Difference Between Nike Air Zoom and Pegasus

Running shoes play a key role in the quality of performance of the athlete, and one cannot trust any random brand of shoe in this matter.


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Nike as a company has a good reputation in creating sports shoes over many decades and does not compromise on quality.

Nike Air Zoom and Pegasus are the two popular names in the category of running shoes.

Though it is difficult to spot differences between these two.

Nike Air Zoom vs Pegasus

The difference between Nike Air Zoom and Pegasus is that both of their designs are different in terms of soles and tongues.

They also differ in cushioning, firmness, durability, stability and price.

Nike Air Zoom is a modern shoe, whereas Pegasus is a classic Nike running shoe.

Nike Air Zoom vs Pegasus

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Nike Air Zoom is made for professional runners and athletes.

The cushioning of this running shoe is balanced. So it is very light in weight, durable, stable and firm on the ground.

The modern technology used in making this shoe makes it valuable.

Nike Pegasus is a classic running shoe, ideal for daily runners.

It is made with hard, thick rubber, giving a solid look and stability to the daily trainer.

It also provides more space to the toes and is highly durable.

It is available in various colours and is well-priced. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike Air ZoomNike Pegasus
Upper UnitMade with engineered mesh, the upper unit of Nike Air Zoom is very breathable and a comfortable fit to the feet.Nike Pegasus has a long tongue, is well-padded and is comfortable to wear.
Launch Year20031983
MidsoleThese shoes have  balanced cushioning due to the use of React foam.Nike Pegasus uses air zoom units providing that they have more cushioning making it softer.
StabilityNike Air Zoom shoes are stable and firm on the ground.But Nike Pegasus is more durable and stable than Nike Air Zoom.
ExpensiveDue to its use of rare materials, Nike Air Zoom is expensive.Nike Pegasus is a classic shoe so it is less priced than Nike Air Zoom.

What is Nike Air Zoom?

The Nike Air Zoom shoes are the best running shoes of the company. Here, technology meets with innovation and creates magic.

Specially designed for professional runners and athletes, the Nike Air Zoom shoes are very strong and light on weight, thus giving an extra edge to the runner.

Since these shoes are completely waterproof, one can easily use them in the monsoon as they won’t absorb water, making it hard to move.

They are also very flexible for the foot as Nike use Flywire cables that can be stretched as much as you want. On top of that, these cables don’t even add extra weight to the shoes.

Nike also included React foam in its Zoom running shoes. It helps to absorb energy as well as return that energy to the runner so that he or she can fling back.

So it becomes soft and also hard according to the need of the hour. The foam is also light and increases the durability of the shoes.

Nike also uses Cushlon foam instead of traditional Phylon. For steadiness and firmness, the company has also used carbon plates for the shoes.

Over the years, Nike has released new models in their Zoom Air category, such as Zoom Winflo, Zoom Fly3, Zoom Gravity etc.

What is Nike Pegasus?

The Nike Pegasus shoe can be the perfect choice for those who are looking for a pair of durable shoes for their daily runs.

It is a classic model of Nike, and the upper unit of Pegasus is traditionally made with engineered mesh. It is very comfortable to wear and also firm on the ground.

Unlike the Nike Air Zoom shoes, the Nike Pegasus shoes have a very flexible forefoot.

Since it is a model designed for daily runners, the shoes are highly cushioned so that it helps to absorb energy.

The durability is also higher as thick, hard rubber has been used as the base of the shoe.The Nike Air Zoom is very comfortable to wear and is fit for all types of runs.

The mesh that is used in the upper unit of the shoe is breathable, thus becoming the best shoe for new runners. Nike also widened the space around the forefoot so that the runner got more space for the toes and softer touch.

This pair of shoes are made for different sexes keeping in mind their different needs. To address those needs, Nike has added a Zoom Air bag that can be adjusted according to the pressure the runner needs.

This line of shoes was introduced in 1983, and till now, a variety of models have been released like Nike Air Pegasus 1983, Nike Air Pegasus 1987, Nike Air Pegasus 2000 etc.

Main Differences Between Nike Zoom Air and Pegasus

  1. Nike Zoom Air is designed for professional runners and athletes, whereas Nike Pegasus is for daily runners.
  2. Nike Zoom Air shoes have balanced cushioning that helps to put less stress on muscles and joints. Nike Pegasus is highly cushioned to provide support to the daily runners.
  3. Nike Zoom Air provides more stability and firm on the ground as compared to Nike Pegasus that is less stable because of the extreme cushioning.
  4. As compared to Nike Pegasus, Nike Zoom Air is a bit pricy. But Nike Pegasus is well-priced.
  5. Nike Zoom Air is lighter in weight though it uses carbon plates as the foundation. Nike Pegasus uses hard and thick rubber, adding to its weight but providing support to new runners.
Difference Between Nike Air Zoom and Pegasus
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