Sandals vs Floaters: Difference and Comparison

Several items and apparel are manufactured, produced, sold, bought, and worn across the globe by various sets of people. Footwear is one of the most famous items worn by several people worldwide.

Various companies, brands, and firms manufacture different kinds of footwear. They vary from flip-flops, sneakers, converse, to shoes, and slippers. The two most famous footwear are sandals and floaters.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sandals are open-toed footwear with a sole held to the foot by straps, while floaters are sandals designed specifically for outdoor activities.
  2. Floaters have thicker soles and better foot support than regular sandals, making them more suitable for rugged terrain.
  3. Sandals offer a more casual and stylish look, whereas floaters focus on functionality and durability for outdoor use.

Sandals vs Floaters

Sandal has an enclosed design with straps or buckles for secure fitting and protection, while floaters have open designs with one or more straps and a non-slip sole for comfort and breathability. Sandals are more formal and suitable for occasions, while floaters are casual for outdoor activities.

Sandals vs Floaters

Sandals are worn during warm weather conditions as they help in leaving a lot of the user’s foot’s exposed hence keeping the feet moist and cool.

This footwear has a loose sole that is held by many straps that wrap around the ankle. Sandals lower the risk of being diagnosed with athlete’s foot.

Floaters are worn in homes (indoors) and are casual footwear. This footwear has a tight sole made of leather or Velcro.

A floater’s footpad’s surface is sandy in texture which helps provide comfort to the wearer. This footwear has a sturdy braid strap that holds the sole and provides a good and steady grip while walking.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonSandalsFloaters
SignificanceA sandal is a very easily styled footwear that exposed most of the foot.A floater is styled with straps that cover the ankles and is made of leather.
Sole MaterialThe sole of a sandal is made of rubber.Floaters have a sole made of synthetic leather or Velcro.
Places Worn ToSandals can be worn to all sorts of places ranging from plains to mountains and indoors to outdoors.Floaters are worn indoors though they can be worn outdoors too (rare).
Footwear DesignSandals are designed in such a way that they expose most of one’s foot.Floaters are styled with straps that cover the user’s foot.
CompaniesA few of the famous sandal manufacturing firms are:
·    Nike
·    Adidas
A few of the popular floaters producing brands are:
·    Metro
·    Lee Cooper

What are Sandals?

Sandals are open footwear that exposes a lot of our feet. They have a loose sole that is made of rubber and is wrapped around our ankles through a few straps.

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Sandals may or may not have heels included. They are worn during a warm climate to keep one’s feet cool.

Sandals prevent the risks of getting diagnosed with an athlete’s foot. This footwear is also used as a treatment method for a lot of infectious diseases. They are used by several patients diagnosed with different kinds of illnesses.

Sandals have different names in different parts of the world. A few of the most common terms used by people instead of the term “sandal” are listed below:

  • Crocks
  • Birkenstock
  • Slipper
  • Mules

Sandals have been in fashion since the 6th century. They were widely used by our ancestors in Greece, Egypt, and Spain. The term “sandal” has a Greek origin and originated from the term “sandalon”.

Sandals are manufactured and produced by several popular branded companies and firms. A few of these firms are given below:

  • Woodland
  • Red Tape
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Red Chief

Sandals are produced in several designs and forms like:

  • Yoga sandals
  • High-heeled sandals
  • Grecian sandals
  • Mexican sandals
  • East-Asian flip flops
  • Vietnamese sandals
  • Japanese sandals
  • Low heel sandals

What are Floaters?

Floaters are casual shoes that are worn in several different countries by many people of different age groups. Floaters provide great comfort as their sole has a sandy texture and is tightly fitted with the wearer’s feet.

This footwear is worn indoors and provides great style and comfort. Floaters are manufactured by several firms, companies, and brands across the world. A few of these companies are listed below:

  • Bata
  • Lee Cooper
  • Metro
  • Puma
  • Hush Puppies
  • Spar
  • Vila
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Floaters are styled with several infinite Velcro crunches that help tighten the footwear. They are manufactured in very different and unique styles. The different forms and designs of a floater are listed below:

  • “Classic black strapped around the ankle” types of floaters.
  • “Classic black strapped around the toes” types of floaters.
  • “Multi double-sided Velcro” types of floaters.
  • “Fluorescent stitched variants” types of floaters.
  • “Extra soft and comfortable fit” types of floaters.
  • “Sleek and modern” types of floaters.
  • “Canvas leather hybrid” types of floaters.

Floaters are quite affordable and cheap. Their fame and popularity have slowly started to die because most restaurants, cafés, and clubs have started opposing the wear of open shoes.

Nowadays there’s a limited stock of floaters being sold since their demand has started to experience a fall.


Main Differences Between Sandals and Floaters

  1. Sandals have a loose sole while on the other hand, floaters have a tight sole.
  2. Sandals can be worn both indoors and outdoors while on the other hand, floaters are worn indoors.  
  3. Sandals sole is made of rubber material while on the other hand, a floater’s sole is made of synthetic leather.
  4. The sandal is widely worn in countries like Greece and Egypt while on the other hand, a floater is majorly work in Australia and the United States.
  5. Mules and crocks are other ways to call a sandal while on the other hand, floaters are also referred to as casual shoes.
Difference Between Sandals and Floaters

Last Updated : 18 July, 2023

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