SpiceJet vs Go Air: Difference and Comparison

Airways are some of the feasible ways of commutation for people. Spicejet and Go Air are efficient and affordable airlines in India.

Airways is seen as one of the expensive and fastest means of traveling. It offers high-grade services and features in the airplane, along with its highly-efficient speeds. 

Key Takeaways

  1. SpiceJet and Go Air are low-cost airlines based in India, with SpiceJet headquartered in Gurgaon and Go Air in Mumbai.
  2. SpiceJet operates a mixed fleet of Boeing and Bombardier aircraft, while Go Air exclusively uses Airbus A320 family aircraft in its fleet.
  3. SpiceJet offers domestic and international flights, with a more extensive route network than Go Air, which primarily serves domestic destinations and a few international routes.

SpiceJet vs Go Air 

SpiceJet offers a wide range of flights to domestic as well as international destinations, while GoAir primarily operates within the country. SpiceJet has more amenities, such as online check-in, web check-in kiosks at airports, etc., whereas GoAir does not have these features yet.

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SpiceJet is the second-largest Indian airline and the current market holdings of Spicejet is 13.6%. It is a popular airline and operates daily flights to 64 destinations.

The company operated its first flight in May 2005 after Ajay Singh took over the company in 2004. GoAir is the fifth-largest Indian Airline that is owned by Wadia Group. The airline holds 8.4% of the market shares.

The daily flights are conducted to 27 domestic and other 9 international destinations from Bangalore, Delhi, etc. The airline is known for its services. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSpiceJetGo Air
Headquarters Gurugram, Haryana, IndiaMumbai, Maharashtra, India 
Fleet SizeThe aircraft capacity l is 102 for Spicejet. The aircraft capacity is 59 for Go Air. 
The number of Daily FlightsSpice Jet runs 630 daily flights. Go Air runs 330 daily flights.
Business modelFollows LCC model (Low-Cost Carrier)Follows Ultra-LCC model.
Weight of the BaggageAllows 15kgs.Allows up to 32kgs.

What is SpiceJet?

Spicejet is an eminent and one of the biggest Indian airlines. It was an air taxi provider service in the initial phase and was later reconstituted as SpiceJet in the year 2004.

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The logo is a set of 15 dots on a red background systematically arranged in 3 equal rows. The size of the dots keeps on decreasing in the design. 

The operating hubs of SpiceJet are located in Hyderabad and Delhi. The SpiceJet airline offers a set of premium services for its passengers under the name SpiceMax.

This facility offers a variety of exciting add-on services at a higher fare such as priority check-in, boarding, meals onboard, seats with extra legroom, baggage is handled with the utmost care and more.

It has been awarded the Best Domestic Airline Award at the Wings India Awards in 2018. People from various locations and backgrounds rely on Spicejet.

Spicejet also has a subsidiary known as Spice Shuttle which conducts seaplanes and owns other airplane services. 

SpiceJet is ideal and manages loading in airplanes pretty well. It always makes sure to schedule the flights in a way that you are less likely to find empty seats as in the case of other planes.

In the past year between 2019-2020, SpiceJet has shown impressive growth and increased its market value. 


What is Go Air?

Go Air has been renamed Go First in may, 2021. It was known as Go Air in 2005 when it was started by Jeh Wadia. The first flight was flown from Goa and Coimbatore with a single flight available at the airline. 

The development and market share have been growing slowly when compared to other airlines like Indigo and Spicejet. The slow growth is indicated by the smaller market share, destinations, and fleet size. 

The airline officials depict that it is a part of their planning and cohesive strategy to tackle the difficult and complex aviation environment in India.

Go First has been focused on delivering and maintaining the airline profits, rather than focusing on the market size, increasing the fleet and the destination size. 

The airline operates in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Kannur. The flight offers a variety of services for its customers which include onboard meals. No complimentary food is offered by the airline. 

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It offers a premium called Go Business which has extra legroom, increased luggage allowance, priority boarding, and free meals for all its passengers.

Go Business is costlier than the other services. It also has a Go Club which provides lounge access for Go Business. 

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Main Differences Between SpiceJet and GoAir

  1. Spicejet operates the following aircraft like Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing 737-900ER, and De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400. The Go First, on the other operates on Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A320neo. 
  2. The passengers capacity in Spicejet is larger than Go Air as the capacity in SpiceJet is 189-212 people. Go first has a passenger capacity of 180 people in every aircraft. 
  3. SpiceJet became the first Indian LCC to start the Inflight Entertainment Systems (IFE) in 2018. It is called SpicEngage. Spicejet offers this elite service for international as well as domestic flights. Whereas, Go First on the other hand has no exclusive Inflight entertainment systems. 
  4. SpiceJet is one of the less reliable airlines in terms of the on-time flights at the airport and lacks remarkable punctual timings. Go First has an extensive record of always being on time and has 100% on-time flights. 
  5. Spicejet has better economy-grade features and services than Go First. 
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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