Difference Between Nike Pro Combat and Adidas Techfit

The clothes we wear while doing exercises can either make or break our health. Thus, choosing the right workout clothes that use breathable, comfortable and stretchy fabric, is an important task.


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The Nike Pro Combat and the Adidas Techfit series of workout wear are the best professional training apparel one can opt for. However, one needs to be aware of the needs in order to choose the right brand.

Nike Pro Combat vs Adidas Techfit

The difference between Nike Pro Combat and Adidas Techfit is that they have been designed for two different purposes. The Techfit is a compression t-shirt aimed for effective training whereas the Nike Pro does not fit into this category. However, both of these professional apparel series offer same general benefits to help one train better.

Nike Pro Combat vs Adidas Techfit

The Nike Pro Combat is a series of professional apparel for athletes manufactured by Nike. The main objective of this clothing is to help serious athletes ace their game.

It also uses Dri-Fit technology that is a type of polyester fabric to control moisture during heavy activity. This can be worn as a layer under your regular t-shirt and also as a tee on its own.

The Adidas Techfit sportswear is designed to support workouts of both high and low intensity. This series includes both footwear and apparel for better efficiency, precision and seamless performance.

The Adidas Techfit technology has been used in a varied range of products such as training t-shirt, period-proof tights for women, bras, basketball sneakers and what not.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike Pro CombatAdidas Techfit
DefinitionThe Pro Combat series of Nike is a line of sportswear that makes exercise more comfortable.The Techfit series of Adidas is a line of performance apparel mainly for seamless experience of athletes.
ProductsIt has apparel products ranging from shorts, tights, t-shirts, both for men and women.This series has a broad range of clothing including training bras, shorts, tights, t-shirts as well as footwear like basketball sneakers.
MaterialNike uses a blend of fabrics like polyester, nylon, spandex to design this Pro Combat series of professional apparel.On the other hand, Adidas uses polyester, nylon, elastane, ClimaCool to make this series.
Launch Year2010`2013

What is Nike Pro Combat?

The Pro Combat is a series of professional training apparel and activewear manufactured by Nike, the most popular name in the sports goods industry. This series is an updated version of Nike’s Pro technology.

It has been used as a foundation for games like basketball, baseball, football and soccer. Some of the best products of this series are Men’s Slim-Fit Long-sleeve top, Short-Sleeve Camo Top, Nike Pro Warm, Nike Pro HyperStrong etc.

The use of the Pro technology includes the usage of Dri-Fit that is effective for controlling moisture while exercising. Since it is as light as feather, the Nike Pro Combat apparel is easy to wear and even helps to ensure protection during activity. 

The Pro Combat activewear by Nike offers many benefits but the most important of all is that it helps to absorb sweat of different parts of the body as foam cells are placed in different zones of the apparel.

It has been designed especially for those athletes who engage in sports of high-level contact and impact. Another advantage one can have is that this Pro Combat apparel will prevent your body from severe strain and fatigue. 

It not only keeps the athletes cool and more energized, but also the breathability feature makes it unique. The materials used for making the design are polyester, nylon, spandex. 

nike pro combat

What is Adidas Techfit? 

The Techfit is a line of sportswear including both outerwear and footwear, manufactured and marketed by Adidas. Techfit technology helps athletes to use these apparel as a base layer of their professional training clothing.

In apparel, Men’s Techfit Base Solid T-shirt, Adidas Techfit Long Tights, Techfit Volleyball Shorts, Techfit Period-Proof Tights are one of the best selling products. 

In footwear, Adidas uses the same Techfit technology for a perfect fit and seamless experience. It gives a good shape to the athlete’s foot by covering it comfortably and also ensures a more accurate and efficient movement.

In terms of apparel, Techfit maintains the body temperature at an optimal level whether training in cold or warm situations in order to make one perform better. 

Techfit is designed to upgrade, increase and modify the level of the athlete’s performance. The materials used in making this series such as polyester, nylon, elastane, ClimaCool makes the apparel feel more flexible. 

adidas techfit

Main Differences Between Nike Pro Combat and Adidas Techfit 

  1. The Nike Pro Combat series is a varied range of professional training apparel that is produced by Nike. On the other hand, the Techfit series involves both upper wears, bottom wear and footwear that are manufactured by Adidas.
  2. When the question comes to the point that which of the apparel makes one look good, it solely depends on the person’s preference who’s going to wear it. 
  3. In terms of keeping the body dry and free from sweat, the Nike Pro Combat workout wear is better than the Adidas Techfit outerwear. 
  4. If one is looking for a performance top, the Adidas Techfit is a more valuable choice than the Nike Pro Combat sportswear. 
  5. While the Pro Combat series of clothing is designed by Nike, the Techfit series belongs to Adidas.


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