Black Mustard Seed vs Yellow Mustard Seed: Difference and Comparison

Mustard seeds are tiny spherical seeds that grow on various mustard plants. These seeds are 1 to 2 millimetres in diameter and can range in colour from yellow, white, or black.

Black mustard seeds and yellow mustard seeds are both multipurpose spices that may be used to add tanginess and richness to your meal. They are alike in some aspects, yet they also have substantial variances.

Key Takeaways

  1. Black mustard seeds have a stronger and more intense flavor than yellow mustard seeds’ milder taste.
  2. Yellow mustard seeds are larger and less dense than black ones, making them easier to grind into powder.
  3. Black mustard seeds have a higher oil content and are used for oil extraction, while yellow mustard seeds are commonly used in condiments and pickling.

Black Mustard Seed vs Yellow Mustard Seed

The difference between black mustard seeds and yellow mustard seeds is that the outside of black mustard seeds is significantly darker. They are not, in fact, black. Their hue is dark brown with a crimson tint, whereas yellow mustard seeds are either yellow or white.

Black Mustard Seed vs Yellow Mustard Seed

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Black mustard seeds have a befitting reputation for their strong fiery scent and taste, and they are a popular component in Indian cuisine. The aroma of black mustard is stronger than that of brown mustard, and it is difficult to find these days.

They must be selected by hand, making the cultivation more labour-intensive and costly. Yellow mustard seeds are commonly used to season lentils and other Indian dishes.

They are yellow in colour and have a moderate texture and aroma. These seeds can be coarsely ground to produce a cloud of smooth dust or mashed and toasted to make aromatic and flavourful dishes.

In the industry, yellow mustard seeds come in a range of hues which are used for several purposes.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlack Mustard SeedYellow Mustard Seed
OriginBlack mustard seed originated from the Middle EastYellow mustard seed originated from the East Mediterranean region.
Size and shapeThey are smaller than a yellow mustard seed and are roundThey are round in shape and a little bigger in size than black ones.
ColourDark brown to black in colour Yellow or white in colour
TasteBlack mustard seed has a powerful pungent tasteYellow mustard seed has a moderate taste.
UsageUsed in nearly all meals since it adds a strong flavour.Commonly used for hot dogs, sandwiches, and hamburgers, among other things.


What is Black Mustard Seed?

Black mustard seeds are said to have originated from the Middle East; however, they are now primarily utilized in India. While mustard traces back to Ancient Egypt, the Romans invented the processed form.

They crushed mustard seeds and then mixed these with wine to produce a mixture akin to the ready mustard we consume presently. It is said that the spicier and even more delicious the mustard seed, the darker it is.

Although the black mustard seed is regarded as highly spicy when compared to other varieties of mustard, when roasted or cooked, it sweetens and thus becomes milder. When producing crushed mustard, black mustard can be combined with white mustard.

In Southern India, they have paired with green hot peppers as well as curry leaves. Due to their antibacterial qualities, black mustard seeds are used in pickles and chutneys.

Black mustard seeds are high in dietary fibre, which is beneficial to both colon and cardiovascular endurance. The fibre in them not only helps to prevent digestive problems, but it can also assist in avoiding massive cholesterol.

Because of its advantages for your blood cholesterol level, it may be useful in reducing heart disease and attacks.

black mustard seed

What is Yellow Mustard Seed?

Yellow mustard seeds are quite known as white mustard seeds. They are somewhat bigger than black and brown mustard seeds.

They originate from the Sinapsis alba type of mustard. The seeds that have been used to create American yellow mustard are yellow mustard seeds.

Yellow mustard seeds have always had the strong, acidic flavour of other mustard types but none of the heat. When consumed raw, the flavour characteristic of yellow mustard seeds is scarcely discernible; when roasted, they emerge fragrantly.

Yellow mustard seeds are available in two forms: whole and powdered. Depending on your preferences, both have distinct culinary applications during cooking.

They are particularly bred to be used in the preparation of homegrown mustard condiments by combining one another with wine, vinegar, or water. They are known to be rich in dietary fibre, proteins, calcium, and iron while including a significant amount of selenium and omega-3 fats.

Yellow mustard seeds can benefit patients with high or low blood pressure due to the various nutrients it possesses, like magnesium. It also aids in the restoration of a healthy sleep schedule in women experiencing menopausal symptoms.

They are extremely beneficial in reducing the frequency of migraines, as well as protecting patients against heart problems, particularly those struggling with diabetes, heart problems, or atherosclerosis.

yellow mustard seed

Main Differences Between Black Mustard Seed And Yellow Mustard Seed

  1. The origins of black mustard seeds may be traced back to the Middle East. In contrast, yellow mustard seeds may be followed back to the East Mediterranean area. 
  2. Black mustard seeds are smaller and rounder than yellow mustard seeds, while they are relatively bigger in size.
  3. Black mustard seeds are black or dark brown in colour; meanwhile, yellow mustard seeds are either white or yellow.
  4. Black mustard seed has a strong, pungent flavour, whereas yellow mustard has a moderate flavour.
  5. In Asia, particularly India, black mustard seeds are frequently utilised. In contrast, yellow mustard seeds are popular in the United States.
Difference Between Black Mustard Seed And Yellow Mustard Seed

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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