Air Force vs Army: Difference and Comparison

Every nation, may it be a developed or a developing nation, needs to be secured from its borders. It contains an independent group of people that work hard to keep the citizens protected.

In other words, every country must have a group of people that are willing to work to serve their country. Several such units of armed forces work to keep the respective nation protected and safe.

These armed services have several branches that have highly trained soldiers in them. These branches work in different areas. Two of those branches are 1. Air Force, and 2. Army.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Air Force focuses on air and space operations, while the Army is responsible for ground-based missions.
  2. Training and career opportunities differ between the Air Force and Army, as each branch has its unique specialities and requirements.
  3. The Air Force prioritizes technology and innovation, whereas the Army emphasizes combat readiness and traditional warfare techniques.

Air Force vs Army

The difference between Air Force and Army is that the air force is the aerial division of the armed forces that works and deals with warfare through aerial strategies, on the other hand, the Army is the ground division of the armed forces that deals with warfare through ground strategies.

Air Force vs Army

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The armed forces branch that deals with aerial warfare is known as the air force. They provide aerial support to the armed forces by carrying out several aerial strategies in warfare.

In some countries, this branch is known as a tactical or numbered air force.

The armed forces branch that deals with ground tactics and strategies and warfare is known as an army. Other terms through which it is addressed are land force and/ or ground force.

The army deals with the warfare that is made on the ground. It makes sure that the border is protected.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonAir ForceArmy
Meaning/ DefinitionThe branch of the armed forces that deals with aerial warfare are known as the air force. The branch of the armed forces that deal with the ground tactics and strategies and warfare is known as an army.
Deals withAerial warfareGround warfare
Fights inAirLand
ObjectiveThe air force aims to protect and safeguard their country through air. The army aims to establish land dominance and to fight and win the war for their country.
Vehicles usedHelicopters, drones, planes etc.Tanks, carriers, cars, fighting vehicles etc.

What is Air Force?

The armed forces, or a nation’s military, consist of three units that cover the sea, air, and land. Among those three units, the one that plans the strategies for aerial defense is known as the air force.

The air force conducts operations in the air by making use of several aerial vehicles.

The tactical air force may or may not consist of the air components they derive from other nations by allying with them. The air force consists of several aerial machinery like aircraft, helicopters, various air transport vehicles, etc.

Other than that, for defense, they make use of fighters, drones, bombers, etc.

The history of the use of aviation machinery and warfare tactics dates back to 1910 when the French army formed the first-ever aviation force.

In 1911, during the war between Turkey and Italy, Italy used an aircraft to conduct various missions against Turkey.

There is another type of air force that a nation can have, the independent air force. The first independent air force was the British Royal Air Force. It was founded independently on 1 April 1918.

Most nations with a strong military army have built their air force unit independently.

air force 1

What is Army?

Among the three crucial units of a nation’s armed forces unit, the army is the defensive unit that performs operations on the ground. They are also known as the land and/ or ground forces.

An army also consists of some aspects of the air force. They make use of aerial tactics as well.

India coined the entire concept of the army in ancient times. Different armies went to war against each other during the Maurya empires and other dynasties.

They made use of different weapons like swords, daggers, discs, etc. To protect themselves, the soldiers made use of armor and shields.

Every country has a different time and history for their use of military and army defense during wars. To distinguish an army separate from another military force, various names are assigned.

Sometimes, these armies are also numbered. These groups are different in size and strength. They are composed differently according to the responsibility given to them.

An army is divided into several parts. These parts are the formations. These formations include field army, corps, division, brigade, battalion, etc. Each formation is under the command of different people.

For instance, the corps commander is the lieutenant general, and the division commander is a major general, the brigade commander is a brigadier, and so on.


Main Differences Between Air Force and Army

  1. The army handles the warfare on the ground, on the other hand, the air force handles the warfare in the air.
  2. The army concept has been in use for a longer time than the air force.
  3. The vehicles used in the air force include helicopters, drones, planes, etc., on the other hand, the vehicles used in the Army include tanks, carriers, cars, fighting vehicles, etc.
  4. The air force fights in the air, on the other hand, the army fights on the ground.
  5. The objective of the air force is to protect and safeguard their country by air, on the other hand, the objective of the objective of the army is to establish dominion on the ground and fight and win the war for their country.
Difference Between Air Force and Army

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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