Difference Between Nike Air Zoom and Adidas Ultra Boost

When it comes to choice in shoes, we are stuck between two famous brands. And sometimes we don’t know the features of some shoe brands.


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Some people buy shoes for fashion and some of the others buy for sports and everyone wants to buy sneakers from famous brands such as Nike and Adidas. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Air Zoom shoes focus on responsive cushioning and lightweight design, while Adidas Ultra Boost provides superior comfort and energy return.
  2. Adidas Ultra Boost utilizes a unique Primeknit upper for a snug fit, while Nike Air Zoom employs Flymesh or Flyknit materials for breathability.
  3. Both brands offer a wide range of athletic shoes, but Nike Air Zoom is geared more towards runners, and Adidas Ultra Boost caters to a broader audience.

Nike Air Zoom vs Adidas Ultra Boost

Nike Air Zoom is a series of running shoes designed to provide comfort for runners. It features Nike’s Zoom Air technology, which is a responsive cushioning system that provides a smooth ride. Adidas Ultra Boost uses Boost midsole technology for a responsive ride, and it has a streamlined design with a three-stripe logo.

Nike Air Zoom vs Adidas Ultra Boost

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Nike launched many types of shoes which have different features but this Nike air zoom was relied on for its exceptional comfort.

The few design and tweaks that were given make these shoes more comfortable and fulfill the needs of runners. Breathable mesh upper which has been engineered to provide a democratic fit to your foot.

Adidas ultra boost works as a secret weapon to succeed in all your job. Explode with energy and that heel counter in it provides full comfort to you.

These sneakers are considered the most popular shoe for running purposes. The main feature is that they are very light in weight and high in features.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike air zoomAdidas ultra boost
DefinitionThese are the sneakers made by the Nike company.These are the sneakers manufactured by the Adidas company.
FeatureThese sneakers are preferable for daily running shoes.These sneakers are preferred for longer duration running.
ComfortIn the midsole of these shoe foam is there which provides more comfort and energy.These sneakers have a cushy midsole which provides less comfort compared to air zoom.
MaterialUpper part is made of mesh which makes it more performance-based but less breathable.These sneakers are made up of primeknit which makes shoes breathable but less durable.
VersionsThe latest version of these sneakers is 261g which is light in weight.The latest version of these sneakers is 312g.
WeightLess in weight.More in weight.

What Is Nike Air Zoom?

 The Nike air zoom (the Pegasus) is a versatile and popular running shoe at a very sufficient price. Air Zoom does it all with a neutral running shoe.

Whether you buy shoes from this brand for the first time is valuable because these shoes are for everyone. Everyone buys these, no matter if you are a professional or a beginner.

If you buy an air Zoom, surely you’ll not gonna regret it.  This is a type of balanced cushioning shoe, less in weight.

Highly cushioned with medium flexibility. Very good in Stability and true to size. Best sneakers with higher ratings and reviews. On the top of the shoe react foam with the forefoot zoom airbag present in the midsole.

It rides on the firmer side. Goof for short tempo runs but also have protection for long runs. The low height of the stack and firm midsole make these shoes more stable.

Ride transitions of air zoom are smooth because its foam is made up of single chunks and full-contact outsoles. But the outsole of these shoes has plenty of hard-wearing thick rubber.

It has a comfortable heel counter which provides much comfort to the Achilles. It has a padded tongue which means the soul is present under the shoe. 

What Is Adidas Ultra Boost?

If you get to know the features of this shoe, you surely want to buy this one, and every one of us is going to like those ultra boost sneakers.

And surely we want that other companies should also include the feature which the ultra boost has.

It is heard that Adidas made this shoe from ocean waste, meaning they recycled the useful product and gave the branded and excellent shoe to the world.

The cricket team sponsored this shoe brand because Adidas gave gifts to them. And they give us a good review about this shoe.

The shoe is a little bit costly but when you buy it you’ll never gonna regret it, and it’s a lifelong shoe, a lifelong investment. The construction of these shoes is very different from any other shoes.

Ultra Boost is a luxurious shoe that covers long runs. Due to its supreme comfort and high cushioning, it is considered a casual wearing shoe.

The sole of the ultra boost is made up of e-TPU foam, which is soft and high in bounce. The sole of these shoes is highly resistant to temperature because it won’t firm up in the cold and not get mushy in warm weather. 

Main Differences Between Nike Air Zoom and Adidas Ultra Boost

  1. Nike air zoom has rubber in the upper and footer part, and in the mid, there is a foam that has ground contact, whereas, In ultra Boost, it has a turn of coverage on it which is made up of rubber.
  2. The Nike air zoom has a slightly softer sole, whereas the Adidas ultra boost sole is a little hard because its rubber is stuck so tightly.
  3. The Nike air zoom has a combo of two materials, whereas Adidas ultra boost has the same standard soul.
  4. The Nike air zoom has an internal heel corner in the upper, whereas Adidas ultra boost has an external heel counter in the medium both heels have the same stiffness.
  5. The Nike air zoom has 5mm open soft foam, whereas Adidas ultra boost has 3mm foam in which pores are there. 
  6. The Nike air zoom has an extra layer of glue present at the bottom layers, whereas Adidas ultra boost doesn’t have glue under the layers. 
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