Black vs Jet Black: Difference and Comparison

Colors are said to be based on three particular characteristics: their hue, saturation, and light. They are also comprised of three main colors red, green and blue.

The absence of all such color is what we know as the color black. It is the complete absence of light.

Key Takeaways

  1. Black is a color that absorbs all visible wavelengths of light, appearing as a dark shade commonly used in clothing, art, and design.
  2. Jet black is a term used to describe an intense, deep, and glossy black color, associated with polished gemstones such as jet, a type of lignite coal used in jewelry.
  3. The difference between black and jet black lies in the depth and glossiness of the color. Jet black has a more intense, polished appearance compared to standard black.

Black vs Jet Black

The difference between Black and jet black is that black is a general color of no light or color whereas Jet black is the darkest shade of black with an undertone or in other words is a more descriptive and stronger black.

Black vs Jet black


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBlackJet Black
HSL value (Hue, Saturation, Light)0° hue, 0% saturation, 0% light.225° hue, 3% saturation, 27% lightness.
RGB value (Red, Green, Blue)0° hue, 0% saturation, 0% light.26.67% red, 27.06% green, 28.24% blue.
Wavelength477.19 nm.474.23 nm.
DerivationDerived from blæc, blakkazbhleg, bhleg, which mean dark, burned, shine, respectively.Lignite stone called Jet.
UsageGeneral with less intensity.Specific with more intensity.


What is Black?

Black, which is said to be the darkest color in the color spectrum, absorbs all light rays that are incident upon it. The world black is derived from Derived from blæc, blakkazbhleg, bhleg, which mean dark, burned, shine respectively.

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The color black is seen as a color of great aesthetic value. Most people prefer black items as it has the capability of maintaining a simple yet effortlessly classy design.

In the science of Feng shui, it invokes power and maintains calmness and serenity. In certain cultures and traditions black is said to be unlucky or associated with negative feelings.

In general, black ranges from light to dark but irrespective the name used is still just black It is said to be a universal color.

black 2

What is Jet Black?

Jet black is the darkest shade of black. It is derived from the semi-precious mineraloid lignite called jet.

Due to the weight of the wood, it sinks to the bottom where it then over time gets covered in organic sediments. This is then degraded and heated separately to form what we know as Jet.

Jet does not form in a seam. Instead, it forms when an individual piece of woody material such as a tree branch is washed into a body of water.

This material then becomes waterlogged, sinks to the bottom and is covered by organic-rich sediment. It is then compacted, degraded, and heated in isolation.

Jet black is the preferred color for mobile phones and technological appliances due to its bright sheen and finish.

When referring to the deepest black instead of saying dark black, the term used is jet black. The term is very commonly used in many ways such as “As black as jet”, “ it was jet black”.

jet black 1

Main Differences Between Black and Jet Black

  1. Black is the general color which absorbs all light and has a wide range whereas jet black is specifically the darkest shade of black.
  2. In hair color, black is caused by the abundance of a type of melanin called eumelanin but Jet black is categorized as a mix of black or dark brown with a metallic finish.
  3. Jet black is used when talking about a unique color. There is only one Jet black, but black has multiple variations.
  4. Our hair is naturally black and doesn’t fade, but jet black hair can be achieved by artifice and would require retouches.
  5. Black has a hexadecimal value of #000000 whereas Jet black has a hexadecimal value of #0A0A0A.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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