High Heels vs Pumps: Difference and Comparison

High heels and Pumps are both types of ladies’ footwear. There are a number of varieties of women’s footwear.


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High heels are the most common and most loved by women. However, the first sighting of high heels was of men wearing them in the 10th century for horse riding.

Pumps have also been worn by men in the Victorian era. Nowadays, only women wear this footwear.

Men hardly wore them.

Key Takeaways

  1. High heels can have a wide range of heel heights and styles, while pumps feature a low-cut front and a heel height between 2-3 inches.
  2. Pumps are a type of high heel shoe characterized by their closed-toe and low-cut front.
  3. High heels can include various styles, such as stilettos, wedges, and platforms, while pumps are a more uniform and classic style.

High Heels vs Pumps

High heels are defined as shoes with a heel height of 3 inches or more, although some people may consider any heel above 2 inches to be a high heel. Pumps are a type of shoe with a low-cut front and a heel that is between 1-3 inches high. They are more comfortable than high heels and can be worn for formal and casual occasions.

High Heels vs Pumps

Heels are classic ladies’ footwear that is worn at parties and fashion shows. Heels are more than 3 inches long from the ankle side of the feet while the toes side remains touched with the ground.

Many types of heels are available in the market. Pencil heels are mostly in demand.

You will see celebrities wearing heels all the time.

Pumps are flat or have up to 2 inches of heel. They are also known as court shoes or opera pumps, or opera slippers.

They are also fashionable and stylish. Pumps are used in some dancing forms like ballerina dance etc.

They are casual wears that are low in height. They are more casual wear than party wears as they are much more comfortable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHigh HeelsPumps
What are they?They are higher from the ground, elevated from the ankle side of the foot.Pumps are not high. They have less height and are mostly closed from the toes side.
Height in inchesHigh heels are more than 3 inches.Pumps are only 1-2 inches in height.
ComfortabilityWearing heels for a long time can be painful.Pumps are more comfortable.
UseHeels are modern and are mostly worn at parties.Pumps are more casual wear.
LooksHeels look more attractive and beautiful.Pumps don’t look as attractive as heels.

What is High Heel?

High heels are women’s footwear that is long or elevated from the feet’s end part, i.e. from the ankle edge. Heels are higher from the ground.

They can range from 3.5 cm to 18 cm or more. Heels being higher make the person look taller.

There are many forms of heels available worldwide in different colors, sizes, and styles. Heels are worn by almost all the women in the fashion industry.

You may see all the big celebrities wearing heels at fashion shows and on the red carpet as well. They look pretty and give a classic style to fashion.

Heels are flat from the toe side of your feet and high from the ankle side. This affects the posture of the body, not only the foot.

According to some researchers, wearing heels can lead to some serious damage to health and body posture. Many women go through pain by wearing heels for a long time.

There have been some saying that heels are seen as the symbol of womanhood. They draw attention to the legs and make the legs and feet appear more beautiful.

Indeed, many types of dances are performed in heels, like Ballroom dancing, tango, etc.

high heel

What is Pumps?

Pumps are low-cut shoes or low heels. They are not more than 2 inches.

They are mostly worn casually and are really comfortable for outgoings. Pumps have been in style since the 18th century.

And since then, they have been fashioned with different laces, buckles, and bows to give them a classy look.

At the end of the Georgian era, the upper-class gentlemen of Western Europe wore pumps by night with silk knee-high stockings.

Pumps are also known as court shoes. And in Victorian times, pumps were worn in the evening in dancing or music sessions, which is why they are also known as opera shoes.

They are mostly closed from the toes. They are always low-heeled or flat shoes.

Pumps are available in many materials, although leather pumps are the most popular. Leather pump shoes are also known as evening pumps

They are available in all sizes, colors, and designs all over the world.

Pumps are comfortable and can be worn casually anywhere. Also, it is not painful to wear them.

There are no health concerns regarding wearing pumps. Therefore, almost all women choose pumps, whether it is a single lady or married lady or a mother.


Main Differences Between High Heels And Pumps

  1. High heels are more than 3 inches in height, while pumps are 2 inches or less.
  2. High heels are modern footwear that can be worn at parties, while pumps are considered casual footwear to wear on casual occasions.
  3. Wearing high heels for a long time can be painful. Pumps are more comfortable.
  4. High heels are attractive, and according to researchers, they make legs and feet more attractive. Pumps don’t give that attractive look.
  5. High heels are mostly preferred for every occasion by women as they make them look taller. While pumps are preferred more for casual outgoings only.
Difference Between High Heels and Pumps
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