Difference Between Spicejet and Jet Airways

Spicejet and Jet Airways are the Indian airlines whose operations are mainly domestic, which means most of the flights are domestic rather than international.

Jet Airways has closed its operation after having no funds to operate in the year 2019, while Spicejet still operates its domestic operations.

Spicejet vs Jet Airways

The main difference between Spicejet and Jet Airways is that Spic jet, which is still running its domestic operations, operates mainly the ATR aircraft for transporting people. On the other hand, Jet Airways, which is shut down, now used to operate the Boeing and Airbus aircraft to transport people.

Spicejet vs Jet Airways

Spicejet was founded in the year 2004 as Royal Airways later its name was changed to Spicejet, ad it started its first operation in May 2005.

It is an Indian airline that offers a cheap transportation system to the people. It usually operates the ATR aircraft, which consists of twin-turbo engines.

Jet Airways was founded in the year 1992, and it started its operation in late 1993. It was one of the biggest Indian airlines at that time after Air India.

It used to have international departures also, but after a decade, it was shut down in late 2019. It used to operate Boeing and Airbus aircraft for transporting people.

Comparison Table Between Spicejet and Jet Airways 

Parameters of ComparisonSpicejetJet Airways 
Founded 20041992
Aircraft Used It mainly operates on the ATR aircraft having two twin-turbo engines.It used to operate on Airbus and Boeing aircraft like 737-800 aircraft. 
Fleet Size It is small. It was one of the biggest Indian airlines.
Destination Mainly domestic operation with few international destinations.It had both domestic as well as International destinations.
Hubs Delhi Delhi and Hyderabad

What is Spicejet?

Spice jet is an Indian airline operator which was founded in the year 2004 and started its domestic operation in April 2005. It is considered to be the cheapest Indian airline system for traveling after IndiGo.

The main goal of Spicejet was to provide cheap air travel to the Indian people between different cities. As the trend went on, it used to gain a market cap and started its multiple flights to different cities.

The company uses the ATR-twin turbo engine aircraft for air travel. They also have the Boeing aircraft, but the number is less, and it is mainly used for the International destination. Spicejet, as of today, now operates in almost all 90% of cities.

The company has its hub at the Indira Gandhi International Airport(IGIA), Delhi, which means all the Spicejet aircraft are operated from Delhi Airport to different cities.

The company also operates flights to neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, etc.

As it has a bigger fleet of ATR aircraft, which makes only a limited no of passengers travel at once as compared to the Boeing and Airbus flights, which can migrate 150-250 people at once.

ATR aircraft are small and have around 70-80 seats in a single aircraft.

What is Jet Airways?

Jet Airways was an Indian Airline that used to operate operation till 2019 before being shut down. It was founded in the year 1992 and commenced its operations in late 1993. At that time, there were not so many Indian Airlines.

Only three were there Air India, Kingfisher, and Jet Airways.

Jet Airways used to be considered as a good aircraft company compared to Air India for its services and operations. The company used to provide air travel to international destinations, mainly in Europe and the neighboring countries.

The company used to operate the Boeing 737 and 777 aircraft, and they also had a few Airbus A-320 artifacts. This gives the advantage for more passengers that can be transported in a single go.

Jet Airways hub was located in two Delhi as well as Hyderabad. From Delhi, they used to operate mainly for the Northern and Western Parts of the country, while the Hyderabad hub was used to operate the Southern and Eastern parts of the country.

In April 2019 company announced that they have no funds to operate the airline and have to close all domestic as well as international operations. The company got closed in April 2019 after doing its last operation.

Main Differences Between Spicejet and Jet Airways

  1. Spicejet operates mainly on the ATR aircraft, which are powered by the twin-turbo engines located on the wings, while the Jet Airways fleet had Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
  2. Spicejet mainly operates in the domestic circuit to provide air travel. It also has few travel destinations to neighboring countries. On the other hand, Jet Airways had both domestic as well as international flights to operate.
  3. The felt size of the Spicejet is less at it has a very limited no of ATR aircraft, whereas the fleet size of Jet Airways was one of the biggest before it went closed down in 2019.
  4. At a time, Spicejet could transport only 70 people due to the ATR aircraft capacity, while Jet Airways used to transport double people in a single flight.
  5. Spicejet has only one hub, which is located in the spatial of India, Delhi Airport, whereas Jet Airways used to have two hubs. One was located in Delhi and the other at Hyderabad.


One of the major differences that lie in both the companies is that Spicejet is usually considered as the company which provides cheap travel to the people. Jet Airways’ costs were high when it used to operate the flights.

As of now, the company is closed because they didn’t have any funds to operate the flights.

If you travel from Spicejet, you will notice that they operate in the ATR aircraft, and the services provided in the plane is not up to the mark that Jet Airways used to provide to its customer.

As of today, there are many Indian Airlines that provide cheap travel like IndiGo, Air-Asia. If you want to travel from Delhi-Chennai today, the ticket comes for less than two thousand rupees.

Before entering the cheap airlines into the market, the ticket price was so high that it was not possible to afford the ticket by a middle-class person.


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