Nike Air Max vs Air Force: Difference and Comparison

Shoes are an essential part of our everyday attire as well as fashion. The basic idea is to protect our feet from the different elements of nature; now, there are various types of shoes like flats, heels, sneakers, boots, and many more.

One of the major shoe retailers is Nike, an American multinational corporation. 

Nike has numerous models and types of shoes to choose from, and they exclusively specialize in sports shoes.

These include the  Air Force collection, one of its most popular sales, and they have also collaborated with various athletes in styling these shoes. 

Another shoe offered by Nike, which has a similar sporty, functional as well as fashionable look, is the Nike Air Max. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Air Max is a line of shoes that uses air cushioning to provide support and comfort to the feet, while Nike Air Force is a basketball shoe originally introduced in 1982.
  2. Air Max shoes are more suitable for running and jogging, while Air Force shoes are best for playing basketball and other sports.
  3. Air Max shoes are available in various colors and designs, whereas Air Force shoes are known for their classic white and black colorways.

Nike Air Max vs. Air Force

The Nike air max has an airbag cushioning technology visible in the midsoles of the sneaker. It is worn for optimum athletic performance and also for style. Air Max sneakers have a few options for different colorways. The Nike air force is a durable, stylish sneaker with airbag technology hidden inside the soles. It has a huge variety of colorways for a sophisticated style.

Nike Air Max vs Air Force

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike Air MaxNike Air Force
DesignThe midsole is exposed.In Nike Air Force, the midsole is not exposed, giving it a sleeker look.
Usage Not just athletics but normal people as well, especially singers and rappers.Mostly athletics.
Comparatively lesser.Has more colorways.
Relatively less.More durable, as per most users.

What is Nike Air Max?

The Nike Air, designed in 1979, was made especially for sports enthusiasts, sports fans, and fanatics and is recognized by its midsole pouches filled with compressed air, which is intended for providing a cushioning effect.

Since the release of the first Air Max, there have been quite a few models, including the Air Max Light, Air Max 90, Air Max 270, and Air Max 720.

The Air Max 1 was the pioneer model with nylon and synthetic felt and one airbag to reduce pressure on the feet without weighing them down.

It was targeted at runners and continues to be enjoyed by many sneaker enthusiasts. The Air Max 90 came in next, which was so popular that Nike had even made one specifically for President Bush.

They had a grey/white color story with neons and had synthetic leather felt. 

The VapourMax, which came out in 2017, was the first model with no foam or rubber in the midsole or outsole and instead had several hollow air pouches not connected. 

The Max 270, which came the following year, was inspired by older models like the 93 and 180 and was named after its design which enabled 270-degree visibility of air.

The Air 720 is the latest by Nike and is designed for everyday lifestyle and a few special ones for basketball and similar sports.

However, even with these facilities, there are a few cons, like durability, and the sole even started to peel off after a few weeks. 

nike air

What is the Nike Air Force?

These specific athletic shoes targeted to a similar demographic were the first basketball shoe that used the Nike Air technology.

There are five Air Force styles: low, mid, superlow, high, and super high.

When it was released in 1983, the high-top Air Force 1s were worn by the six major NBA players of the time, and they remain a cult favorite.

Though they come in different color schemes, the solid-on-solid colors are the most appealing ones, and among them, “white on white” has a solid base of fan following.

During the 2000s, these became a favorite of rappers and singers and thus gained even more popularity even outside the United States. 

Air Force 1 is the most well-known Air Force, even though there are other models like Air Force 2, 3, Air Force STS, Air Force 5, Air Force XXV, and Air Force 09. 

Even though they are breathable, with excellent grip, Affordability, and much more, there are a few cons, like difficulty to wash and heavy for some users. 

nike air force

Main Difference Between Nike Air Max and Air Force

  1. For some users, the Air Force is said to have better durability than the Air Max.
  2. In Nike Air Force, the midsole is not exposed, giving it a sleeker and more aesthetic look.
  3. Most of the models in the Air Force have a better colorway than their Air Max counterparts, making them more appealing too.
  4. The Nike swoosh’s placement differs from them; for example, in the Air Max seen above the air bubble and near the toe cap, while in the Air Force, it is seen near the upper ankle area, protruding outward.
  5. The Air Max is now a part of more than just the athletic biosphere. However, the Air Force is mostly seen among athletics though there are exceptions.
Difference Between Nike Air Max and Air Force
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