Shuttle vs Tennis: Difference and Comparison

Badminton and tennis both are competitive racket sports. Both are globally very popular sports. Both the sports have their own merits. They test their cunningness, fitness, and their technique in their unique way.

Key Takeaways

  1. Shuttle, also known as badminton, is played with a shuttlecock and rackets, while tennis uses a ball and larger rackets.
  2. Badminton courts are smaller and have different markings than tennis courts.
  3. Tennis can be played on various surfaces, while badminton is played indoors on a synthetic surface.

Shuttle vs Tennis          

Shuttle is played with a smaller, expensive shuttlecock, while tennis is played with a ball. Shuttle is played indoors, while tennis can be played indoors or outdoors. Shuttle is a slower-paced game with shorter rallies, while tennis has faster rallies and requires more endurance.

Shuttle vs Tennis

A shuttle is a conical shape of equipment that is used to play badminton. It has a base of rubber cork at the bottom which is attached to feathers.

Badminton is a sport that is played indoors. It is played with the help of a racket, that has a slim and sleek design.

Tennis is a competitive racket sport, it is an Olympic sport. It is played with a tennis racket that is bulky, they have thick and hefty grip.

It is played globally either by two individuals known as singles or by a team of two known as doubles.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonShuttle  Tennis
EquipmentShuttleTennis ball
RacketLighter(90gms)Heavier (250-360gms)
Racket MovementQuick and SubtleBig and Wide
Play court Layout44ft length and 20ft width (smaller)78ft length and 36ft width (larger)
Height of the net5 ft3 ft
Professional PlaySpeed is majorly importantRequires a lot of power

What is Shuttle?

The shuttlecock is also known as a birdie is used as equipment to play the sport badminton. It is conical in shape which is formed due to the placement of the feathers which are attached to a rubber cork base at the bottom.

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Badminton is an indoor sport as the wind plays a key role in the sport and may influence the gameplay.

Badminton is played with the help of a racket it averagely weighs below 100 grams. It has a long and sleek design to itself with a thin handle that has a grip.

There are a few basic rules for earning points in badminton they are- if the shuttle does not reach the opponents’ boundaries and hits the net or gets into the same side of the court.

If the shuttle reaches the court of the opponent and if a fault is called.  Apart from serving badminton has 5 more shots they are- clear, drop, lift, smash and drive.


What is Tennis?

Tennis is a fierce racket sport. It is played globally either by two individuals known as singles or by a team of two known as doubles.

The game requires hitting the tennis ball which is of the material rubber to hit with the help of a tennis racket. Tennis rackets are quite bulky. They have a larger racket face with a thick and hefty grip.

Tennis is an outdoor sport. It has a proper well-measure court with a length of 78 feet and a width of 36 feet. Since a tennis ball is made up of rubber the wind does not affect the game.

The basic rule for earning points in tennis are- if in the first bounce the ball fails to land in the opponents’ court, if before the opponent strikes the ball the ball bounces twice and if a fault is called.

Apart from serving tennis has 4more shots they are- drop, forehand/backhand groundstroke, lob, and volley.


Main Differences Between Shuttle and Tennis

  1. The significant distinction between shuttle and tennis is that shuttle is hardware that is expected to play the game badminton though tennis itself is the game.
  2. The shuttlecock is otherwise called a birdie is utilized as hardware to play the game badminton. It is mostly made up of goose feathers or plastic. The feathers are attached to a rubber cork at the bottom. While playing tennis a tens ball is required, and it is made up of rubber.
  3. The game of badminton requires a badminton racket which averagely weighs below 100 grams. Badminton rackets are long and skinny, sleek looking with thin handles which have the grip. The tennis racket on the other hand averagely weighs around 250-360 grams. It has a much bigger racket face and a very bulky appearance. The grip of the tennis racket is quite thick and hefty.
  4. A badminton court is much smaller in comparison to that of a tennis court. Badminton courts have a length of 44feet and a width of 20 feet. Tennis courts on the other hand have a length of 78 feet and a width of 36 feet.
  5. Badminton is an indoor sport as the wind plays a key role in the sport and may influence the gameplay. Whereas tennis is an outdoor sport with the proper court.
  6. Playing badminton further vertical movements are required whereas, in the case of tennis more horizontal movements are needed.
  7. Badminton as a sport needs more forearm strength whereas, tennis calls for more arm strength.
  8. In the game of badminton racket movements are more subtle and quick, however, in the case of tennis racket movements are bigger and wider.
  9. Badminton as a sport speed is majorly important while tennis requires more power and strength than speed.
Difference Between Shuttle and Tennis
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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