Difference Between Nike Pro Combat and Under Armour Compression

In the world of apparel and fashion, Nike and Under Armour have gained tons of fans and fame. The range of the products of Nike has made it a luxury brand whereas Under Armor has a lot to offer to a bigger target audience.


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The same competitiveness is reflected in the two sub-brands of men’s apparel.

Nike’s Pro Combat and Combat range is a luxury sub-brand sponsored by NFL and International Football, making it very appealing and special for Nike’s fandom and to endure this,

Under Armour being the archrival of Nike for a long time now, has its Compression series.

Nike Pro Combat vs Under Armour Compression

The difference between Nike Pro combat and Under Armour Compression is that Nike Pro Combat is a sub-brand consisting of various men’s apparel like compression shirts and dri-fit technology-approved shoe soles as well as shorts.

Nike Pro Combat vs Under Armour Compression

Whereas, Under Armour Compression is a series brought in by Under Armour to compete with the Pro combat sub-brand, this series only contains compression shirts and tights.

The Nike Pro Combat series is far costlier than the Under Armour Compression because of Nike’s limited-time partnership with the NFL during the launch of the Combat and Pro combat series.

Nike Pro Combat is a sub-brand of Nike’s men’s apparel which is aimed at athletes and enthusiasts. The Combat series is actually the parent of “Pro” combat,

this sub-brand is an enhanced version of Nike’s Dri-fit tech on compression shirts and shorts as well as tights.

It is not only limited to clothes but also, socks and shoe soles. The Dri-fit tech 2.0 is basically introduced to the market under the brand name of the new “Pro Combat ”.

The Under Armour Compression is a series launched by UA (Under Armour) to compete with the latest Pro Combat chain of products by Nike. The compression series as the name suggests is famous for its compression suits and tights.

Ideal for Military usage and athletes, the design of UA Compression is very sleek and the texture is inspired by the matte.

The goal of these apparel is to experience skin-tight yet comfortable clothing while exercising, gymming, sport, and while in combat.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike Pro CombatUnder Armour Compression
Launch DateThe Pro Combat series was first brought into the market in January 2009.UA (Under Armour) Compression line of Apparels was first launched in June 2009 to compete with the Pro Combat series.
Line of ProductsThe Pro Combat Series of products includes Limited time shoe soles, Fitness Apparels like T-shirts, compression shorts and tights.It included shirts, full-sleeves and tights.
PricingNike Pro Combat series was launched with a partnership of NFL and International Football Association, hence, this sub-brand had a steep price-tag.Under Armor Compression apparels were not very pricey and were easily affordable for teenagers and youths unlike Nike.
Technology UsedThe Pro-Combat used a newer version of Dri-FIT technology just like its predecessor ‘Combat’.The Compression line of products used the HeatGear technology pioneered by Under Armour.
Brand Type Nike is a luxurious brand and aims at the higher ups of the society and hence the target audience is limited but very influential.Under Armour is a very good brand with quite a lot of fan base and growing because of its price to feature ratio. It has a lot to offer in a lot less, hence the target buyers of his brand are very high.

What is Nike Pro Combat?

Nike is the world’s biggest and most well-known private entity famed for sports and athletic apparel.

Nike sneakers initially appeared in 1964 under a different title, but the firm was reintroduced as ‘NIKE’ in 1971, along with its famed check emblem.

The NFL and the International Football Association collaborated to create the Pro Combat franchise, for football enthusiasts and professional workout-freaks.

Nike Pro Combat is an upgraded version of the company’s Pro innovation, which also incorporates Dri-Fit technology.

Nike Pro innovation has a four-way flexibility Dri-Fit fabric that helps control sweat during exertion, basically making the clothing tight yet very comfortable, thin yet great sweat-absorbent, and also with stylish finishes.

Nike Pro Combat delivers an extremely durable shock absorbent that is precisely positioned in the areas where players truly need help.

Let’s take the Nike Pro Combat Sweatpants for Men as an example; the Nike Pro Combat Tights is an innovative, flexible, body-fitted, first layering garment.

The combination of a fluid fit and outstanding technical materials allows for efficient breathability and moisture control.

Strategically placed seams improve comfortability and performance. Dri-FIT technology is used, and the jersey is composed of 84% polyester and 16% elastane and spandex compounds.

This clothing brand is aimed at recreational athletes. Nike manufactures a high-priced product for army pay scales.

That is not to imply that military members do not enhance their equipment with non-military provided items.

Nike Pro Combat absorbs, disperses, and deflates impact upon contact by utilizing low-profile structural foam cells carefully positioned in zones. It also protects against scratches.

What is Under Armour Compression?

Under Armour Compression is a rival series to Nike’s Pro Combat.

Before analyzing the line of products, we must know what the brand has to offer as the compression series of apparel is very simple to market and quite durable in comparison to the Pro Combat sweatshirts and tights.

In the case of UA, the entrepreneurship mentality has not changed, but they now have access to more extensive media tools and major players.

It began with the idea of transforming the sports clothing market, with the creator Kevin Plank being a sportsman and following their instincts,

initially experimenting by making football t-shirts out from the same fabric that soccer shorts were made of at the moment.

Under Armour is committed to engineering and designing clothing that keeps players lightweight, fresh, and cool at all times, plus the industrial trend shifting towards Nike’s new Pro Combat Series of products.

Keeping this in mind, they created a technologically enhanced series, The Compression series, that wicks perspiration away from the skin rather than absorbing it.

The commercial value and eventual effectiveness of UA Compression apparel are enormous for UA.

Under Armour also provides a vast range of items in the areas of apparel, footwear, and other equipment designed for different demanding American football, basketball, motorsports, and so on.

Main Differences Between Nike Pro Combat and Under Armour Compression

  1. Nike Pro Combat is costlier than the Under Armour Compression Apparels.
  2. Nike Pro Combat is Based on Dri-Fit technology made by Nike whereas the Under Armour Compression tights and shirts are based on the HeatGear technology.
  3. Nike Pro Combat has many lines of products like shorts, tights, shirts, and shoe soles whereas Under Armour Compression only has Full Sleeves and Tights in this series.
  4. Nike Pro Combat is named after the Combat Series along with the partnership with NFL whereas the Under Armour Compression is UA’s stand-alone product line.
  5. Nike Pro Combat’s first apparel was launched in January 2009 whereas the Under Armour Compression stepped into the market for the first time in June 2009. It launched the HeatGear technology in its first Compression T-Shirt.


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