Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor: Difference and Comparison

Old Romans accepted that malevolent spirits tormented wedding after-parties. To ensure the lady and husband-to-be, they would dress the wedding party in indistinguishable outfits to befuddle the spirits.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Maid of Honor is unmarried, while the Matron of Honor is married.
  2. The Maid of Honor is younger than the Matron of Honor.
  3. The Matron of Honor is seen as more experienced and mature than the Maid of Honor.

Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor 

The maid of honor serves as the head bridesmaid and personal attendant to the bride. In a wedding, there is only one maid of honor who is unmarried. A matron of honor is a married young woman who serves as the assistant to the bride.

Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor

The maid of honor is responsible for the single girl party and pre-wedding party, just as driving the remainder of the bridesmaids all through the arranging system and upon the arrival of the wedding.

The Matron of Honor helps in Lending the lady an ear and being her genuinely strong organization. Aiding her in case she decides to make DIY wedding favours or plans.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMaid of HonorMatron of Honor
DefinitionMaid of honor is the lesser orderlies of a sovereign in illustrious families. The position was and is junior to the woman in-pausing.Matron of honor is normally a young lady and regularly a dear companion or relative. She takes care of the lady upon the arrival of a wedding or wedding service.
Marital StatusThe maid of honor is the unmarried one.Matron of honor is a wedded lady going to the lady of the hour at a wedding.
ResponsibilitiesHas more duties and responsibilities during the big day.Comparatively has lesser duties on the day of the wedding.
ChoiceOnly one maid of honor can be chosen by the bride.Any number of matrons of honor can be chosen by the bride.
RoleMaid of honor is the right-hand lady of the lady on the big day. For the most part, a maid of honor is dressed equivalent to a bridesmaid.Matron of honor comparatively has a simpler role and she doesn’t get dressed up equally to a bride.

What is Maid of Honor?

The Maid of Honor fills in as the central bridesmaid.

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She goes about as the lady of the hour’s key individual specialist both during the commitment and on a huge day, with a means to diminish pressure at every possible opportunity and help out or assess at whatever point required.

Leading the pack up to the wedding, the MOH will have occasions like the pre-wedding party or kitchen tea and plan the hen’s evening.

Typically, she is dressed equivalent to the bridesmaids, albeit a few ladies will mirror her status with an alternate tone, piece of gems, or marginally unique dress plan.

maid of honor

What is Matron of Honor?

One of the essential obligations of the matron of honor is to assist with the entirety of the dresses. One must ensure the marriage party has the right dresses, for example.

It is additionally the obligation of the matron of honor to help or host the wedding party. She is likewise answerable for going to some other pre-wedding party.

They might be approached to hold the lucky man’s ring during the function and assist with monitoring the lady of the hour’s nerves.

matron of honor

Main Differences Between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor

  1. The maid of honor ensures that the lady arrives at the parlour, prepares, and arrives at the congregation on schedule, while the matron of honor additionally guarantees the bridesmaids are prepared on schedule and are very much aware of their particular obligations. 
  2. The maid of honor ought to likewise shepherd the marriage party into the congregation for the wedding walk, at a suitable time, the matron of honor is to supervise the blossom young ladies, page young men, and bridesmaids.
Difference between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor
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Last Updated : 25 August, 2023

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