Zonal vs Seed Geraniums: Difference and Comparison

Zonal and Seed Geraniums share many of the same traits. They can grow to different sizes, colours, and textures, and even develop new varieties. Both of these geraniums are good for one’s garden though the difference is mainly based on the choice of one and their garden’s plants.

Below are some key differences between these two varieties.

Key Takeaways

  1. Zonal geraniums have rounded leaves with a distinct dark zone; seed geraniums have smaller, more delicate leaves.
  2. Zonal geraniums produce larger, showier flowers; seed geraniums display smaller, more numerous blooms.
  3. Zonal geraniums propagate through cuttings; seed geraniums grow from seeds.

Zonal vs Seed Geraniums

The difference between zonal and seed geraniums is how they are propagated. Zonal geraniums are propagated from cuttings. Seed geraniums are grown from seeds. Also, zonal geraniums produce more giant flowers and leaves than seed variations.

Zonal vs Seed Geraniums

Zonal geraniums got their name because of the dark zone surface on their leaves. These dark zone patterns look purplish-bronze or dark green.

These marks are circular. The leaves of them are pretty different; they are round or kidney-shaped. Cuttings are used in zonal geraniums, so the plant is exactly the copy of the mother plant.

Seed geraniums produce small flowers, and the leaves are small in size as well. However, the flowers are clustered and very colourful.

Seed geraniums are seeds which are annually grown, and their lifespan is not more than a year. Also, the plant grows another set of roots below it, which later becomes flowers for the coming year.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZonal GeraniumsSeed Geraniums
Propagated throughZonal geraniums are propagated through the cutting of other plants.Seed geraniums are propagated through seeds.
CostZonal geraniums are more expensive.Seed geraniums are less expensive comparatively.
SizeThey grow taller and bigger.They grow small in size.
Growth RateThe growth rate is faster than seed geraniums.The growth rate is slower compared to zonal geraniums.
LifespanUp to a year and a half.Not more than a year.

What are Zonal Geraniums?

Zonal geranium is artificially vegetated and grown by taking cuttings from the previous generation. They begin regenerating at the end of the season.

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Mostly they are known as geraniums as they are easily recognized in the market. Primarily, the term refers to a plant known as Pelargonium x-hortorum in botanical terms.

The flowers which grow resemble spheres, and the colours are of all types. They bloom in almost every colour, including blooms in shades of pink, lavender, yellow, orange, and red, except blue. Indeed, sometimes they grow in bi-colours.

And some have double petal counts as well. You will see a lot of variety in zonal geraniums; that is their best part.

The zonal geraniums thrive in full sun, well-drained soil, and organic matter; they need regular care. The flowers and leaves grow large, and a slow-release bloom booster fertilizer also helps them bloom for a long time.

Though one needs to ensure that mould doesn’t form around the plants, or it will destroy them and keep spreading. Mainly this needs to be taken care of after rain as flowers develop mould after prolonged rains.

zonal geraniums

What are Seed Geraniums?

There are many benefits of planting geranium seeds. These plants can be used in small containers and are great for mass planting.

These plants can be purchased in packs of 100 or more and planted in soil at least 75 degrees F. You can keep the geranium seeds in a mist or brown paper bag.

It may take three to four weeks to germinate the seed, so watch for signs of geranium plant growth. Once they start to sprout, you can move them into a jar with a label.

Seed Geraniums are easy to grow and require little maintenance. They can grow between 30 and 45cm (1/2″) high.

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Although they are not drought-tolerant, seed Geraniums can thrive in hot, sunny areas. Once established, they can survive dry conditions, but prolonged drought can slow their growth.

Some varieties are even resistant! Whether you’re growing these beauties in containers or as a border plant, they will always look great.

Seed Geraniums need at least six hours of sunlight daily and should be planted two to three inches apart in potting mix. To prevent geranium seeds from rotting, lightly sprinkle the potting mixture and vermiculite after planting.

Once they have settled in, you can transplant them into larger containers. Make sure to choose a suitable container for your Geranium.

seed geraniums

Main Differences Between Zonal and Seed Geraniums

  1. Zonal geraniums are propagated through cutting, while seed geraniums are propagated through seeds.
  2. Zonal geraniums grow to be larger, while seed geraniums grow to be shorter and more compact.
  3. Zonal geraniums are more expensive than seed geraniums.
  4. Zonal geraniums are faster to grow as compared to seed geraniums.
  5. Zonal geraniums are preferred over seed geraniums.
  6. Zonal geraniums can grow up to 1.5 feet while its seed geraniums can only grow up to 1 foot.
Difference Between Zonal and Seed Geraniums
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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