Difference between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor

Old Romans accepted that malevolent spirits tormented wedding after-parties. To ensure the lady and husband to be, they would dress the wedding party in indistinguishable outfits to befuddle the spirits. By assisting her with weaving a sweet-smelling botanical crown, wedding party individuals could additionally help the lady avoid evil.

Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor 

The main difference between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor is that the Maid of Honor alludes to a lady of the hour’s honor chaperon who isn’t hitched. The Matron of Honor alludes to one who is hitched. Particularly at a huge wedding party, having two MOHs, wedded or not, can be unimaginably valuable with regards to keeping the remainder of the posse in line.

maid of honor vs Matron of Honor

The maid of honor is responsible for the single girl party and pre-wedding party just as driving the remainder of the bridesmaids all through the arranging system and upon the arrival of the wedding. A lady will ordinarily delegate a sister, female family member, or dearest companion as the maid of honor.

Matron of Honor helps in Lending lady an ear and being her genuinely strong organization. Aiding her in case she decides to make DIY wedding favors or plans. Helping her with picking a rose lady gift, ring transport gift, and bridesmaid present for different people from the marriage party.

Comparison Table Between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor

Parameters of ComparisonMaid of HonorMatron of Honor
DefinitionMaid of honor is the lesser orderlies of a sovereign in illustrious families. The position was and is junior to the woman in-pausing.Matron of honor is normally a young lady and regularly a dear companion or relative. She takes care of the lady upon the arrival of a wedding or wedding service.
Marital StatusThe maid of honor is the unmarried one.Matron of honor is a wedded lady going to the lady of the hour at a wedding.
ResponsibilitiesHas more duties and responsibilities during the big day.Comparatively has lesser duties on the day of the wedding.
ChoiceOnly one maid of honor can be chosen by the bride.Any number of matrons of honor can be chosen by the bride.
RoleMaid of honor is the right-hand lady of the lady on the big day. For the most part, a maid of honor is dressed equivalent to a bridesmaid.Matron of honor comparatively has a simpler role and she doesn’t get dressed up equally to a bride.

What is Maid of Honor ?

The Maid of Honor fills in as the central bridesmaid. She goes about as the lady of the hour’s key individual specialist both during the commitment and on a huge day, with a means to diminish pressure at every possible opportunity and help out or assess at whatever point required.

Leading the pack up to the wedding, the MOH will generally have occasions like the pre-wedding party or kitchen tea and plan the hen’s evening. She can likewise help corral, and agent to, bridesmaids any place an involved exertion is required, for instance, if the blessings are being handcrafted.

On the big day itself, her obligations range from assisting the lady of the hour with getting dressed, ensuring she eats something and holding her bouquet during the service through to marking the marriage testament and assisting the lady with going to the latrine if her dress is too elaborate to even think about fighting alone.

Typically, she is dressed equivalent to the bridesmaids, albeit a few ladies will mirror her status with an alternate tone, piece of gems, or marginally unique dress plan. Note that in case she is hitched, the right term is the lady of honor.

What is Matron of Honor ?

One of the essential obligations of the matron of honor is to assist with the entirety of the dresses. One must ensure the marriage party has the right dresses, for example. They additionally need to ensure they have the right gems and shoes. Also, they ought to go with the lady when she goes out on the town to shop for wedding dresses.

It is additionally the obligation of the matron of honor to help or host the wedding party. She is likewise answerable for going to some other pre-wedding party. This may incorporate a commitment party or practice supper. You likewise should design the lone party. Openness is of the utmost importance when arranging occasions, particularly when a portion of the participants or bridesmaids live far away or abroad.

They might be approached to hold the lucky man’s ring during the function and assisting with monitoring the lady of the hour’s nerves. After the wedding, it is likewise conventional for the matron of honor to give a discourse to toast the cheerful couple. She will guarantee that all that happens as arranged and examined and that the lady of the hour takes no pressure and simply unwinds on her big day.

Main Differences Between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor

  1. Maid of Honor assists the lady and lucky man with choices in regards to the wedding topic, wedding area, and even investigates the stay plans for away visitors, whereas Matron of honor helps the lady of the hour track down a suitable wedding decorator, a wedding cake cook, and helps with choosing the best plans for something very similar.
  2. The maid of honor helps the lady of the hour pick the bridesmaids and bloom young ladies’ dresses while the Matron of Honor organizes with the bridesmaids and advises them about the days for fittings, preliminaries, and so on.
  3. The maid of honor arranges the wedding practice and supper practice and guarantees all interested parties go to it though, the matron of Honor handles all inquiries concerning something similar.
  4. The maid of honor ensures that the lady arrives at the parlor, prepares, and arrives at the congregation on schedule while the matron of honor additionally guarantees the bridesmaids are prepared on schedule and are very much aware of their particular obligations. 
  5. The maid of honor ought to likewise shepherd the marriage party into the congregation for the wedding walk, at the suitable time, the matron of honor is to supervise the blossom young ladies, page young men, and bridesmaids.


The contrast between a maid of honor and a matron of honor is extremely negligible. They will be a gigantic emotionally supportive network as far as possible up until the finish of a wedding. The obligations and expenses of being a bridesmaid are parsed out between a lady and her chaperons in an assortment of ways. Since current bridesmaids, in contrast to their verifiable partners, can at this point don’t depend on having their garments and travel costs paid for by the lady’s family and are at times even told they should pay for parties that the matron of the hour needs to have before the wedding, it has become standard for the lady to give the maid of honor’s gifts as an indication of appreciation for the help and monetary responsibility that accompanies their jobs. It has become similarly standard for ladies who are welcome to fill in as bridesmaids to initially get some information about the measure of time, energy, and cash that the maid of the honor anticipates from them before tolerating this position, and to decay or leave in case this is more than they will want to give.


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