Cottagecore vs Grandmacore: Difference and Comparison

People often adapt to a certain trend or aesthetic in their life. Some people try out several aesthetics, while some people choose to stick to a single aesthetic for their life.

These aesthetics are of different types. Depending on a person’s preference and comfort zone, they adapt to a certain aesthetic.

These aesthetics change according to the trends and newer versions of several aspects. A person may or may not adapt to a certain aesthetic at all.

Nowadays, one can mix their aesthetics by adapting single elements from different aesthetics. Two of these aesthetics are 1. Cottagecore, and 2. Grandmacore.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Cottagecore emphasizes rural living, a connection with nature, and traditional crafts, whereas Grandmacore focuses on nostalgia, family traditions, and vintage aesthetics.
  2. Cottagecore idealizes a simpler lifestyle and self-sustainability, while Grandmacore cherishes wisdom, history, and intergenerational connections.
  3. Both aesthetics celebrate comfort, cosiness, and an appreciation for the past, but Cottagecore leans toward pastoral themes, and Grandmacore gravitates towards the warmth of family memories.

Cottagecore vs Grandmacore

The difference between cottagecore and grandmacore is the activities that are involved in the respective aesthetics. The activities involved in cottagecore aesthetic are flower picking, poem writing, read in books, and going on picnics etc., on the other hand, the activities involved in grandmacore aesthetic are knitting sweaters, baking various sweets, gardening etc.

Cottagecore vs Grandmacore

The aesthetic that includes the romanticism of western rural life and associated activities is known as the cottagecore aesthetic. It is one of the most followed and popular aesthetics.

Many people have adopted this particular aesthetic because of its various graceful elements. The aesthetic that deals mostly with the stereotypical activities that a grandma does in her old age is known as the grandmacore aesthetic.

It can be said that it is a subset of the grandparentcore aesthetic as it has two parts, namely, grandpacore and grandma core aesthetic. It is an age-independent aesthetic.

A person of any age can follow this aesthetic.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCottagecoreGrandmacore
Meaning/ DefinitionThe aesthetic that includes the romanticism of western rural life and associated activities is known as the cottagecore aesthetic. The aesthetic that deals mostly with the stereotypical activities that a grandma does in her old age is known as the grandmacore aesthetic.
Emphasis onWestern rural life and activities that are associated with it. The stereotypical activities that grandma does in her old age.
Associated visualsNatural lighting, deciduous forest, wildflowers, grass, open fields etc.Old furniture with bright colours, organized house, fireplace, rocking chair, floral arrangements with fake flowers etc.
ClothingLong flowy dresses with layers that have puffy sleeves and huge pockets etc.Cardigans and aprons, knitted clothes, jumpers etc.
Colours Beige, white, brown and green.Varies from person to person.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a type of aesthetic comprising values driven by rural western ideas. It emphasizes the ideologies and other aspects of the rural western areas.

The initiation of the aesthetic took place in 2010 decade. The European heritage is also a part of this aesthetic.

The cottagecore aesthetic involves motifs like huge farms, cattle, gingham printed clothes, farming, baking etc. It also includes various activities like picking wildflowers, baking cakes and other sweets, walking in the woods, collecting fruits from the farms, reading books and writing poetry etc.

The entire aesthetic looks quite enticing and fancy. However, there are also some values that are associated with the cottagecore aesthetic.

Some of those values are progressive thinking and living, making efforts to bring change in society and abolishing narrow and negative things, and living a calm and peaceful life by following tradition. These values enrich the aesthetic.

The music and other entertainment elements associated with the cottagecore aesthetic are also quite different from many other aesthetics. It includes songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Enya, Lord Huron, Conan Gray, Sufjan Stevens, and Liana Flores.

There are other artists as well. The movies include “Call Me By Your Name”, “Ophelia”, “Moonrise Kingdom”, “Tangled”, etc.

cottagecore 1

What is Grandmacore?

The grandmacore aesthetic is a type of aesthetic that includes the stereotypical activities done by an old lady during her old age according to her convenience and preferences.

Even if it is called “grandmacore”, it is an age-independent aesthetic that can be adapted by anyone of any age group.

The key motifs in the grandmacore aesthetic include household activities in huge amounts. It includes knitting clothes, baking sweets in the kitchen, tailoring etc. Being selfless, kind and helpful are some of the values that are adapted in this aesthetic.

Other than that, a person must do the activities that he or she enjoys doing. The “grandparentcore” aesthetic is the superset of the “grandmacore” aesthetic and the “grandpacore” aesthetic.

People following this aesthetic are extremely comfortable in their lifestyles, making themselves cosy and often considered wise. The cottagecore aesthetic is closely related to the grandmacore aesthetic.

Along with that, the foodie and craft ore aesthetics are also closely related to this aesthetic. The entertainment aspects of this aesthetic include music and movies.

People following this aesthetic enjoy activities like walking with friends early in the morning, watching media content, especially during the daytime, gifting something to a loved one, watching various soap operas, watching talk shows, solving puzzles and doing word searches etc.

Main Differences Between Cottagecore and Grandmacore

  1. The cottagecore aesthetic is an independent concept. On the other hand, the grandmacore aesthetic is a subset of the grandparentcore aesthetic.
  2. The cottagecore aesthetic is mainly followed by youngsters. On the other hand, the grandmacore aesthetic, even though it is an age-independent aesthetic, it is followed mainly by people who are in their old age.
  3. The elements embraced by the grandmacore aesthetic are often considered old-fashioned. On the other hand, the elements embraced by the cottagecore aesthetic are not considered old-fashioned.
  4. The colours involved in the cottagecore aesthetic include naturalistic colours like beige, brown and green. On the other hand, the colour in the grandmacore aesthetic varies from person to person.
  5. The visuals in the cottagecore aesthetic include natural lighting, open fields, and wildflowers etc., on the other hand, the visuals in the grandmacore aesthetic include baking sweets, rocking chairs, bright-coloured old furniture etc.
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