Difference Between Cool and Cold

Most people think cool and cold are two words that are alike and used as a substitute for each other. But this is a wrong thought about these words.


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Even both cool and cold words are described as lower temperatures. But still, they have differences in terms of their usage and meaning.

Both the terms cool and cold are adjectives. The word Cool is also used informally while we speak. It means something attractive or excellent.

The word cold describes personality. Both terms are also used to describe weather conditions especially, regions with lower temperatures.

Cool vs Cold 

The difference between the words cool and cold is that cool refers to the temperature which is lower than cold or the temperature is between cold and mild. On the other hand, cold refers to the temperature that is closer to the freezing point. The term cool is associated with comfortable lower temperatures. Whereas the term cold is associated with uncomfortably lower temperature. 

Cool vs Cold

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The word cool is referred to as moderate which is used to describe temperature or current weather conditions. In concern with body temperature, the temperature is not high and can be referred to as warm or near the freezing point.

Cool is slightly low temperature but not uncomfortably low. Cool gives a refreshing or soothing feeling due to its low temperature.

The word cold represents lower temperatures or temperatures approaching the freezing point. It is a temperature that is uncomfortably low even lower than that cool temperature.

A region with extremely low temperatures means the cold. Even in the winter seasons, the temperature is described as cold due to its approaching freezing point.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCoolCold
InterpretationReferred to as temperature which is moderately cold.Referred to as uncomfortably low temperature for humans.
Degree of TemperatureBetween mild and coldCloser to freezing temperature
Alternative MeaningCalm and collectedLacking warmth and affection
Preference Highly preferredNot preferred
ExampleThe weather is cool at the moment.Her teeth chattered with the cold.

What is Cool? 

The word cool stands for acceptable atmospheric conditions in which temperature is cold in concern with an individual’s body temperature.

This kind of temperature is closer to warm temperatures and higher from the freezing point.

As cool temperature lies between cold to warm temperatures and can be referred to as moderate temperatures.

An individual with a cool personality is described as attractive and friendly. In simple terms, it can be referred to as welcoming a friendly personality.

Never engaging in controversies, always busy doing things that are right, and who follow rules regulations are some of the features of the cool personality of an individual.

During the day, cool temperature occurs if clouds prevent direct sunlight from falling and heating the Earth’s atmosphere.

Regions within the tropics that tend to be warmer and cool are the regions next to the tropics. In the case of arctic regions, they are cool only during the summer season.

Most people and animals prefer cool temperatures as they provide a conducive environment. In this kind of environment, implementation of plans and objectives are possible without the scorching sun.

As this temperature lies between cold to warm temperature, it makes possible the growth of the plants. Hence, the availability of food is in abundance with no shortage of water.


What is Cold? 

The word cold describes the colder temperature that is approaching the freezing point. In the winter season, the temperature is referred to as cold as it is almost at the freezing point.

Cold has a temperature at the lower range. It can also be called an extreme condition that is near or below the freezing point.

An individual with a cold personality is referred to as unwelcoming and not friendly. Even a person with an ignorant nature and one who fails to respect the opinion of others can be described as a cold person.

An individual with a cold personality also fails to gain emotional affection for other people. Hence, an individual with a cold personality is emotionless.

During the winter seasons, freezing temperatures are prevalent. Even in the late night or early morning can be described as cold.

Regions that are next to the tropics experience cold temperatures only during the winter season. But in the Arctic regions, cold temperature is majorly experienced in most periods of the year.

Cold and other diseases are common among individuals who live in cold temperature areas. This kind of temperature provides a conducive environment for the growth of organisms that causes diseases.

In cold seasons, plants fail to grow and cause hunger and drought. 


Main Differences Between Cool and Cold 

  1. The word cool is associated with feelings such as soothing and refreshing with comfortable lower temperature. But cold is associated with freezing temperatures as well as discomfort due to uncomfortably lower temperatures.
  2. The occurrence of both the temperature in regions is different around the world. Cool temperatures occur in regions that are bordering the tropics. On the other hand, cold temperature occurs in the Arctic region.
  3. In terms of describing the personalities of individuals, the word cool is referred to as someone friendly and welcoming. Whereas an unwelcoming and not friendly person is described as cold.
  4. There are no circumstances where both the cool and cold temperatures prevail simultaneously. As a result, cool temperature occurs during the day. On the flip side, cold occur in winter and at night.
  5. Some of the synonyms of cool are composure and calmness (calm temperament). Whereas head cold, coldness (low temperature), common cold (illness), and coryza are synonyms of cold.
Difference Between Cool and Cold
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