951 in the journal, ”Factory Management and Maintenance” and referred it to the practice of factory workers of calling in sick and skipping work after Thanksgiving day so that they could enjoy a 4-day weekend.

Black Friday has adapted well into the modern online culture and all over the world and online stores host black Friday deals to attract more customers- A strategy that has worked well.

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ who was crucified on this day for the sins of humanity. It is observed on the Friday immediately before Easter.

Good Friday also symbolizes the victory over death, since Jesus Christ was resurrected on Easter day and became the savior of mankind.

The term is heavily debated to have been misguided from the original term “God’s Friday” where all that God had promised in the Bible came to reality and Jesus Christ became humanity’s greatest gift but it can’t be proven.

Most believe it is called Good Friday because it represents the end of all evil and leads to the rebirth of Jesus- A victory over all sins and evil forces.

It is a day of grief and fasting for the Christians as they mourn for the death of their savior.

Although its etymology and way of celebration have changed a lot depending on the age in which the world exists, its core values have always remained the same.

People all over the world come together on this day with their various customs to end sins and help each other, to make the world a better place.

Main Differences Between Black Friday and Good Friday

  1. Black Friday is a shopping event and is open to everyone whereas Good Friday has a religious importance only to the Christian community.
  2. On Black Friday, people shop for Christmas gifts and celebrate whereas Good Friday is a day of grief for believers.
  3. The words have a different origin. Good Friday is arguably derived from God’s Friday where God’s will came to fruition (According to Christian beliefs) and the term Black Friday was coined in the 1950’s.
  4. Good Friday is agreed to be on the Friday preceding Easter and Black Friday is on the Friday succeeding Thanksgiving.
  5. Black Friday is a global shopping event whereas Good Friday is still localised to the US and regions with a Christian Majority.
Difference Between Black Friday and Good Friday


Good Friday and Black Friday originate from different cultures and beliefs. Black Friday is a profit-making event and a time to be merry and buy gifts for your family and loved ones whereas Good Friday commemorates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity.

It is a day to remember and honor a great sacrifice in Christian mythology.

The terms are very different and opposite in meaning- Good Friday being a sad occasion and Black Friday being a merry day for shopping and splurging on happiness.


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