Difference Between Sandals and Heels

We all have these two in our closets for sure. Sandals and Heels are the top tiers of the gaze. They both are different in their way. A wide range of excellent footwear exists in lifestyle and fashion.


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Knowing the difference between these two can be very helpful for our appearance.

Sandals vs Heels

The difference between sandals and heels is that sandals are a type of footwear made of straps and bands holding the sole to the foot. On the other hand, heels are a type of shoe in which the rear part of the foot is raised to a certain height.

Sandals vs Heels

Sandals have always been ever since long-drawn-out in the market. Sandals are go-to footwear for almost anywhere. Whether it’s a casual day out or any get together, you can easily pair them up and rock the show with it.

It is very comforting for young ones and adults as well. 

Heels are women’s best friends. No matter how much you resist you will always need a pair of heels at some point in your life. The purpose of heels is not only to make you look taller but has a lot more to grant.

It showers the elegance of unmatchable confidence.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSandalsHeels
DefinitionA type of footwear in which the feet are directly attached to a sole made of straps and bands. A type of footwear in which the feet are highly raised towards the rear part.  
TypesFlip-flops, ballet flats, sliders, wedges are some of the types of sandals.Stiletto, block heel, slingback, mule, pumps are some of the types of heels.
CostSandals come in the lower range as well as the high range.Heels come in a little high range in comparison to sandals. 
ComfortSandals are generally very comforting and walkable.Heels are not so comfortable as it needs a little practice to wear and walk.   
TrendSandals are more trending in winters and rainy seasons.Heels are more trending in summers, especially heeled boots.

What is Sandal?

Sandals are nothing but very comforting and easy to walk footwear. You can wear it anywhere anytime despite the occasion. From children to adults, boys to girls, men to women everyone has it.

Sandal provides you with the utmost comfort. You can easily run, jump, or even dance without any discomfort. It helps you do everything and walk on every type of street without any boundation.

These are usually flats and not much heightened. Fits perfectly on everyone, especially the heightened person who does not want to look taller. It gives you a relaxed feel.

This goes with all types of dresses western and traditional too. Be it mules, flip-flops or wedges every type can give you a new different and sober look. 

Basics like white, black, nude and greys are some of the essential colours to have in your closet. There are numerous varieties present in the market from fancy to simple. They come with elastic straps, slip-on, gladiators and many more.

These are a very good choice for hangouts, shopping, small get-togethers and daily work. Easy to wear and are made stronger with leathers. They don’t easily damage or break. However, the strength depends on the brand. 

What is Heels?

There must be no girl hating a nice pair of heels. Isn’t it? Because heels are something without which you cannot go. We all require heels at moments like weddings, parties, galas, and some shows.

It gives u an untamed look to your apparel as well. From high to low there’s every type of heel present all over.  

Heels make you feel confident, they bring out different kinds of aura in you. It gives you a classy look. But wearing heels isn’t that easy. You need a little practice for walking fluently. And once you learn that, you can surely flaunt your heels anywhere.

Heels can marvellously add some tint to your outfit. They have had an obsession with women from the very beginning. That’s why investing in them is also very important.

There are several types of heels. Number one is of course Stilettos, a sky-high kind of high heel that gives a statement look. Then we have Kitten heels, Block heels very comfortable to walk, Slingback, Mule, some Ankle strappy ones.

Pumps are the one that gives you full coverage. Heeled boots are also in fashion mostly during winters. There’s surely a kind of heel for every woman.    

Main Differences Between Sandals and Heels

  1. Sandals don’t usually provide you with much height as compared to heels.
  2. Sandals can go with usual meet-ups and daily wear but heels are made for parties and heavy functions.
  3. Sandals give you more of a sober and simple look on the other hand heels give you a statement classy chic look.
  4. Sandals come in the cheaper range too but heels come a little pricey.
  5. Sandals are very easy to carry but heels are not so easy and comfortable for every work.
  6. Sandals do not have much variety as compared to heels that have many different varieties for a different look.
  7. Sandals give you long-lasting comfort but wearing heels for a long time can hurt the feet.
Difference Between Sandals and Heels


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