Mood vs Atmosphere: Difference and Comparison

The mood and atmosphere are two essential aspects of exemplary work. These two determine the level of the task we have done. Both will affect the commitment physically and emotionally.

In simple, they both refer to the emotional feelings inspired by work.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mood refers to the emotional state or feelings experienced by a reader, viewer, or listener in response to a work of art.
  2. Atmosphere describes the overall environment, tone, or setting within a work of art.
  3. The mood is subjective and varies between individuals, while the atmosphere is a more objective, universally perceived element.

Mood vs Atmosphere

In psychology, mood is a temporary state of emotions or feelings. A person’s mood can be positive or negative depending on the aura of the surroundings. The atmosphere describes the surroundings in which one is present. It has the ability to influence the emotions and feelings of a person.

Mood vs Atmosphere

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The mood is the innermost feeling. The mood is a powerful state of mind. It can be proved by the circumstance. Depending on the situation, it is both less and more intense. The positive and negative valence can change your mood.

People describe the mood as good and bad. Many influences can interrupt the mood and make it positive or negative. The events can instantiate the moods.

The mood can be created by atmosphere and tone. The mood is more direct and affects the atmosphere. The atmosphere describes the place and settings. The surroundings can change the state from good to bad and vice-versa.

The circumstance will ensure the character by mood. The characters and themes can change the situation by understanding. The atmosphere suffocates one mind with its power.

The term atmosphere has a different definition. Google shows hundreds of meanings for atmosphere. The atmosphere indirectly affects the mood.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonMoodAtmosphere
MeaningThe mood means how you feel now.The atmosphere is a surrounding.
Perspective relates toThe perspective of literature will change with the mood of a person.The atmosphere cannot change the literature perspective.
Refers toThe mood refers to emotions and feelings.The atmosphere refers to the circumstance.
Ways to identifyMood can be identified by the words used.The atmosphere can be identified by how you feel.
ExamplesExamples of mood are conveyed by the emotions like anger, happiness, and sadness.Example of atmosphere conveyed by the aura of mood.

What is Mood?

The mood is an effective state in psychology. The event or certain stimulus can prove the mood is less powerful. The mood can be divided into positive and negative.

There is a huge discussion about the bad mood and good mood among people. The mood can be affected by many factors. The mood gets changed by the atmosphere and by the emotions towards people.

The change in mood differs from temporary to permanent. Some moods are changed temporarily, but some moods are long-lasting. Some moods like confidence and trust have long lasted.

There are many mood disorders like bipolar and clinical depression. The internal feeling is the mood. You can go from happy seeing your old friend to a fight with your partner. Every small thing will affect the mood.

The factors that affect the mood are lack of sleep, nutrition, environment, facial expression, etc. Mood disorders are due to chemical imbalances in the brain’s neurotransmitters.

A pregnant woman’s mood changes within seconds. Physical well-being will be directly affected by positive and negative moods. A positive mood makes the individual stable in their decisions.

A negative mood will affect the decisions and make wrong decisions. Depression and stress are due to negative moods.

mood 1

What is Atmosphere?

There is no particular definition to define what is the atmosphere. Many definitions are there to describe the atmosphere. The emotions and feelings of mood will be created by the atmosphere.

The characters’ feelings in literature will depend on the atmosphere. The writer must think about the atmosphere for the characters to make a great plot.

The character’s feelings and emotions are directly linked to the atmosphere. The atmosphere is about choosing the right emotions to explain the character’s feelings.

The atmosphere has the power to change the mood into positive and negative. The mood can change with the atmosphere, but the atmosphere is not changing with the mood. The atmosphere must match with the readers to create a better connection to the story.

The atmosphere is the whole mood of the story. The mood of the reader can not affect the story’s atmosphere. However, the atmosphere in the story affects the mood of the reader.

The environment of the reader also affects the mental state of the individual. The feelings and emotions of a person can affect the atmosphere both directly and indirectly. A cheerful atmosphere can change a sad mood into happiness.


Main Differences Between Mood and Atmosphere

  1. The mood means how you feel now, and the atmosphere is a surrounding.
  2. The perspective of literature will change with the mood of a person, and the atmosphere cannot change the literature perspective.
  3. The mood refers to emotions and feelings, and the atmosphere refers to the circumstance.
  4. Mood can be identified by the words used, and the atmosphere can be identified by how you feel.
  5. Examples of mood are conveyed by emotions like anger, happiness, and sadness, and examples of atmosphere are conveyed by the aura of mood.
Difference Between Mood and Atmosphere

Last Updated : 08 September, 2023

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