Nike Air Max vs Adidas NMD: Difference and Comparison

Most of all love to wear sneakers in our general life as they are quite comfortable for going outside and also give out our style. Especially sneakers are most suitable to wear with jeans.

The two famous brands of shoes, Nike and Adidas have launched two products that share many similarities but also vary in parameters.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Air Max’s visible air cushioning system provides enhanced comfort and shock absorption.
  2. Adidas NMD utilizes Boost technology for superior energy return and responsiveness during athletic activities.
  3. Nike Air Max offers a more classic, retro design, while Adidas NMD has a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Nike Air Max vs Adidas NMD

The Nike Air Max is a sneaker line that was first introduced in 1987 and has since become one of the most recognizable sneaker designs in the world. The Air Max features a visible air cushioning unit in the sole. The Adidas NMD is a newer sneaker model first released in 2015. The NMD features a unique design that combines elements from various Adidas sneakers from the 1980s and 1990s.

Nike Air Max vs Adidas NMD

Nike Air Max is a hugely successful product line-up launched by Nike. The first-ever Air Max model was established in 1987.

The identical feature of every Air Max product is the semi-transparent pouches of pressurized gas in the middle line of the shoe or on the sides. It helps allow the sunlight to pass through the shoes and is comfortable for running.

Adidas NMD is a newly styled sneaker launched by Adidas in December 2015 and developed by Nic Galway.

Among all the versions of sneakers launched by Adidas, this model has gained massive popularity to date. The main reason for this popularity is the pioneering work of the Ultra Boost to which consumers are attracted.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike Air MaxAdidas NMD
Launch dateFeatures of airbags or air units are present in the shoe’s midsole.The first model of Adidas NMD was launched in December 2015.
Identical featuresFeatures of the ultra boost provides maximum comfortability to people.Adidas NMD is relatively cheaper in comparison to Nike Air Max.
PriceNike Air Max is quite expensive in comparison to Adidas NMD.Adidas NMD is a stylish casual sneaker that we can wear for our daily routine.
SuitabilityNike Air Max is the most suitable shoe for running and casual gym training.Adidas NMD is a casual stylish sneaker that we can wear for our daily routine.
ComfortabilityNike Air Max is more comfortable as it has air pouches.Adidas NMD is comparatively less comfortable.

What is Nike Air Max?

The world famous shoe brand, Nike, introduced a new product line-up called Air Max, a worldwide successful product.

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It was launched in 1987 and instantly hit all the national and international markets. This product Air Max still secured the top place in the market even after introducing many new versions of Nike shoes.

It gained such immense popularity due to the presence of semi-transparent pouches of pressurized gas in the middle line and side of the shoes, allowing air and sunlight inside and making them more comfortable for people while running or training in the gym.

Every model of the Air Max product line-up will have this feature.

Air Max’s product line-up was founded and designed by Tinker Hatfield, the leading designer in the Nike company and has developed many products of Nike like Nike athletic shoes, Air Jordan models, etc.

There were numerous models of Air Max as the demand for Air Max products peaked, especially in countries like Japan, the US, China, etc.

The Air Max product was known for its style, design, and especially for the airbags or air units present in the exterior of the shoes or the midsole.

The shoe is also light-weighted, which makes it more suitable for running. Hence, this product became worldwide successful.

nike air max 1

What is Adidas NMD?

Another worldwide famous brand of shoes, Adidas, launched a new product line-up called Adidas NMD in December 2015.

Adidas NMD is one of the successful products launched by Adidas and gained immense popularity worldwide. Even after the launching of many versions of shoes, Adidas NMD is still on the top in the shoe market to date.

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Nic Galway, a leading designer in Adidas, invented this product line-up Adidas NMD. The NMD stands for “Nomad, ” which signifies modern and advanced shoes.

The word nomad symbolizes and expresses the spirit of the Nike company. It represents an ever-evolving world and keeps changing towards the future.

Adidas NMD product gained massive popularity because of the pioneering work of the ultra boost. They are well-designed with cutting-edge sole and offers long-lasting comfort while walking.

The feature of ultra boost will always concentrate on providing maximum comfort to people. Ultra boost has soft material which will be convenient for people to walk with.

Generally, Adidas NMD is casual sneakers for the daily routine and is unsuitable for running or gym training. Hence for style and design, Adidas NMD is more convenient and comfortable for walking and carrying on with our routine activities.

adidas nmd

Main Differences Between Nike Air Max and Adidas NMD

  1. Nike Air Max was invented by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, while Nic Galway invented Adidas NMD in December 2015.
  2. Nike Air Max is quite expensive in terms of money in comparison to Adidas NMD as they are equipped with more outstanding features.
  3. Nike Air Max is suitable for running and gym training, while Adidas NMD suits casual routine activities and is used as usual sneakers.
  4. Nike Air Max has the feature of translucent pouches with pressurized gases, while Adidas NMD does not have this feature.
  5. Nike Air Max is more comfortable in comparison to Adidas NMD as they have the feature of air units.
Difference Between Nike Air Max and Adidas NMD

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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